Season 4 Episode 9

I'll Be Seeing You

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 10, 2010 on Syfy

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  • A satisfying end to this part of the season.

    This episode had it all. Character development, plot and comedy; everything your looking for in Eureka. Though the going back to 1947 seemed a bit redundant, the addition of the subplot of the beginnings of the consortium, as well as the part that Grant played in it definitely helps bridge gaps between this season and seasons 1-2 (Henry still remembering about the two previous time lines also seemed to rear its head), which felt as if they had been abandoned, though the Artifact disappearance is still a major plot hole, which I hope gets covered before the series ends, if it ever does. It also brought up a few questions about the effects that time travel has, and whether what happens is really destined or not seen through Jack making sure that Fargo (still naked) gets caught, Grant's futile attempt to stop his friend twice (one by means of letting him die). The way that Jack left the message to himself was definitely out of the box thinking. My only complaint was how easy they made the transition of Jack and Grant stuck in the past into replacing their future counterparts, that just seemed a bit rushed, but then again the 40 minutes were running out. The cliffhanger with Beverly (will this b$$%h ever die?) targeting Jack and Allison does the job of getting people exited for the continuation of this season, which I hope happens in Spring. Anyway, a fond farewell for Dr. Grant, and an I'll Be Seeing You to the town of Eureka.