Season 3 Episode 4

I Do Over

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 19, 2008 on Syfy
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On Allison and Stark's wedding day, Sheriff Carter finds himself stuck in a time loop, causing him to experience the same lousy day over and over again. Meanwhile, Sheriff Carter's sister Lexi visits Eureka.

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  • Out of Time

    It's Eurika doing "Groundhog Day", for some reason that film's premise always seems to work well in a lot of other sci-fi/fantasy shows (ok not all) and it actually works with this one.

    This episode is more of a race against the clock puzzle. As we see each time Carter goes back to figure out how to stop time from loop into in his eyes probably the worst day for him seeing Alison getting married to Nathan. In each attempt we practically get a piece of the puzzle in both the mystery but most of all certain characters and how it might apply more to what may happen in the future of the show. From one big clue we get into Thorne's plight whether she's an enimy or allie is still uncertain but from what we found it justifies more why I don't entirely trust her. And there is a moment where Carter intervines with Alison and we see where her feelings lie, which makes sense though sadder for both Carter and me. And we see a little secret revealed with Carter's visiting sister whom of course is played by Ever Caridine, she for some reason is always good at playing a flighty chracter similar to the one she played in another show "Once and Again". But that's beside the point, from that secret but just her herself it makes me wonder if she might be a new character in the show since she seems a little strong in the mystics department.

    But of course what really makes this episode memorable are the last minutes when we see Nathan Stark make the ultimate sacrifice to save everyone. It sort of reminds me of that same tragic moment like in "Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan". But anyway, what I loved about that moment was the humanity we saw in his character from both his actions to the final words he says to both Fargo and Carter.

    I'll admit I was sad, Nathan was one of my favorate chracters that I may have disliked sometimes but liked all the same. Even though he might have been all head most of the time he always did have a heart that always came first.moreless
  • One of the best episodes yet!

    This episode brought together everything we've come to know and love about the small town called Eureka, while mixing it with the drama and the suspense, the joy and happiness, and the entire spectrum of intrigue we want in the show..

    While the end of the show leaves us almost shocked that one of the characters, who the very first episode has been pivotal in the series, is now gone. We are still very much left wondering it he'll be back somehow, with another twist of fate.

    It is Allyson's words "everything that works out as its meant to" that I felt were the most profound. As they truly do seem to bring together the hope that even in the darkest of hours, we must trust that all things happen for a reason. And that no matter what we survive, and we move forward.

    Truly a wonderful episode on so many levels.moreless
  • WOW! I actually shed a tear!

    I really like the time loop. It allows for a comeback for Stark, who probably wound up in the future and will reappear with some astounding new technology. The appearance of his sister is intriguing, especially since she is pregnant.She will prove to provide an interesting influence over Chloe and Jack. Henry may also be affected by the possibility of time loop time travel. I was surprised that Allison's son was not included in the wedding, and was barely acknowledged in this pivotal episode. Query: Will Sheriff Carter try to get with Allison now that Nathan is gone? Will, his sister have a genius baby? Will Henry try to use the time loop technology to get his true love back? The possibilities are endless as I hope the imagination of the Eurekas writers are.moreless
  • My favorite episode out of the whole series (spoilers)

    I watched these eps out of order on Hulu since ep 4 was not available with eps 5-7. I still enjoyed everything despite exposing myself to spoilers. I credit the writers, cast and crew for maintaining my interest in this episode while knowing the end. Otherwise it seems like any other episode in the beginning which progresses into an example of great story-telling in the end. Even knowing what was going to happen, I easily became engrossed in this episode. It starts like any other day in Eureka with the exception of a wedding of course. Unfortunately, its a day that never ends for the Sheriff.

    It is inevitable that Carter is able to solve this problem once he convinces Stark and the others there is a problem. What is unexpected is the sacrifice necessary to solve this problem and the loss of a regular cast member. One that is especially missed in the series.moreless

    An extraordinary heart-rending episode that will have you reaching for the tissues, I know I did!!! People make sacrifices, people learn lessons. I really did want Carter and Alison to be together from the start...but not at the expense of such a watchable character. They say opposites attract…in this case it worked very well. Stark will be missed as Carters friendly nemesis. Who will he have to fight with and how easy will it be for him to win over alisons heart after such a traumatic event.

    Can't wait for the next episode. Future episodes have had the bar raised and will have to fight tooth and nail to produce an episode of this calibre.moreless
Paul Moniz de Sa

Paul Moniz de Sa


Guest Star

Nicholas Carella

Nicholas Carella

Leo Weinbrenner

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Bridget Hoffman

Bridget Hoffman

Computer Voice

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Ever Carradine

Ever Carradine

Lexi Carter

Recurring Role

Neil Grayston

Neil Grayston


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Frances Fisher

Frances Fisher

Eva Thorne

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  • QUOTES (10)

    • Zoe: Dad, you're walking the woman you possibly love down the aisle to marry another guy.
      Carter: Okay first, not true. And second, since when do we talk about this stuff?
      Zoe: Since I'm seventeen and you're in denial.

    • Zoe: I love your hair… and your cats.
      Lexi: Oh, a Tibetan monk told me that tabby is a reincarnation of Grandma Lil.

    • Henry: (starting wedding ceremony) Love is timeless, transcending everything we know, everything we understand, and giving us strength and comfort forever. What is past is now present, and what is present will become your future. That is what love is, never ending.

    • Stark: I heard, but do you really think that there's a possibility that there's a break in the space/time continuum and I don't know about it but, um, you do?
      Carter: Does your ego even fit in this building?

    • Leo: Look, Sheriff, if this doesn't work, I'm not gonna be able to help you in the next time loop. It'll be Dr. Stark that you need.
      Carter: Oh, he'll never believe me.
      Leo: He will if I teach you this. (hauls over board covered in complicated equations)
      Carter: Oh, dude.

    • Stark: Carter, you're crazy. Fargo, tell him why he's crazy.

    • Lexi: I love weddings. They're final, yet festive. Like funerals with champagne.

    • Carter: You don't know how to reverse it? Isn't that a little like jumping out of a plane, and trying to invent a parachute before you hit the ground?

    • Jo: I met your sister.
      Carter: Yeah, arrest her for corrupting a minor.

    • Lexi: The French give their children wine with dinner.
      Zoe: Yeah, well dad's never been to France.
      Lexi: Okay if I told you what your father was doing at your age?
      Zoe: He would kill you.
      Lexi: That's what aunts are for.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Zoe: Duncan is her gorgeous Dr. Who.
      Vincent: Oh my god! I love that show.
      Lexi: Oh no, World Health Organization.
      Referencing Doctor Who (1963–1989, 1996, 2005–), the longest-running science fiction television series in the world. The series follows the adventures of The Doctor as he travels through time and space in his TARDIS.

    • Groundhog Day
      The main character of the movie is caught in a time loop and doomed to repeat the same bad day over and over again until he breaks out of it.