Season 5 Episode 13

Just Another Day

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 16, 2012 on Syfy

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  • Now Leaving Eureka

    Yeah, this show has been a strange and exciting ride, but like all rides it had to end sooner or latter. Most season finales tend to disappoint me but this wasn't one of them, I wouldn't go so far to say it's one of the greatest one's in my book but it's a good one all the same, and that's all I really ask for.

    It's true the problem they had to deal with wasn't great or that exciting, but then again what else could it of been, fighting aliens or a league of doom. That might have been cool but that's the TV show "Young Justice" not Eureka. So, I'm fine with the plot it's decent and by it's nature was really just a maguffin.

    What I really liked about this finale was seeing each of the characters going though the motions as each of them are faced with the dilemma of change and they all have decisions to make. There are just lots of moments I find really touching. I did like the one with Carter and Alison. Carter despite what he says about glad to move out of Eureka is really just an act, deep down he is sad that they might have to move out because of all the memories it holds and what it has done for both himself and his daughter. Indeed moving to Eureka has done wonders for both of them, Carter has not just taken charge more but has actually found another chance at love with Alison as well as a family as we hear Alison is having Carter's baby. And relations with Zoe have improved but she's was able to find herself. The fact Eureka was being shut down saddens him because where the heck else is he going to go, he can't go back to his old life there really isn't anything there of value for him, let alone wasn't that great if you remember part of the pilot episode.

    But the three moments I really liked were these. Fargo and Holly finally becoming a couple again, this time forever. As we see in a sweet moment, despite Holly not having all of her memories of both Fargo and her together, her heart remembers as she comes up to Fargo and both kiss. Love is never really about the memories but the feelings.

    Then we see Jo and Zane, as both of them are getting engaged. What was interesting was the fact it was Jo proposing, which I didn't think was just a revesial on the convention but it made sense for her character to do it. Zane has always been the one to want them together but Jo has always been on the fence due to how slightly different both are and Jo's feelings about commitment. Here it was great because Jo made her choice and hasn't changed her mind about it, to her the worst thing is to not have him in her life at all.

    And the third and final thing I thought was a relief and made the show end on both a high note and a small question mark at the end. I like the fact that we see Trevor was the one who save Eureka which makes sense, he felt the town still had lots to offer the world and should continue. It's true they won't have the goverments help much anymore but I felt in a way this is part of the theme in the episode about growth. Each of the characters has come a long way and have grown, now the town has the power to do that because now it's run by the people and who knows may'be in the far future it was become a city, that would be cool. But the best touches were for Henry as we see him become the head of GD and get his wife back, it was touching because he rightfully deserves it, like everyone else he came a long way.

    And there was Carter once again, as he says he wants his baby to be raised in Eureka, it shows his family belongs to this town, he and Zoe have came in as outsiders but they have became part of the family in the end. There of course were the final minutes which were an errie touch when we see Carter and Zoe drive by a car which has both of them from the past when they first came, I really liked that look both the past and present Zoe had which was the same I had, a what the hell look. In a way it's sort of both fate and free will going hand in hand, they were the ones that caused their own accident without it they never would have found the town Eureka. It made me wonder if somehow Carter and Zoe drove into some sort of time portal that made them go into that point in time, I don't know that up to Carter and the town of Eureka to figure out. I felt this question mark really signified the spirit of the town showing that the town and the people in it will always go on.

    As a saying goes it's not so much the place I'm going to miss but the people. But like any vacation it ends and it's time to leave, so farewell Eureka your days will go on, even if we won't be around.

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