Season 1 Episode 2

Many Happy Returns

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 25, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Many Happy Endings

    This episode features the returns of pretty much everyone who \'died\' in the previous one, or those who temporarily left. Suzanne Walters is back, but not exactly from the grave, as it turns out her loving husband cloned her when she left him. You have to admire the idea, who hasn\'t had a girlfriend they\'d like to keep, and how many can honestly say they managed to reproduce the girl\'s genetic material and keep her for themselves? Then again, if she\'s a clone could she not be equally predisposed towards dumping the same man? But I\'m digressing.

    Walter too returns because apparently the temporal experiment that killed him in the previous episode has in fact only thrown him into a interminent state of split-seconds (literally). Oddly enough, he appears as a corporeal-incorporeal electromagnetic whatever, and zaps a new character on the show, Nathan Stark, the separated husband of Allison Blake. This probably goes to indicate the alignment of the new character, and the zapping he deserves for being evil. Our justice systems have much to learn from Eureka.

    Jack acquires himself a new crib, befitting of a Sheriff in a freak-town. An automated computer system in the house, located inside of an old nuclear bunker, tends to the needs and worries of the inhabitants, albeit with a bit of a human edge to it. I suppose if you name your computer system SARAH, you can only expect various Sarah-esque outbursts. Nevertheless, with a little bit of tender care and some rubbing, Jack and SARAH mend their differences.

    Neither Jo, nor Zoe have much of a role in this episode, and the strong-woman image of Jo is set aside for the episode. Similiarly, the rather entertaining exchanges between Zoe and Jack are absent from this installment, but the return of the prodigal daughter hints that we\'ve yet to see the last of these exchanges.

    We learn several interesting facts about the town, namely that 10:30pm is very late, which indicates the social life of Eureka is fully representative of its population and the stereotypes often associated with these types. We also learn that despite the fact that the town\'s mortality rate is twice the national average, important characters are very reluctant to actually die.

    A fun episode that maintains a lot of the same good writing, and funny characters, as well as let\'s us learn more about Jack and the others.

    9.2/10, for keeping me entertained.