Season 3 Episode 4

I Do Over

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 19, 2008 on Syfy

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  • One of the best episodes yet!

    This episode brought together everything we've come to know and love about the small town called Eureka, while mixing it with the drama and the suspense, the joy and happiness, and the entire spectrum of intrigue we want in the show..

    While the end of the show leaves us almost shocked that one of the characters, who the very first episode has been pivotal in the series, is now gone. We are still very much left wondering it he'll be back somehow, with another twist of fate.

    It is Allyson's words "everything that works out as its meant to" that I felt were the most profound. As they truly do seem to bring together the hope that even in the darkest of hours, we must trust that all things happen for a reason. And that no matter what we survive, and we move forward.

    Truly a wonderful episode on so many levels.
  • WOW! I actually shed a tear!

    I really like the time loop. It allows for a comeback for Stark, who probably wound up in the future and will reappear with some astounding new technology. The appearance of his sister is intriguing, especially since she is pregnant.She will prove to provide an interesting influence over Chloe and Jack. Henry may also be affected by the possibility of time loop time travel. I was surprised that Allison's son was not included in the wedding, and was barely acknowledged in this pivotal episode. Query: Will Sheriff Carter try to get with Allison now that Nathan is gone? Will, his sister have a genius baby? Will Henry try to use the time loop technology to get his true love back? The possibilities are endless as I hope the imagination of the Eurekas writers are.
  • My favorite episode out of the whole series (spoilers)

    I watched these eps out of order on Hulu since ep 4 was not available with eps 5-7. I still enjoyed everything despite exposing myself to spoilers. I credit the writers, cast and crew for maintaining my interest in this episode while knowing the end. Otherwise it seems like any other episode in the beginning which progresses into an example of great story-telling in the end. Even knowing what was going to happen, I easily became engrossed in this episode. It starts like any other day in Eureka with the exception of a wedding of course. Unfortunately, its a day that never ends for the Sheriff.

    It is inevitable that Carter is able to solve this problem once he convinces Stark and the others there is a problem. What is unexpected is the sacrifice necessary to solve this problem and the loss of a regular cast member. One that is especially missed in the series.

    An extraordinary heart-rending episode that will have you reaching for the tissues, I know I did!!! People make sacrifices, people learn lessons. I really did want Carter and Alison to be together from the start...but not at the expense of such a watchable character. They say opposites attract…in this case it worked very well. Stark will be missed as Carters friendly nemesis. Who will he have to fight with and how easy will it be for him to win over alisons heart after such a traumatic event.

    Can't wait for the next episode. Future episodes have had the bar raised and will have to fight tooth and nail to produce an episode of this calibre.
  • Do not watch the last five minutes without a kleenex.

    I recently got the chance to watch the first half of season 3. I didn't read any of the synopsis here first for a change because Eureka is one of my favorite shows and I want to be surprised.
    I was surprised for sure. On most shows you can see character deaths coming a mile away. I didn't see this one coming. I mean come in it was Carter and Stark racing to save the world, again. They'd face death and save the world in the nick of time. Ally's dress was perfect I was expecting to tear up watching a beautiful wedding scene. Instead I cried like a baby watching Carter having to break the news to Ally.
    One of the best episodes of the series so far and by far the most seat grabbing episode yet. I'm sad to see Stark leave but it will be wonderful to see how this evolves Carter and Ally's relationship.
  • Carter repeats a day over and over, but unlike Groundhog Day, the stakes are higher each time.

    This is a brilliant episode. I'm kind of tired of every sitcom doing a Groundhog Day episode, so I didn't expect much, but in this one, each time the day repeats things go a little more wrong. I should have known that it would play out differently--and so much better--in Eureka. This is not a funny episode. It kind of hurts, in fact, but it's definitely not to be missed. In addition there were no digs at Carter for his lack of intelligence. I was getting really tired of the faux stupid. Some of his lines in season 2 begged for stupid jokes, and they were far too amply delivered.
  • Considering that most episodes that involve a time loop turn out to be filler episodes, this was a pleasant change.

    The writers of this one did a great job by taking a usualy done to death sci fi plot device and making it a pivitol episode. If done corectly time loops can make for classic episodes like Stargate SG-1 did and Eureka managed to do the same. I didn't see it coming that they were going to kill off Stark. I'm not all that upset that the killed him off although I am going to miss the sarcastic banter between him and Carter. It made me laugh which is the primary reason i watch this show. It should be interested to see if it brings Allison and Jack closer together or if she blames him for letting Stark die kind of like Henry blamed him. Jack's sister seems like an interesting story line, i'm guesing she'll stick around for a few episodes. All in all a very good example of Eureka on it's game.
  • One of Eureka's best. (some spoilers)

    This episode deals with Allison's impending wedding to Nathan, but while this is going on Carter is trapped in a time loop scenario similar to the movie Groundhog's Day where he lives the day over and over again. I really thought this episode was one of the better written episodes of the entire series. Not only did you have a lot going on with the wedding, Carter's sister coming, and the whole time loop thing, you just got this feeling that the show was on it's "best behavior" and was just such a well written and well acted episode that its rare to see one of these now a days. The ending was a complete shocker seeing Nathan save the day only to disappear into possibly a time stream. I don't think we will have seen the end of Nathan, I look forward to him coming back some time. I hope the writers don't have Allison and Carter fall in love after this tragedy. It would be a shame for Allison to pick him only because he is the next best thing around, just wouldn't seem fair. The addition of Carter's pregnant sister will be interesting to see how that plays out, and no doubt we will more than likely see the good for nothing father come in the show in one form or another down the road. I know tomorrow's episode is going to be more than likely one of those silly episodes have such a great one such as this, but I bet it will still be good, and we will see how Eureka carries on without Nathan. :(
  • One of the best episodes to date without a doubt!

    1st off we have to pay tribute to Nathan Stark. i loved the banter this man had with our man Sheriff Carter and he was funny in his own right and we will miss that.
    2nd off i love the fact they've put in a groundhog day moment exactly on a day Jack hates, allowing all the characters to be at their amazing best and to see our resident hottie in a weddig dress.
    it will also be interesting to see the Jack-Allison relationship develop in later episodes as the ending was definitely a sad one.
    looking forward to the next and of course everything is back to the way it should be with Henry back.
  • I Do Over - The Most surprising Eureka episode ever. (SPOILER ALERT)

    The begining of this episode started in a way Eureka always does. However, getting into it, I noticed things began to change for the worse. Carter is trapped in a time loop, forced to repeat Allison and Nathan's wedding day. When the day first restarts, he cuts himself like the first time, but the nexy few times his injuries get worse as does the repercussions from the loop.
    The most suprising thing about this episode comes from Nathan Stark. When he went to stop the time loop, he knew what would happen and told Carter to look after Allison. Then he evaporated into light particles or whatever it was, I was completely surprised though. Just wasn't expecting it at all. This episode was brilliant, just brilliant.
  • A time loop, a wedding and a funeral

    When this episodes started I thought I had seen this one already in other scifi show, although in ;most other shows, these time loop episodes are comical in nature and are usually unimportant for the rest of the show.


    However, the end of this Eureka episode sees the end of a great character: Nathan. I can't believe he's gone. But this episode made for some great character development. We see Nathan evolve from not taking Carter seriously to saving his life by stepping in the machine. He knew he would die and he did not let Carter go in in his place.

    I wonder how they will bring nathan back... he can't be gone.

    Also I'm more and more curious about thorne project and who actually send her to Eureka... it is reminiscent of season 1 in which nathan was hiding a project form the rest of GD.
  • The best Eureka episode ever aired so far. Surprising. A must see.

    Before watching this episode one should know: if you think you're about to watch the usual cool, unpretentious and light mooded Eureka, please don't let yourself be fooled. As "I do over" starts you think "ok, yet the old timeloop plot again", since that's a recurrent theme in many sci-fi shows. But it's a far cry from that, and the script really evolves. You'll see the usual Nathan and Carter getting at each other, and you will, but some things will happen and change the way they see each other. You will even dare to think you know how it ends, but no, it doesen't end like that. "I do over" is as surprising and beautiful as it's sad; there's (multiple) major character development, there's also a new character, and sadly, one that won't live until the end. ***(MAJOR SPOILERS FROM HERE, IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED IT, DON'T READ IT, YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!)***

    I was baffled to see Nathan turning into light dust, and to the fact that he entered the chamber very much aware of what would happen to him. He was therefore protective of Carter, who ignored the certainty of death, though knew of it's likeliness. Nathan proved to be a great person. Carter realized that at a certain moment, and his character had some important development within the time(loop) of this espisode. Brilliant, brilliant, congratulations for the cast and crew for this great installment.
  • Directing and writing at it's best.

    I can say for sure that NO ONE saw this coming. Who kills a prime character in the middle of a season with absolutely no hint something is wrong until the vanish into thin light? Good writers, that's who. I've never seen this done before. It was so shocking I had to watch the episode again just to make sure they didn't hint to this happening. There was Carter always saying he'd be there for Alli, but he loves her, of course he would say that without any hint of the future.

    Who knows if Stark will come back or not... Who really cares? With the acting abilities of the whole cast, the writers and the fan base we're setup for great things here. Nathan being gone creates great conflict but him being there creates great tension between him and Carter. Either way, this episode is the reason I was so thankful to get it back for a third season.
  • Good ole Nathan Stark

    great episode. i really like the time loop idea. i like that the twist with this time loop is a specific time in which to fix it. other time loops could have gone forever.

    not sure how Carter's sister is going to affect the plot, but we'll see.

    A part I dont understand is that Henry is marrying Nathan and Allison. How can he do that to Jack? He is the only one who knows what is really supposed to happen. That Henry and Kim end up together and Jack and Allison end up together...and now he's marrying Nathan and Allison?

    Nathan Stark sacrificing himself is interesting. It shows that he is more than just an ego driven smart guy. I get the feeling that Stark is not gone forever, but we should see how Allison and Jack's relationship changes.

    If Nathan is gone forever I'm really going to miss the tension between him and Jack. He played a key role in this show and he will be missed.

    i love this show!
  • Theories about Nathan

    Spoiler Alert
    Spoiler Alert

    I don't think NS is gonna be gone for good. Check this out! If you click on the casts and then on Ed Quinn (Nathan) it says "most recent appearance" is the next episode! Now I'm not quite sure how they're gonna pull it off but Eureka writers have not failed me yet.

    Now about Thorne and her mystery project I cannot figure out what she has anything to do with anything but seems like Henry is on Carter's side but then again how can you know since Henry did brainwash Carter last season.

    We'll just have to wait and see.
  • Great show; sad, sad ending.

    Spoiler Alert if you DVR'D: Unbelievable. Is Nathan really gone, or will the Eureka scientists be able to get him back? We will miss him and his antagonistic relationship with Carter. We don't like Thorne. The episode itself was excellent and clever. The way Carter carried through injuries was a new twist on the "Groundhog Day" theme which has been done on many shows, as was the idea that the people involved would disappear. Yet, we never expected Nathan to disappear. The show will not be the same without him. What do you think? Is he really gone? The previews did not indicate any memorial service or funeral, but then again, there is no body....Maybe they can use the transporter to get him back?
  • A sad farewell to a great character.

    I was almost prepared for a Groundhog Day episode, with all of the comedy associated with it, but the episode took a turn towards the dark side as the repeating days began to take a toll on Sheriff Carter.

    Its great how much they fit into the one episode and I was seriously beginning to wonder who they'd 'off' as they promised to do.

    Excellent acting all around, especially Carter, coming to his own self-realization and correcting himself with each day. I definately think that this was one of his better episodes.

    As for the finale, and the definately sad sacrifice made by NS, I have to wonder if we have seen the last of the man with an ego as big as GD. I'm reminded of a saying about comics, that you've never lived until you've died in the comics. Hopefully NS will return in a future episode.

    Great episode!
  • No wedding but a funeral.

    It is a sad day in Eureka, as a good man departs from us. I have nothing to say about this episode, there is only silence and the lonely thought, "I did not see that coming". Well come to think of it the previews did say today would be some one's last but of all the residents in Eureka today we say goodbye to the man that might have been the greatest of them all. Eureka will be a mighty lonely place without him; there is always the fan's hope that this isn't the end but for now… Nathan Stark R.I.P.