Season 5 Episode 5

Jack of All Trades

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 14, 2012 on Syfy

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  • Awesome episode!

    The episode was great, but I couldn't also help thinking what a blast the crew must have had filming it!

    And wow, I knew Allison was gorgeous, but.....well, speechless is all I have to say about her bedroom scene.
  • I laughed my ass off!

    Such a great episode! Such a great ensamble of actors playing on each other. I have liked all the episodes so far this season, but this one made me nostalgic. Sentimental all the way down to my toes. It made me realise how much i am going to miss all these quirky goofy lovable characters. Jack was really jack af all trades in this episode, especially liked his take on Fargo. Felt sorry for Lupo though! Really like hers and Jacks relationship...
  • Outstanding Epsiode

    The more I watch this final season and realize that the writers and actors are "leaving it all out on the field", the more pissed I become when I understand that I will be without this show in the near future.

    After viewing the teaser for the episode last week, I was curious as to how the standard sci-fi body swap theme would be handled. I was more than impressed - I was laughing out loud at several points as each actor incorporated the "swappies" mannerisms and voice inflections. Really, really, well done on that part.

    I also enjoyed the rather serious undertones in regard to the damage the matrix did to the relationships of Carter/Allison, Carter/Jo, Jo/Zane, Zane/Carter, Allison/Jo and Henry/Grace. The strain that the Matrix placed on each relationship, either romance based or friendship based, was handled beautifully by each character. Its also refreshing to see that Allison, although brilliant and pragmatic, can still fall prey to baser emotions such as jealousy.

    This episode was the perfect balance of humor and drama.

    Really well done.
  • Quantum Leap

    This may be another episode that makes my favorates list. Yeah it's the switcharoo/brain swap plot all over again but what makes this one stand out is the fact that it's more than just two people doing swaping but four. All the actors performaces were just pitch perfect each of them I sensed really did their research on the others character and nailed thier personas perfectly which isn't the easiest thing to sell as long as it's done right and they have you really felt like one was in the other's body.

    The one with Fargo was really good, liked how Carter conducted himself in Fargo's body from seeing him beat Walce Shawn's character in lazer tag easily, makes sense since Jack has police training but also shows Jack is the real lazer tag king. But to me the funnest moment was seeing Jack/Fargo do the rorshach like test and Jack kept refering to most of the pictures as a butterfly associated with another creature which kinda demonstrates Jack limited imagination, but then again most of those rorshach pictures do look like buterflies. But it was just as funny seeing once Fargo coming back and giving his take on the pictures which I'll admit was impressive.

    However for me the funnest one was seeing Jack and Zane switch at the worst time possible which was funny and a bit erotic as Jack/Zane sees Jo naked (for real this time) again in the shower with him. My favorate moment was seeing Jack/Zane doing those rock climbing training walls and he was really scared, though I'll admit even though Jack never rock climbed he did well. Most of all it was even funnier seeing both Jack/Zane and Zane/Jack give each other grief, from Zane making Carter look like an ass on purpose in front of a hot driver he pulled over however we also discover how bodily and even fachion concious Zane is. Then we see Jack/Zane giving Zane/Jack grief when he said he ate two bacon egg mcmuffin sandwiches and Zane is looking at his own body and complaing it'd take months to work it off.

    And the drama was good, Zane, Fargo, and Alison are still under post tramatic stress over their Matrix experence, I don't really blame them being under an experence like that can really mess up your perception of reality but worst of all personal relationships since the Matrix program is based on possibility and probablity from how the alpha waves of each indiviual are measured, I think. But that just it those things were possiblities and if they didn't happen in reality then that cancels them out, what matter is how one feels about the individual the now of reality.

    I really like the fact that Jo's feelings are for Zane, but she does admit she felt some slight attraction to Jack but that's just what it was nothing more, in a way what Jo said presents a common truth with all of us how we might be friends or work with someone in the same company and would be attracted to them in some way but that doesn't me we're in love with them or even going to ask them out, it's just simply human nature attraction is wired in our system you can't stop this.

    It's a bit sad what happened with Henry, the experence in the Matrix affected Grace deeply and she now has to go away a while to sort how her true feelings. I won't say I was too sad, may'be it's just me it's just I never cared much for Grace or even the romance between the two it always felt kinda forced to me.

    However one happy thing happened when we see Carter propose to Alison in the Cafe Diem and she says yes. It felt good because it was something the show has been building up to for some time and now that time has finally come, I'm just hoping Alison secret on what she said to Jo won't effect things severely let alone be another damn stunt the show is pulling.

    Though the final thing about the episode that was interesting was when Zane and Fargo discovered Holy's brainwaves were still somewhere in cyperspace. I can't help but wonder if this is hinting at what's to come, is Holy going to come back. My theory is that Fargo once he gets a hold of those waves might implant them in cylon humanoid clone, that wouldn't be far off after all Fargo does use the word Frak a lot on the show so hmmmmm. I don't know this could just be wishful thinking I'd like to be proven either right or wrong depending on how this season goes. In the world of reality anything is possible and probable.

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