Season 3 Episode 13

If You Build It...

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 07, 2009 on Syfy

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  • "Smart ASS" is installed, some teens go into trance and build something strange. Remember the radio signal we heard about over the last couple of episodes? Allison is scared and under pressure. Fargo has car trouble. And something is coming...


    The newest episode of Eureka is pretty entertaining!

    It starts of pretty funny. All kinds of things go missing in Eureka. Among them Carter’s desk chair. Which he discovers when he tries to sit down at his desk. Jo gets a new car, a 200-something horsepower WGX. Fargo get’s pretty envious and decides to dump his current car, “Tabatha�, to get a new one. Unfortunately, this sows to have been a bad decision, when the Tabatha’s AI decides to take revenge.

    In the meantime, Carter investigates the missing items reports and discovers, what looks to be a plasma generator made out of household items in a field just outside of town. The exact items that were reported missing. The next night is out on a stakeout at the site of the generator and suddenly all the kids of Eureka appear. They all seem to be in some kind of trance and are carrying more household items, which they are adding to the generator. Chloe is also among them….

    The next day, A rocket explodes over Eureka. We learn that GD has been tracking an object, coming from outer space and heading towards Eureka, so Allison has ordered the Planetary Defense Unit to get ready to shoot it down. She seems to be pretty scared of the object.

    Allison also plans to dismantle the generator, since she thinks it might pose a threat to Eureka.
    Just before demolition begins, it is discovered that the kids turned the generator into what seems like a trigger device for an anti-matter bomb.

    The kids are admitted to the GD hospital. During the next night they again fall into this trance and try to leave the hospital. When they can’t, because GD guards are holding them back, suddenly other, older people start to fall into trance, carry household items to the site and adding them to the trigger.

    Carter realizes that all this started when Eureka’s newest invention, a automated traffic system called “Smart ASS�, what installed. He talks to Zane, the inventor of the system, who informs him that the AI would be powerful enough to control the human brain. It is then they figure out that “Smart ASS� only serves as an amplifier for some thing else, like a microwave signal or a radio signal……

    Flashback: During the last couple of episode a mysterious radio signal, coming from outer space, was mentioned several times. Details were never revealed, but it was made clear, that everything about that signal was top secret. In fact the only people who seemed to know about it were Allison and Tess.

    After this realization, they decide to shut “Smart ASS� down. This doesn’t end well, all affected people fall into some kind of shock. The kids, because they were affected earlier, deeper than the adults.

    Fargo is out at the site, investigating. While wondering around the generator/trigger, he suddenly discovers what the thing is good for. he tries to call Allison, but is shut down. Now, Tabatha appears and hunts Fargo by driving backwards, the trunk open. Next thing we know, Fargo is lying in the trunk.

    During the next night new people, mostly GD employees, fall into trance and go out to the generator/trigger site. Soon after, the original kids and adults join in again. Carter tries to stop Chloe and asks here about what is going on. She replies: “It’s gonna be OK, Dad!�. Allison, Carter and Tess head out to the site, while Henry and Zane stay put to track the incoming object.
    At the site, the people have finished adding items and all of a sudden, the generator/trigger turns itself on. It generates a giant blue beam of light, going straight up into space. Henry and Zane can see that the beam raises the ionization levels of the atmosphere. If the rise continues, the atmosphere might ignite.

    In the meantime, the object is getting closer and closer, so Allison is getting every weapon ready to shoot it down before it reaches Earth, but Carter and Tess are against that decision. Just before Allison gives the order, Chloe, who still is in trance, walks up and says: “You can’t shoot it down!�, to which Carter replies that it’s not his call. He also says that the beam might be dangerous. Chloe replies that “It’s not on purpose. It’s like trying to help a friend!� Just after the object passes Mars, it suddenly disappears.

    Since the object disappeared, Allison can not shout it down anymore, so she decides to take the generator/trigger down. Fargo appears and tells Allison that he knows what the construction really is. The people seem to have turned it into an endpoint for a high-velocity space jump. When Henry hears this, he whispers “Oh, my god!� and rushes out to the site. It now seems to be clear that the object is a spaceship and that it plans on landing. The only question is: Is it alien or is it one of ours?

    Henry arrives at the site just before the spaceship appears and the beam shuts down. Without hesitation, he approaches the spacecraft and starts wiping a spot with some grass. Below the smut covering it, the American flag appears……

    CUT! End of the Episode!

    Overall, I think this was a good episode. Over the last couple of episodes, the anticipation to find out more about the unknown radio signal from outer space grew and grew. So it was nice to see Part I of the revelation.

    To be quite honest, while watching it, I was convinced that the spaceship would be alien. ;)
    But after seeing the flag, I realized that an alien encounter just doesn’t fit into the Eureka universe. At least not at the moment….

    I think Allison’s obsession with destroying the object and the endpoint seemed a bit strange. I didn’t think she would be like that. On the other hand, she probably got quite some pressure from the Department of Defense.

    I really like Carter in this episode. He was shown as the concerned father he is. Especially after he suggested the shutdown of “Smart ASS� (what a cool name, btw :P ) and Chloe fell into shock. Ferguson really played this well.

    In this episode, you can also clearly see that Tess likes Carter a lot. She joins Carter on his stakeout, bringing Pizza and snacks. While there, she asks about Carter’s relationship to Allison.

    It will be interesting to find out where this spaceship came from and who or what it carries. We hopefully will, next week!

    My guess?
    I think the spaceship is an old Eureka project. Something Henry has been involved in. Why else would he whisper “Oh, my god!� and know where to look for the flag? Maybe a long time ago somebody left for some kind of mission and went missing? They maybe thought he was dead and know he returns?

    But in the end, my guess is as good as yours!
  • Carter and the rest are alarmed when several of the townfolk are sleepwalking and building something on an anti-gravity machine.

    This was entertaining for the most part. This show does give you something new every week.

    This week Carter is alarmed when people are sleepwalking to build something on a machine located in Eureka.

    This episode had a lot of comedy. Every episodes has comedy in it but this had a lot. The sidestory with Fargo and his talking car for instance. This is one of a few episodes where Fargo actually across as a douchebag when he is trying to sell a lemon.

    The machine was it anti-matter machine or plasma ray? We find out what it really toward the end. It's not answered completely setting up the next episode.

    I think it's a nice episode. Sometimes they tend to reveal a lot in a episode to get you hooked but here they told just enough but not everything to get you watching till the end.

    One minor quibble is this Tess Fontana character. It's obvious they are trying to set up Carter/Tess angle, but she needs to be less annoying. I do get put off by these know it all wannabee scientist type of character who sometimes don't know what's going on here either but feel they need to criticize everything. I guess they need a character like that since Nathan Stark is gone, and Stark was the douchebag that Carter had disagreements with.

    The Smart Asphalt gag they had in this was ok. Look out for the special hug with Fargo and Larry.
  • I love it when they are throwing curveballs at us :)

    most of people have relationship problems. but only in Eureka you can have a relationship problem with your house or car. and while still talking about Tabita, Im kind of sold on the idea of Fargo and Larry if they ever decide to take that route. it was also nice to see Zane and Lucas again since the later is my second favorite character. right after Carter of course who yet again did an outstanding job. I only wish we could get rid of Tess. she annoys me to no end. we didnt need another smartass on the show. and she is not even lovable one like Larry or Zane. and the forced sexual tension with Carter isnt helping any. I would guess they would try to resolve the UST already floating in the air before adding new to the mix. they had a wonderful opportunity to clean up the mess they created in S2 but no, they only added more. but I liked the ending very much. it was unexpected and brought the whole story-line back to more plausible explanation realm. not that they know what the word means in Eureka :)
  • Tabitha the car. heh heh heh. And the other stuff. good little cliffhanger at the end. Best season 3b ep so far.

    This was a very funny ep - the Fargo, Larry and Tabitha the car subplot was priceless. I really like Larry - he's funny and we haven't seen enough of him. He and Fargo play so well off each other.

    Then there was the seeeerious (as serious as eureka gets that is) plot about the weird structures the teenagers built in the field. That's the first good serious plot they've had in season 3 b). Ever since Nathan Stark left things seem sort of slapstick and dull on this show. There was such a great tension between him and Carter, but there's no equivalent now. Which makes it all so fluffy. The structures and what that led to this episode however did intrigue me. A much needed combination of intrigue, mystery and power (qualities that Stark used to provide, and Eva Thorne). Anyway we'll have to see what is on the other side of the cliffhanger of the episode's ending to see if the intrigue and potential tension pan out into anything of sustaining interest. Here's hoping!
  • First the teenagers and then the adults are building strange structures in a trance out in a field. Fargo is having car trouble and envy for Jo's new WRX. Carter is trying to figure out what is going on and Allison is afraid it is a security problem.

    Not as funny as last weeks green men episode but a little more serious. I was disappointed in the ending after all the build up the last few weeks but we will have to see how this plays out.

    A new road network has been installed by Henry and it basically drives the cars for the driver. You can literally sleep at the wheel and get where you're going. Somehow the network is being controlled to make the residents build this high tech mess in the middle of a field. At first the scientists think it is a plasma energy field generator but Fargo figures out what it is in the end.

    Fargo gets jealous of Jo when he sees her new car. Of course he has an AI driven auto named Tabitha but he has lost interest and has not kept her upkeep going so he is having problems almost every week. He sells the car off and buys his own WRX. I wonder how much Subaru is paying for this advertising. In the end Tabitha takes her revenge on Fargo and the new owner but releases them just in time to save the day.

    Allison seems to be a little preoccupied with blowing up whatever it is that's coming. I think that is a little strange considering she is a scientist, but I think she is getting a lot of pressure from the Department of Defense. It was a little bit much though.

    Tess seems to be getting a little bit of thing for Jack and she asks about Allison and him. She even seems a little put off by Allison's attitude as is Jack. Now that we have seen what it is that returned from space I guess we will be dealing with this storyline for the next few weeks. This was an episode with a nice mix of humor and drama and is continuing this fine season of Eureka in the right direction. Thanks for reading...