Season 3 Episode 11

Insane in the P-Brane

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 24, 2009 on Syfy

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  • Carter finds Section Five has been reopened and that Dr. Tess Fontana is the scientist brought in to oversee it. Tess is a friend of Dr. Blake's from college. Poltergeist type occurrences are happening and Carter learns there is a signal of some kind.

    Through all of the flying debris and smashing of things we learn some significant things in this episode. Dr. Tess Fontana played by Jaime Ray Newman who will star in this falls ABC show Eastwick comes to town to reopen Section Five which makes Jack extremely nervous. Also Jack learns there is some kind of signal being received which he is not privy too but he will be the one dealing with the consequences when whatever happens happens.

    That's the one thing about this show. Everything eventually comes back to Sheriff Jack Carter no matter how smart these scientist's think they are. It takes a man with his feet on the ground and common sense to deal with some of these out of this world inventions and discoveries.

    Jack gets a little more than he bargained for when he and Tess end up in the fifth dimension through some problems with Dr. H.J. Johnson's research. Unfortunately Johnson fires himself literally and then it is up to Tess and Jack to figure out a way back. Jack says something near the end that triggers a thought in Tess and she brings them home.

    In the secondary plot, Tess' boyfriend and father of their child comes with her stuff and she is able to hide her pregnancy with a new material they have invented. She doesn't want to trap him into staying, but in the end when she confesses he runs for the hills as fast as he can. We'll see what comes of that.

    There is some nice tension between Jack and Tess. Unfortunately I can't see her as a long term player on Eureka based on the actress' schedule going forward in the fall. Too bad, I kind of like them together.

    It seems the aliens are coming, signal based story is coming to a head sooner than later. It will be interesting to see what Jack has to do to save the town in this case. Always good for some strange fun, this episode was OK and enjoyable to watch. Not quite as good as the last two though so I drop it half a point for that. Thanks for reading...
  • Carter learns about "the signal" while in an alternate dimension.

    First off, we don't need to see someone raising and lowering their blouse to advertise that they are pregnant. Lexi does this at least three times.

    In this episode, lots of things fly around. Cups, dishes, paper, the Cafe Diem cappuccino machine, cars, etc. You get the idea. Carter meets a mildly humorous woman from SETI and they spend a good chunk of the episode invisible together so, naturally, they get a "thing" going. Innuendo unnecessarily abounds in this episode.

    What is most interesting about this episode is the end scene where Carter puts the pieces together of what is going on at Global. He figures out "the signal" has something to do with what is going on in Section 5. He doesn't fully understand but he is already onto the secret.

    Eureka desperately needs a real enemy to continue to be a viable show. Here is what I want to see: Humans + Carter doing dumb stuff + Robocop Andy (who was awesome, BTW) + Eureka gadgetry. Then pit that combination against the Borg. Awesome. The multidimensional platform from this episode could be a way to send a SG1-like team (Stargate-esque) into a Borg cube ship. They would be a ragtag group of nerds against an intergalactic enemy they would have to discover the strengths and weaknesses of. In the process, they would become real men and women instead of bickering, arguing scientists. I'm getting excited already!