Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 15, 2006 on Syfy

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  • What’s going on with the Global Dynamics Storm Troops?

    What’s going on with the Global Dynamics private Paramilitary force? In a setting where every character is hyper-qualified for the functions they are performing, these “Keystone Kops” are way out of place. In the first place why would a supposed genius like Nathan Stark over react in nearly every episode and whistle up his private military in response to every crisis? Furthermore, who in their right mind would give someone is his position access to that type of an asset, superseding the authority of the D.O.D. and law enforcement? Finally, with the aforementioned hyper-qualifications in mind, how could those black uniformed goons be so inept? In “Alienated” they bungled the potentially life threatening situation so badly that Carter (a U.S. Marshal who would not normally receive much training in hostage situations) had to intervene by acting as a human shield. Any first year police rookie would know better than to cause an armed hostage taker to panic by acting in an aggressive manner, and when the “GO” order is given act swiftly and decisively, not continue to set up for an entry as when Fargo accidentally discharged his weapon. In “Invincible” they once again frightened and stampeded a mentally unbalanced individual into dangerous behavior in a public place without regard for the safety of bystanders. Also what’s up with Jo’s infatuation with the use of force? If she is S.F. then she would have been trained not to “show her hand until the cards are called” instead of pulling out the largest possible firearm and waiving it around like that, if there really was a threat lurking in the shadows, she’d be the first one to get dinged. I recognize that the above mentioned plot devices are designed to establish and define the character conflicts and move the story line forward but come on. With a little more creativity the writers could dispense with the trite clichés and create the same conflict with Carter interacting and coordinating with the Para/Security Commander in the same time frames allowed. Eureka is not and should not revolve around this small part of the picture, but we the audience deserve better than the same tired old “shoot em’ up” “dumb grunt” nonsense when the storyline calls for action. Our society is protected by some of the finest and most highly trained police and military forces the world has ever known. It’s well past the time when we should portray these professionals as just that, highly skilled professionals. Particularly in a program that celebrates a town full of the most intelligent citizens amongst us.
  • I sense romance in the future!

    I have to be honest that I would rather see Jack and Jo together but watching Jack and Allison in this episode has me wondering. Sooner or later in this series I believe Jack is going to end up with one of these two ladies. In this episode Jack hurts his ribs when falling off of a bridge onto another human being. After Allison wraps his ribs with an ace bandage they both fall asleep for the night on Jack's bed. Meanwhile a scientist who was researching cell regeneration realizes it is working only on himself. The mystery of the artifact in section 5 is believed to be the reason for the regeneration. I liked this episode more than the previous ones due to the Jack and Allison storyline, not so much the main storyline. I will be tuning in for more episodes.
  • Zzzzzz

    Jack: A hypothetical guy falls maybe 50 feet, lands flat on the ground, and then another guy weighing, oh, 180 (lbs.) falls and lands on top of him. Okay, what is the chance of the hypothetical guy getting up and walking away?
    Henry: Well, whether I use single case probability or an application of Bayesian statistics, the outcome is the same - slim to none!
    Jack: Yeah, that's what I thought.

    Not great. The body-repairing and explosion effects are cool, and there are some funny lines, but nothing much else. Eureka is steadily declining in quality.

    Allison: Carter, what're you doing?
    Carter: I'm the sheriff... I'm... sheriffing.
  • Quirky little towns and extraordinary powers.

    HAH this episode was way too cool. Dr. Carl Carlson, played by Saul Rubinek, was phenomenal. He did such a terrific job as an obsessive-compulsive scientist. His character sort of reminded me of Dr. Okun in Independence day. Dr. Carlson barely gets out of his lab due to his 'disorder' and doesn't really know what's going on outside of his lab. I thought it was bad form for Stark to raise Carlson's hopes by re-instating him at Global Dynamics. When Carlson finds this out due to his new and increasing powers all kinds of chaos ensues. I think the writers have done a brilliant job so far in keeping us interested in this quirky little down ... another double thumbs up from me!!!
  • A brilliant episode. It's episodes like this one that make the series so good and enjoyable to watch.

    All of the episodes that have taken place up to now have been brilliant, but this one has been especially good. Especially with the appearance of the actor from the two-part Stargate Episode featuring the death of Janet Fraser. Yet another sublime episode to watch and enjoy. I can only guess by the reviews for the rest of the series that the episodes just get better and better. Hopefully this series will go on for several seasons before the producers kill it off. In recent years producers and executives seem to have made some duff calls. Carter has to be one of the best characters on TV, even better than DiNozzo and Gibbs put together.

    The bet between Zoe and her friend about who Jack will have a relationship with is priceless, and it was made even better by the fact that she thinks they slept together even though they didn't. I wonder how 'SARAH' will come into Jack's life in the future.
  • Why I watch the show!

    When a scientist in on his last leg and almost
    Gives up his research, something really happens as he is
    Really shocked that this could make his career. Meanwhile with our hero Jack, he sleeps with someone that isn't his wife. This show is a cross between Twin Peaks and the X-Files!
  • a dr. gets strong

    this was a good episode and i was really glad that i was better than the one before it, it was less of a mystery and i was extremly glad about that. thsi one was also funnier than the last one, with the physical and all. also you see his daughter again in this one. jack slept with that girl(i forgot her name) just sleeping tho! for sure something will happen between them, i wasnt so sure about it before but i am now. finally that dr. called that little hore out about her wanting in to section 5, to bad he didnt bother to tell anybody tho! anyway, i hope she dies.
  • A failing scientist discovers makes a breakthrough in cellular regeneration that gives him special powers.

    "His been here six years and hasn't produced anything"-Nathan Stark on Dr. Carlson.

    This episode had all the elements of a mini-scifi movie:

    *The worthless scientist who luckily finds a miracle to save his career.

    *The miracle ends up "evolving" him into a special being

    *The government suits who want to control him and his secret discovery.

    *The discovery eventually ends up destroying him.

    The episode then was not original, however they executed all these themes very well, and I thought this episode really established Ed Quinn's acting ability with his cold-blooded portrayal of Stark. Stark didn't give a crap about Carlson to him he was another employeed that deserved to be fired because his work wasn't good enough. Only until Carlson made a discovery (by accident) did Stark "want in". Ha classic corporate backstabbing at it's best. Carlson was right, he just wanted to use him to find the secrets of an artifact in Section 5. Really then for me the episode was all about greed and revenge (Carlson wanting to kill Stark after getting laid out was predictable but understandable).

    The series has gotten gradually better and as other reviews said this episode posed a number of question about what exactly is Section 5, namely the artifact that Stark wants so bad. Some people say Carlson might come back but the ending really gives the impression that he died.
  • A new television show full of promise.

    I’m liking this series more and more, I was a little disappointed with last weeks ‘alien abduction’ episode but I feel this weeks was bang on form, showing a great mix of humour and human emotion, helped in no small part by the inclusion of Saul Rubinek’s guest character, I really hope this is not the last we see of him.

    After watching these first 5 episodes (or 6, it seems to depend on who is counting) I am enjoying the pseudo science shown in this series more and more, its leading to some great comic moments, especially the talking house S.A.R.A.H. and coupled with such an endearing group of characters I hope this series continues to shine.
  • One of the best episodes of the series so far.

    This was close to, if not, the best episode of the series so far. For me it started out slow, with the classic organ regeneration stuff. However, after the platter of cells was thrown against the wall, I realized that the episode was going to be alot more interesting. I loved how this episode ended, with the doctor walking into the artifact, and dissipearing forever. This was an important episode because it really advanced the plot, showing us more of the artifact, which I hadn't expected to see for at least a few more episodes. There was also quite a few moments between Jack and Allison, which is the ship I support. It will be interesting to see how it develops.
  • Not as strong as the previous episodes but still a winner

    Wiping of memory is nowt new in SF tinged shows, so wheni heard about the plot for this one i was worried that it would be a re-hash of plot lines used again and again in other shows.

    I was right

    Although that didn't make it a bad episode. What raised this episode above other shows where the characters and actors, hell even the child actors don't want to make me vomit blood like most of the kids on tv nowadays.

    S.A.R.A.H had some amusing parts again this week. In fact all the characters had some snappy one liners

    "Thats right, he said invisibling"

  • Lack of the most basic research

    I recognize that science fiction shows often rely on technobabble to avoid explaining the inexplicable. One hopes that the technobabble is either such nonsense as to be unintelligible, or that it's vaguely based in accurate scientific information. Unfortunately, this episode missed both marks. White blood cells don't elevate in response to broken bones. Further, you wouldn't "detect radiation in his white cells" (though you might in his body as a whole). The idea that "most people use maybe 10% of their brain" has been disproven repeatedly. The lab tech who mispronounced "biliary" was another shining example of this show's lack of basic research.

    Come on, guys, pick up a basic medical textbook before writing medical technobabble.
  • Saul Rubinek[as \"Nathan Stark\"]turns in an amazing performance in a guest role which only adds to his long list of classic sci-fi performances.

    This was an incredible episode with all the elements of a great sci-fi story. It had strong emotional overtones for the guest character and a couple of the recurring and main characters, as well as an over-reaching theme that looks to expand on the realms of possibility for all humanity. Nicely done.

    This is a great series. I can\'t wait to see where they are going and what will happen next week. This show hasn\'t missed a beat yet.
  • Nice pace

    While I still sit here and believe that this is a light hearted sci-fi show this weeks episode stepped it up more than a single notch. Section five is the main focus of the show and 'I'm not sure how they plan to get it's focus on it but the did a good job. Adding the lady problems is an also welcomed treat. The show has proven to e a good addition to the channel and is in a good slot on a week day for TV