Season 5 Episode 5

Jack of All Trades

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 14, 2012 on Syfy

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  • Outstanding Epsiode

    The more I watch this final season and realize that the writers and actors are "leaving it all out on the field", the more pissed I become when I understand that I will be without this show in the near future.

    After viewing the teaser for the episode last week, I was curious as to how the standard sci-fi body swap theme would be handled. I was more than impressed - I was laughing out loud at several points as each actor incorporated the "swappies" mannerisms and voice inflections. Really, really, well done on that part.

    I also enjoyed the rather serious undertones in regard to the damage the matrix did to the relationships of Carter/Allison, Carter/Jo, Jo/Zane, Zane/Carter, Allison/Jo and Henry/Grace. The strain that the Matrix placed on each relationship, either romance based or friendship based, was handled beautifully by each character. Its also refreshing to see that Allison, although brilliant and pragmatic, can still fall prey to baser emotions such as jealousy.

    This episode was the perfect balance of humor and drama.

    Really well done.