Season 1 Episode 2

Many Happy Returns

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 25, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Another night of good sci-fi

    I found this episode to be rather entertaining once the final credits rolled. While character developement is essential to a new show, the writers were right ont he mark with this episode.

    Leading man shows his comis side when it comes to his new house, a house with an attitude! While absent from the episode, the missing daughter is referred to in passing and then shows up at the end, leading us to belive that she will become an integral part of the show since she will have to interact with the local "super-smart" children.

    Be prepared to see her cry when she finds that she doesn't really fit into their world, but she will prevail when her common sense saves the day and them on a few occasions!

    Leading female characters are developed nicely and their interaction with the leading man seems to be right on queue - little sexual tension with the DOD character, but that was to be expected. the female cop needs to soften up her image - she's very much a Michele Rodriguez (in any role) rip-off...tough chick with a gun and 'tude only works so long...but we know from the premiere episodes that she is in search of a man to enjoy her life with. tone her down or make her butch (and coming out).

    Gay characters are not in sight yet - but look for it...there has to be "a hot gay nerd" waiting in the bunch...surprisngly they didn't take tath further with the creator of the voice for S.A.R.A.H. - who obviously watched the leading man in the house, while he was sleeping! Leading man saw the footage of that and assured us at once that he was very uncomfortable being viewed without his knowledge, the writers can always explore that later.

    overall - worth watching again to see what you might have missed in the background the first viewing!