Season 2 Episode 11


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 18, 2007 on Syfy
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The women of Eureka become infatuated with Sheriff Carter, who they find irresistible.

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  • Babe Magnet

    This episode I thought was a lot of fun, it sort of reminds me a little of the "Buffy" episode "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered". Basically for some unexplained reason Carter is starting to produce an animal magnitism as much as those guys in those AXE body deoderent comercials, where every woman finds him irresistable.

    This is almost every guys dream, I wouldn't mind this happening to me for at least a day. But as we see as usual with those love potions there are negative side effects.

    I just laughed my head off just seeing Carter in some of those sittuations like Jo kissing him, getting Chaised on the street by a womens golf club and worse their armed with golf clubs, though my very favorate was seeing Alison and some female scientist(Lexia Dogg) being foward with Carter and both fight over Carter while at the same time trying to grab a hold of him, it was great when we saw Carter stand in between them which kinda made things worse for him.

    And of course there is even that part where Fargo acts as Carter's bodyguard which he actually does a good job of, it was just funny seeing the comments he made on the bullhorn.

    My only problem with this episode was there weren't enough sittuations where Carter was in any more danger with this condition. I would of loved to of seen at least one or two more, it would of been really hilarous if Carter had to play a deadly game of hide and seek thoughout the town while an army of women chase him down like the zombies from "28 Days Latter". As well as of course avoiding confrontation with a lot of jelious guys that would of wanted to pound him but oh well.

    But one of the other significant things about this episode is the development in the subplots. From finding another clue in the artifact mystery as well as the town itself with the discovery of ancient bones, how are the bones connected. Carter obviously catching on even more on the mystery of Kim's death when he knows Beverly is a traitor. What's happening with the characters Alison, Nathan, and Henry. Alison and Nathan want to keep the research of Kim to themselves to both figure out more what's happening to there soon but also to protect Kevin from their own corporation or even that evil orginization Beverly works for, who would want to get their hand on Kevin. However doing that has caused a rift in Henry's pursuits, and we know from that look he has given Nathan it's war now. I just hope Alison and Nathan will have enough sense to ask for Carter's help on the matter because right now I feel both of them are in over their heads, and the sittuation their dealing with may be bigger then they can handle. As well as all three of them to start getting on the defensive with Henry, cause I got a bad feeling he's finally cracked (you even sensed a bit of hostility in his voice at times in this episode) going to do something dramatic to harm all three of them.

    But most of all this episode shows significant development in the social relationships of Zane and Jo as well as Carter and Betty. In a way this episode could be a bit of metaphor on repressed feelings. Both Jo and Carter desire forward movement in the significant others they currently have but the problem is their both afraid to take that first step, because of fear of being hurt. But of course as we see both learn the hard way, that those feelings don't stay bottled up forever they always find a way out and love waits for no one, it comes whether you want it to or not.moreless
  • Carter becomes a magnet towards women in Eureka

    This was a very good episode of Eureka that really gives everyone a laugh. th episode was very well placed in our ever growing Eureka timeline and we had a vry good display of Fargo's character. sorry Fargo you cant have some =(. hopefully we get to have some more interactions with the mole. the show was really well written ad acted out especially by Joe. we get to see an unconventional side of her many of us are surprised to see. (and have wanted too). so i really think this episode was a god one to have in an early season.

    so we are going to hopefully see more of this bacteria in some form!moreless
  • Carter is the man....

    Super hormone drug transfer from just petting the hybrid dog. AWESOME!!!! Fending women off while trying to do your job, now that is every mans dream. But, enough of it will lead to like quitting or something. But it appeared that in the end that the women were getting upset with Carter. The fact that the golf women were swinging clubs at Carters Jeep while he was trying to get away. Poor Fargo tried to keep the mask on but Carter was up to his tricks and told him to take it off, that was pretty funny at the end. I dont know what is up with the Dry Cleaning Lady, I hope its not leading to Stark and Allison getting back together and Jack getting with the Dry Cleaner.. It cant end that way....moreless
  • (Oh-oh, here she comes) Watch out boy she'll chew you up (Oh-oh, here she comes) She's a maneater

    I couldn't resist. :)

    Eureka has a utilities system that resembles the human digestive system. The air conditioning, plumbing, lights and water are all hooked up to one network. The regular maintence guy is missing and the system starts to malfunction. Because everything is connected, one failing piece of the network means that others will also eventually fail. If that wasn't enough, some ancient pheromone bacteria gets on Jack and every woman in the town "wants" him. The ticking clock on this episode is to fix the utilities before the town blows. We also find out that if the pheromone doesn't dissipate that women will eventually turn violent towards Jack. To make matters worse, there is a chance that the pheromone will be released into the ventilation. This means that every man in Eureka will become irrisistible (they already are because scientists are sexy) but it also means that every woman in Eureka will eventually try to kill them and eat them for food.

    When the mysterious powder was first introduced I immediately thought about Star Trek, Spock and This Side of Paradise. Spores that make you fall in love/lust. Not entirely original but I loved the way it was presented. Eureka is a show that takes some of the classic, widely- used science fiction themes but spins them in a really fresh and new way.

    I was impressed with the digestive system utilities network. I love the clever things in this town but it always seems like the scientists are air heads. When things go wrong in Eureka, they go WAY wrong. They've almost had to evacuate the town 3 times this season. I'm beginning to wonder about about them. They must be book smart but not common sense smart. :)

    At the end of the episode, Allison gives Nathan access to The Artifact. He isn't supposed to be in there because he doesn't have official clearance anymore. His access means that Henry gets locked out. Henry is pissed. This isn't going to end well. Nathan is convinced that if he has access, he can use the Artifact research to help solve the issue with Kevin, Allison's son.

    Next week: Mega Snake's Michael Shanks. :Pmoreless
  • Great Episode

    I'm so happy this week's episode wasn't a disappointment like last week ("God is in the Details")... everything that I love bout the show was here... Super-science, humor, Carter clueless about anything technical, Stark being a jerk, etc... all pulled off nicely. I hope the writers pick back up on the ancient bones found in the tunnels... might be an interesting story arc to tie it in with the artifact... and why Eureka is located where its located... Henry's look when he confronts Stark about being locked out, shows the determination he has to bring those responsible to light.. but how far is he actually going to take this? After what he did to carter...moreless
Sonja Bennett

Sonja Bennett

Callie Curie

Guest Star

Lexa Doig

Lexa Doig

Anne Young

Guest Star

Richard Ian Cox

Richard Ian Cox

Dr. Bob "The Mole" Stone

Guest Star

Matt Frewer

Matt Frewer

Jim Taggart

Recurring Role

Chris Gauthier

Chris Gauthier


Recurring Role

Niall Matter

Niall Matter

Zane Donovan

Recurring Role

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    • Carter: Yeah, it's been happening all day. Uh, Jo kissed me, but I didn't put it together.
      Nathan: Deputy Lupo kissed you and you didn't think there was anything wrong with that?
      Carter: Well, I've been working out. I'm looking pretty good.

    • Nathan: Bones?
      Carter: Yeah, and they're human. We don't know how old, but Taggart's taking a look.
      Nathan: So your theory is Dr. Stone is Hannibal Lecter.
      Carter: Yeah.
      Nathan: Carter, the man we're talking about is a Nobel Laureate in biochemistry.
      Carter: Yeah, and maybe a psychopath, so, like you but violent.
      Nathan: Give me time.

    • Mrs. Stone: Bob says marriage is like a palladium-lined geothermal heating system; beautiful and complicated. And you just never know when the pressure's gonna rip the whole thing apart!
      Carter: Bob sounds… very romantic.

    • Carter: (about dating) It's hard to dive back in.
      Jo: Tell me about it.
      Carter: I feel like such a… guy.
      Jo: Huh, me too.

    • Carter: Henry said that there's a… an inertia… thing coming.
      Zane: An inertial wave?
      Carter: Yeah, is that bad? (diner explodes)
      Zane: Yeah, it's bad.

    • Jo: First off, I was totally insane before. For the record I do not now, nor have I ever, wanted to jump you. You believe me, don't you?
      Carter: I don't know. I mean, maybe you just got tired of staring at Lake Carter and had to take a dip.
      Jo: Okay, you're making me nauseous.

    • Carter: You didn't think it was a little extreme when your wife imprisoned you in your bedroom?
      Dr. Stone: I guess I just wanted to believe that she loved me that much.

    • Dr. Young: There are huge pressures under the surface of this community and one day they'll erupt. And woe be unto you when that happens.
      Stark: Woe be unto me?

    • (Jo runs out of the office bathroom shouting)
      Jo: It's gonna blow!
      (The toilet explodes, flying across the room)
      Carter: (to Jo) What did you eat?

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    • International Air Dates
      Germany – 08 September 2008 on Pro7
      Australia – 20 November 2008 on TEN HD
      Hungary – 26 November 2008 on TV2
      Slovakia – 05 March 2009 on Markiza
      Czech Republic – 24 November 2009 on Prima COOL

    • Although credited, Jordan Hinson (Zoe Carter) does not appear in this episode.


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