Season 1 Episode 2

Many Happy Returns

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 25, 2006 on Syfy

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  • A step in the right direction

    Being the first episode after the pilot one does not usually expect the show to be about any thing more than the characters and this one delivers just that.
    It brings us more into the personal lives of our favorite characters and introduces a few more, including Nathan Stark. It's interesting to see how he immediately bumps ego's with Carter and Carter's reaction to the revelation that Ally is seperated from the man.
    The 'main' story line of the Perkins and how Walter has seemingly come back from the dead sets us up for future storylines as well. The cheesey ghost effects used to portray the 'ghost' could have been done a lot better.
  • The Perkins are back!

    Hmmm. You just never know what can happen in Eureka. After Susan Perkins commits suicide (actually murdered) and Walter Perkins is believed to be dead it seems their son Brian is left without parents. Back from the dead come both parents after Susan was actually cloned from the real Susan. The real Susan shows up and so does Walter who is just caught in between time. Jack finds a new home with an attitude but little does he know is that he is about to get a new roommate also. I am still kind of up in the air about this show but it is decent enough to keep me tuning in some more. I am not a scientist so I get confused. I hope they can simplify the storyline some or I may not become a regular of this show.
  • Jack gets married. Sadly for him, it's with a house computer portraited by Fargo passing himself for a woman.

    Bull's eye!
    That's the impression I've got at the end of the episode. Not only, the show has demonstrated the kind of story we can expect from it (which is, to say shortly, anything at all based in theoretic science, including cloning and eletromagnetic sentient entities), but it surely gave us a new "character" of sorts, Jack's house: S.A.R.A.H., which although tries to act like a woman is portraited by Fargo, rending even a major comment from Jack about it. The scene at the end of the episode of him discussing with her like they were an actual couple just because he came home late was worth the entire episode.

    Another great point of the episode is the fact it started almost instantly after the pilot, with only one major difference: Greg Germann's character is gone, although it certainly appeared in the pilot he had a major background story to reveal.

    All in all, I'm certainly hoping for more to come.
    Stay tuned!
  • Great classic and why I watch!

    Carter and the rest of the Eurkea residents attend the
    So called "funeral" for the beloved Susan Perkens and that
    They discover and are totally shocked in disbelief that she comes back. And they thought that she was a he to begin with but really it was a she. I am very, very, confused myself even!
  • Do you believe in ghosts?

    "Okay. Don't sleep on the nuclear powered device. Good safety tip."

    Eureka's first "proper" episode - and a very good one it is too. Better structured than the Pilot, although lacking some of its vital comedy, Many Happy Returns deals with the woman killed last episode coming back. Featuring ghosts, a really good clone and a very amusing house with artifial intelligence called Sarah, this series is still going strong.
  • The first proper episode after the pilot and it's a good one.

    A great apisode with many many entertaining points throughout and some interesting character development as well.
    The script was full of smart funny one liners, especially from Sheriff Jack and his interaction with Fargo and S.A.R.A.H.
    One point that i found particularly intersting was when Walter Perkins was being bought back into our time stream was a little interaction between Kevin Blake and Beverly Barlowe.
    It hinted at a relationship that we don't know about. Now we know that Beverley isn't a "good guy does that mean The Blake isn't either? Maybe i'm just reading too much into it but i wouldn't be surprised if further down the line if Mr Blake turns out to be a bad sort.

    All in all it was a good episode and i am looking forward to the next one.
  • I hope it continues in this style.

    To me the mix of comedy, science and plotline are mixed perfectly. It’s not taking itself seriously at all, which means the audience can relax and allow any real science slip-ups pass – yet at the same time it’s not a full blown comedy going off down the Over-the-top path. What makes this show work – IMO – is the ensemble cast. The main star of the show, Jack, is looking like not being able to solve every problem single-handed, unlike many shows.
    Henry is quickly emerging as a favourite character, with great potential as a jack-of-all-trades. Jo was slightly more toned down this week, which was a slight shame. Fargo is brilliant comic relief – as long as he’s not overused. Allison is looking like being the love interest, with the twist of her ex-husband.
    Zoe was underused this episode, as was Beverly – and the absence of Max Headroom. Hopefully he’ll be back in a later episode, and Zoe and Beverly can get some more things to do.

    As second episodes go, this is VERY enjoyable. Can’t wait for the rest!
  • a little strange in parts but a good watch in all

    although having some very good plotlines in the episode the intended reasoning behind the script is obvious early in the show. we can see that this was just a way for the producers to allow for the return of a character who we were previously made to believe as dead. apart from the plothole the episode introduced some interesting new developments. such as the introduction of SARAH and the decision that his daughter would be staying.
  • Clever, Suspenseful, and Interesting

    This was a really clever and witty episode, although it was painfully obvious that the "Electric Person" was Walter, the clever twist of Susan being cloned perfectly was erie.

    I loved the suspense when 'Walter' was seen by Allison's son, it was erie and spooky. And of course the black out at Jack's new place. That house was amazing. I want one for myself!!!

    There were several interesting concepts in this episode. (And I'm sure we'll see many many more) but the Complete cloning idea, the interspace life concept, and the Smart House. I'm sooo looking forward to seeing Jack fight and come to terms with this house, and I was laughing so hard when he had to apologize for being late. (funnay!!!)

    Aha ... and the prodigal Daughter returns, can't wait to see what kind of shenanigans she gets herself into

    Excellent episode!!!
  • Ridiculous beyond imagination.

    First of all, let me start from the most annoying part of all three episodes: lthe ittle kid who solves in 1 minute in one line some complicated quantum physics problem, and no he cant do it on the blackboard, it should be on the lfoor, then one line of nonsense and voila, the extra-dimension quantum singularity blah blah blah is solved.
    This might be a good show to air on comedy central channel, but as sci-fi its pure absurd. Science fiction is not about throwing idiotic phrases that have some \\\"quantum\\\" and \\\"singularity\\\" words arbitrary placed. Science fiction is about smart intelligent setting which in principle can be realistic. But, fine if you want to ignore this part, consider the characters: primitive, standard, ordinary. yes handosome supersmart policeman that suggests scientists how to cancel singularities, huge breasts hot women all over the town with phd degrees etc.
    Anyway, I hope this show will be canceled. Its simply ridiculous, not intelligent, not funny etc
  • Smart Houses, Ghosts, Uber-Clones! Well done Sci-Fi, that does not take itself seriously...Perfect.

    While I was suprised at the addition of a new director, I was pleased that the show was able to expand from the pilot without any major stumbles.

    I love Henry as the super jack of all trades. I think Carter will be the perfect stright man for the "Geek" jokes. (I'm not even sure how to spell corporal). I was please to see Zoe come back. I think Jack's relationship with his daughter and his ex will add a little more spice to this already flavorful mix of characters.

    If the writters can maintain the mix of humor and pseudo science they have shown so far, without getting preachy and serious then this will be a show to watch for many seasons!
  • Clones X 2 + 1 smart house X Corpreal beings in 0.1 seconds = one great episode.

    It starts off of the return of Susan who eventually turned out to be a result of a stem cell experiment that Walter worked on, I am not sure how they will explain to their son that the real mom is dead and this is a stem cell clone! The Smart house is cool and funny, I wish I had a nuclear fallout shelter smart house but minus a creep watching me twentyfour seven. I also knew the so called "ghost" was Walter becaues It can't be anyone else right. Overall the episode was great, A family restored, even though the mom is a clone and the dad is stuck in between seconds but im pretty sure that's normal in Eureka!
  • Many Happy Endings

    This episode features the returns of pretty much everyone who \'died\' in the previous one, or those who temporarily left. Suzanne Walters is back, but not exactly from the grave, as it turns out her loving husband cloned her when she left him. You have to admire the idea, who hasn\'t had a girlfriend they\'d like to keep, and how many can honestly say they managed to reproduce the girl\'s genetic material and keep her for themselves? Then again, if she\'s a clone could she not be equally predisposed towards dumping the same man? But I\'m digressing.

    Walter too returns because apparently the temporal experiment that killed him in the previous episode has in fact only thrown him into a interminent state of split-seconds (literally). Oddly enough, he appears as a corporeal-incorporeal electromagnetic whatever, and zaps a new character on the show, Nathan Stark, the separated husband of Allison Blake. This probably goes to indicate the alignment of the new character, and the zapping he deserves for being evil. Our justice systems have much to learn from Eureka.

    Jack acquires himself a new crib, befitting of a Sheriff in a freak-town. An automated computer system in the house, located inside of an old nuclear bunker, tends to the needs and worries of the inhabitants, albeit with a bit of a human edge to it. I suppose if you name your computer system SARAH, you can only expect various Sarah-esque outbursts. Nevertheless, with a little bit of tender care and some rubbing, Jack and SARAH mend their differences.

    Neither Jo, nor Zoe have much of a role in this episode, and the strong-woman image of Jo is set aside for the episode. Similiarly, the rather entertaining exchanges between Zoe and Jack are absent from this installment, but the return of the prodigal daughter hints that we\'ve yet to see the last of these exchanges.

    We learn several interesting facts about the town, namely that 10:30pm is very late, which indicates the social life of Eureka is fully representative of its population and the stereotypes often associated with these types. We also learn that despite the fact that the town\'s mortality rate is twice the national average, important characters are very reluctant to actually die.

    A fun episode that maintains a lot of the same good writing, and funny characters, as well as let\'s us learn more about Jack and the others.

    9.2/10, for keeping me entertained.
  • Another night of good sci-fi

    I found this episode to be rather entertaining once the final credits rolled. While character developement is essential to a new show, the writers were right ont he mark with this episode.

    Leading man shows his comis side when it comes to his new house, a house with an attitude! While absent from the episode, the missing daughter is referred to in passing and then shows up at the end, leading us to belive that she will become an integral part of the show since she will have to interact with the local "super-smart" children.

    Be prepared to see her cry when she finds that she doesn't really fit into their world, but she will prevail when her common sense saves the day and them on a few occasions!

    Leading female characters are developed nicely and their interaction with the leading man seems to be right on queue - little sexual tension with the DOD character, but that was to be expected. the female cop needs to soften up her image - she's very much a Michele Rodriguez (in any role) rip-off...tough chick with a gun and 'tude only works so long...but we know from the premiere episodes that she is in search of a man to enjoy her life with. tone her down or make her butch (and coming out).

    Gay characters are not in sight yet - but look for it...there has to be "a hot gay nerd" waiting in the bunch...surprisngly they didn't take tath further with the creator of the voice for S.A.R.A.H. - who obviously watched the leading man in the house, while he was sleeping! Leading man saw the footage of that and assured us at once that he was very uncomfortable being viewed without his knowledge, the writers can always explore that later.

    overall - worth watching again to see what you might have missed in the background the first viewing!
  • not bad at all

    I like this show. It's very simple with over tones of a little geek ness. As I said before it's a very light hearted sci-fi show. It's not meant to be hard core save the world uh oh were gona die. This episode keeps it on that theme. They deal with a small cloning issue. (what town of genesis would it be without one) and put back the family they took apart. There was one part of this episode that I wanted to change the line. After the DOD husband was attacked he had a talk with the new sheriff. He told his that he would let him know how things went with the investigation. I would of said with your wife. Would of got a good laugh out of me.
  • walter's wife comes back from the grave

    this episode was pretty good but extremly predictable, i was obvius from the being that she was cloned and that the daughter would come back. the only thing was that i didnt suspect that the 'ghost' was walter, i thought it was his wife. the thing i really liked about this episode was his new house, even tho i have seen a few things like sarah in other shows\movies i loved the way jack interacted with it, and to me it was one of the best things about this episode, besides the talk he had with that one woman's(sorry forgot her mane) husband, that was pretty funny.