Season 4 Episode 11


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 11, 2011 on Syfy

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  • Relationship Alert!!! - written all over the episode.

    I cannot believe I just made an account on only to reply to Carycomic's post. And I must apologise that my review will be like a rant through to the end. I enjoyed many of the old school sci fi (yes, not SyFy) shows such as the Star Trek franchise. You know what was good about them? They were concentrating an intricate plot about some science fiction gadget or weird and out of this world anomaly. After all it is science fiction. No relationship cr*p in them, that is not science fiction. That is real world. It is unbelievable how many people have issues in their real lives and look for shows that concentrate on this with the hope to find an answer there for their problems. Alas it is just a show with many variables tweaked just so the plot can fit together and is totally not applicable to real life. And from then once the writers slip and make one episode with touchy feely stuff in it (completely forgetting the show is called Eureka! - as in 'TaDa I found something cool', and on top is on SyFy), all the viewers with personal life burdens raise the ratings and ruin it for the rest of us. I liked the show in the beginning. It was about GD, Jack and lots of cool physics discoveries, it really rocked my boat. It took 3 seasons for the writers to ruin it. Now it is about Jack+Alison, Zane+Lupo, Henry+his newly discovered wife, SARAH and Deputy, AAAAAAAAhh. Aaaaand maybe sometimes (if they feel like it) throw something sciency in there just for kicks. And it took only two seasons for the sister show Warehouse 13 to go downhill as well, which I am not going to discuss here because it is Eureka review. But you can see the model I am following and make some deductions yourselves. Now I know about character development and growth and I absolutely agree that if they make 5+ seasons like the first one it will get boring, and even I will lose interest, but for crying out loud don't develop every show into the relationships direction. There are so many other ways to go. Take Star Trek - excellent show, no accent on relationships (maybe last season of Voyager only). Take X-Files - also superb show, no relationships, one of the few that made it to S08 (Stargate excluded). Take Battlestar Galactica - absolutely amazing, the dog's dangles!, no relationships (at least not the clingy loving fake way). Take Death Note - not very popular within the English-speaking part of the world, but also amazing. And now every way I turn: Relationship Alert. So no it is not cool what is happening between Jack and Alison, the emphasis on this should not have been. Ever.
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