Season 5 Episode 13

Just Another Day

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 16, 2012 on Syfy

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  • EUREKA this is 2015 here in the UK

    I hope there is a series 6 as me and my other half are well hooked on this excellent series. Very good for the US as was the series "The Hundred" we had withdrawal symptoms when that finished. I know there are 13 more to go so we are keeping our fingers crossed.
  • I'm gonna miss the show

    It was a very good episode and so very much everything I love about the show and as a finale it was just right. I'm glad we saw Zoe and Taggart. and it was lovely that Jo and Zane got engaged. it was cool that it was her who proposed. Henry finally becoming the director of GD. it was maybe an easy way out of the whole closing of Eureka issue but on the other hand, it was fitting that it was Trevor who saved it. and it was also good that some of the residents moved to different things. and I really really really like the ending of coming full circle. now I just need to watch the Pilot again :)
  • Awesome show, just one problem

    Awesome show, Thank you for finally ending a series with a good episode. But after 5 seasons, I'm a little bit mad that at some point they decided the event of Henry wiping Jack's memory in season 1 never happened. So much plot was built around those events.... Jack stopping Henry, Henry wipes Jack's memory, Jack sees it happen in a dream, Kim comes back on Henry's ship. Then to top it all off, Jack mentions deja vu when Allison tells him shes pregnant in the series finale? By the time season 3 ended I was mad that they didnt resolve Jack and Henry, by mid season 4 I had gotten over my anger, then in the last 5 minutes of the series the writers just blatantly rub in our faces that they never resolved that plot? I just wish they could have wrapped that up after doing so well tying all the other events together.
  • Fantastic series bookended for all time.

    Eureka had it's ups and downs throughout the years and I'm sure like any good TV show, every fan will have their favorite season, their favorite character and their favorite episode. Mine would probably be the first season, Stark and "I Do Over". The one thing that the little town of Eureka always had though, was a fantastic family. Not every episode is memorable, but every episode had heart...and some quirky science to go with it. The finale was no different in this regard as the town was overrun by wormholes threatening to rip everyone apart. Spoiler warning: They solve the problem and live happily ever after. But really, would you want it any other way? Fargo gets his girl, Joe is getting married, Jack comes around full circle with another kid on the way and Henry finally gets the position I'm sure we've all wanted to see him obtain; Director of GD. It's the perfect way to end one of the most fun television shows of the last decade and book-ending with the original Pilot episode is the only way I've dreamed of it closing out. Seriously, I have a list of all the unanswered questions of the show and right at the top has been that little mystery of Jack and Zoe. Poetically checked off when we all check out.

    In all honesty, there's no reason to review the finale to a show. At this point you know if you're in till the end. So I'll just close this out by saying I hope you enjoyed Eureka's roller coaster ride as much as I did. And remember, it's just another day in...Eureka.