Season 5 Episode 13

Just Another Day

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 16, 2012 on Syfy

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  • Awesome show, just one problem

    Awesome show, Thank you for finally ending a series with a good episode. But after 5 seasons, I'm a little bit mad that at some point they decided the event of Henry wiping Jack's memory in season 1 never happened. So much plot was built around those events.... Jack stopping Henry, Henry wipes Jack's memory, Jack sees it happen in a dream, Kim comes back on Henry's ship. Then to top it all off, Jack mentions deja vu when Allison tells him shes pregnant in the series finale? By the time season 3 ended I was mad that they didnt resolve Jack and Henry, by mid season 4 I had gotten over my anger, then in the last 5 minutes of the series the writers just blatantly rub in our faces that they never resolved that plot? I just wish they could have wrapped that up after doing so well tying all the other events together.