Season 5 Episode 1


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 16, 2012 on Syfy

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  • Sad end to a show with great potential

    Beverly is back and still as boring and annoying as ever. Worse yet, it's the same story on repeat as well. If only the writers gave a tenth of a shit this show could have been amazing.
  • Way better, definitely! Excellent start of the 5th season!

    Let's face it, Eureka was getting pretty cheesy and cornball. Granted, I still enjoyed it, but still. I think clearing off some of the shmaltzy stuff and throwing in some game changers was a great plan. I really enjoyed this episode. Let's see where this goes!
  • Best beginning to a season this year!

    (General spoilers)

    Man that was good!

    First of all, Eureka got serious. Usually shows play that line between silly and serious and it's a tough needle to thread: this was a punch in the gut, and it's just what the doctor ordered.

    In the first few minutes I though I was watching (the new) Battlestar Galactica and that's good on many levels. After that we had the fantastic drama of several people living in the world where only a few hour passed while others believed 4 years have passed. What's even better, it made for a great jump-start for characters that, quite frankly, had gotten very stale in the meantime.

    The addition of Andy and the AI being complete dominating bad-asses was the icing on the cake.

    If there is any complaint on the episode, it's that things were solved within the hour, BUT obviously, that was because an even greater surprise was waiting - a Matrix-like takeover of Eureka's people and their brains :-)

    I fear that by the end of the season we'll have things back to normal (which, as I said, started to smell like old socks), but since that would be the end of the series, I think it will be a fun ride! Welcome back Eureka!
  • Jack and Lupo? Thats lupy!

    [spoilers alert] So! it seems that season five is gone get pretty emotional! So many heartbreaking little moments just in the first episode. And so dark to be Eureka! But still it is not without it's sense of humor, i am referring here to Jack and his new biscuit, or rather Lupo and hers new jelly bean. In the beginning it felt so wrong, almost perverse, but hay! they really looked smashing together in their uniforms. They were sort of sweet, and i belived it, they have allways been there for each other before, so why not. Anyway it is going to be very interesting to se how everything is going to unravel, my heart really went out to Allison! And big props to Sheriff Andy for going over to the Dark side and making it so believable. I see a lot of potential and hoping for a great last season!!
  • Unique

    This episode was unique. Taking parts that was similar with 1984 and the movie, Inception. It was well done.