Season 3 Episode 12

It's Not Easy Being Green

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 31, 2009 on Syfy

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  • It's Fargo versus Bismark in the bowling match of the century! The Cleaner comes up with a magnificent solution for cleaning up radiation. The only problem is it cleaned him as well and now Jack and the scientists must figure out how to stop the blob.

    Sort of a fun episode with some childish very adult pranks and an unfortunate fatality that seemed easily forgotten.

    Big Ed Fowler is a Biologist who also was a former pro in the Pro Bowlers Tour. Fargo recruits him to play on the towns team in the annual contest versus the Area 51 team. It seems that scientific pranks are the rule of the day. The whole Eureka team is turned green by a small amount of radiation. Unknown to everyone Big Ed who is the Clean Room Cleaner had been working on a specimen to clean up radioactive waste. When he returns to his lab the blob ingests him and we now have a big problem.

    Tess and Allison are forced to bring Jack in on the need for some Globidium Power Cells that run all sort of units around town including S.A.R.A.H., Jack's house. He needs to round up the cells and get them back to Section 5 so they can use the power to run a telescope so they can see what's coming from the signal.

    As Jack goes to each person with a power source it is found that all the Globidium Cells are missing. That's when they check with Big Ed, but all they find is his clothes and a pile of goo.

    In the end Jack manages to help in solving the crisis and putting himself in harms way to protect the town and the weird goings on.

    On a lighter note Duncan stays around and manages to convince Lexi to go with him and to try being together. It was also good because he managed to turn all the green people back to their original color. Fargo and the Eureka team win the match this year and they turn their opponents red. I guess we all forgot about Fowler? An entertaining episode with a quirky story and still fun in the end. You can never take any of this too serious. Thanks for reading...
  • Yes, yes, yes

    I confess to having not enjoyed the previous episode, "Insane in the P-Brane" too terribly. It's not that it was bad, it just lacked that magic, that Eureka spark that made the first 2 episodes, in my opinion, brilliant. I was worried that the quality was starting to slide.

    I am so glad I was wrong. Eureka thrives because of it's strong emphasis on its characters instead of its effects, and this episode proves that soundly. Whether it's Carter inadvertently insulting Allison, and failing miserably to cover it; Tess laughing at his obvious lack of comprehension of the technology involved, only to see that he comes up with a good idea; Fargo and the bowling teams' back-and-forth; and most importantly, the single best scene/line of the entire season ("I'd rather go naked than wear fur." "Okee-dokee") This episode is a perfect example of why Eureka works. The actual problem is eclipsed by the way the characters deal with it.

    As far as the problem itself goes, it was par for the course. Technology run awry? Yuuuuuup. Carter being called in to save everyone? Yuuuup. It's nothing special. But again, the important parts, the people, are at their best in this episode, and that makes it very, very worth watching.