Season 5 Episode 1


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 16, 2012 on Syfy

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  • Lost in Time

    This was a great start to the final season and it's probably one of my favorate episodes of the show. This episode is pritty dark, there really aren't that many laughs. Alison, Zane, and the others on that ship really are the ones that drive this episode, you really can't help but feel sympathetic toward all of them as we see what was a mere mater of hours was in reality 4 and a half years, it's kinda like in the movie "Flight of the Navigator" which was about a boy that was transported several years latter. But just like the kid in the film their disorented, 4 and a half years really is a long chunk of time a lot to anything can happen and it has. I really like how the episode has a bit of an unsettling mood, it's that feeling where everything looks the same but isn't and your just not sure of anything.

    We see that Eureka has became a living Hell, it's similar to Orwell's "1984" conversations and emotions are constantly montored and if it's irregurar in some way then the persons emotional state is surpressed. And there are machines which can litterally take a persons free will away. I'll admit discovering these things really gave me a creepy and uncomfortable feeling inside, even though the totalitarian state of Eureka works it's evil.

    The fact the group rebeled against that existance and triumphed really gave me a good feeling, even I can't live in that kinda existance.

    But to me the one suprise that made me feel even more uncomfortable than I already was was seeing Jo and Jack together. Seeing that look and reaction on Alison's face when she saw them both kiss was the same as how I felt, like someone just kicked me in the stomach. From the performances of both Erica and Colin the couple up felt plasable because as I said 4 and a half years is a long time and both character do spend a lot of time together. I really felt sad for Alison and Zane because both deeply loved their significant others and can very close to tieing the knot with them, and now they have to be forced to accept and deal with the fact their together even though in their hearts it just doesn't feel right, it's kinda like when Ron and Hermime got together in "Harry Potter" it just doesn't feel right.

    The twist at the end I thought was great it really pulls the rug from under you, in a strange sense it was a small sense of relief because it means Jo and Jack aren't really together and the show isn't pulling another directional stunt. It kinda like in the movie Ares Los Ojos (Open Your Eyes) where we discover all of them aren't really in Eureka but their in a dream. The evil organization we see has highjacked the space ship and is using everyone's minds to power some sort of super computer. It kinda shows the extent of the evil organization's evil, but also that Beverly is getting sick joy out of hurting Alison's feelings with that programed reality.

    In a way this ending is similar to a cliffhanger ending in a two parter, I can't help but wonder what's going to happen next. Well Jack, Jo, and Henry be about to find them and rescue all of them; are Alison, Zane, Fargo and the rest going to be about to escape dream land before it's too late. Well we'll just have to wait till the next episode.
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