Season 2 Episode 6

Noche de Sueños

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 14, 2007 on Syfy
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The denizens of Eureka are experiencing shared dreams. What is considered humorous at first soon takes a dire turn for the worse.

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  • Harry is so busted...

    The lady of efficiency is busting in on the dreams of the G3-ers, and all havock is busting loose in the town. And its all Starks fault. Granted they are trying to find out what is wrong with Kevin, however, I believe it is Stark who is still attracted to the Artifact, and that Allison just wants him to be all right. I think Harry will be in trouble down the road when the brief encounter from Season 1 came to almost bite him in the rear. The long term memory eraser that he used on Jack, may come into question later.

    Also, I believe that Harry is slowly forgiving Stark for Kim's death since he has found that the Counselor lady is behind all of this and sabatoged the whole thing.

    Got to wait until next week to see whats going to lead us somewhere...moreless
  • I was a big fan of season 1 and was getting bored by season 2 fillers. After scoring 2 the previous episode, "Duck, Duck Goose", I wasn't even planning to watch this one but sh811a's review changed my mind. I decided to give Eureka one more chance.moreless

    This episode was a "dream" and was all about what we love in Eureka : fun, crazy scientist ideas, the main Artefact story and character development.

    It was fun because this episode has some cool jokes and really funny dream scenes. We all dreamed once that we woke up and went naked at work or school. Carter gets it in this episode. He walks all around Eureka naked. At work in front of Jo, at the restaurant in front of Allison… The disturbing thing is that most people he met in his dream shared it, they saw him naked. It's like having your worst dream come true, but as a dream, not for real. A dream in the dream. An other funny dream scene is geeky Fargo swording the evil Nathan as Zorro, to protect señorita Jo, wearing a dress. And damn she looks pretty. The really funny thing is that Fargo wasn't the dreamer, Jo was. But I can't believe she's into Fargo because he's such a boring and dumb character. Jo is the coolest.

    What about crazy ideas ? Innovation and other sci-fi related stuff. Well this episode has a few gems. First a truck transporting a toxic substance gets an accident. I'm not sure I understood it well but in some way I think it made Carter some sort of dream beacon, because he was infected by the toxin. Nathan and Allison are also working on a dreaming technology that allows them to understand what's wrong with their son, now building Artefact replicas everyday. At Global some scientists are also working on a distributed network technology to connect human brains, something like that. For some reason these three things interact with each other and make people to share dreams. Things get worse when people begin to die. First the truck driver, after Fargo dreamed he died just after the accident. In fact it's not the first time the idea is used. For example in the Slider's Virtual Slide episode people who died in a virtual world died in the real one. The body can't live without the brain, exactly like in The Matrix. Remember ? This Eureka episode also featured other cool ideas like Carter breathing "air liquid" to prevent the toxin from spreading in his body. It was a great scene because it revealed…

    … that Allison cares about Carter when Nathan doesn't. They were both in the room when Carter entered a capsule filled with liquid a few seconds later. So it was a funny episode but also a dark one because Nathan's true nature is beginning to rise like a black Phenix. Nathan and Carter have always been mean to each other, because of their feelings for Allison, but Carter only teases Nathan when it seems Nathan doesn't care about Carter. Carter is not the smartest nor a heroe, he's your average man but he makes a difference in Eureka because of his acts. Nathan is a genius but also a mad scientist. Nathan's priority is not to save Carter's life nor their son's. His priority is to understand the Artefact. As Nathan's character is getting darker and darker, like a Dark Vador consumed by his own anger, Allison is getting brighter and brighter. She cares about Carter and "her" son. Nathan refused to shutdown their dream infernal machine, Allison priority was clear : To protect their son at all cost. This episode dream twist was really interesting because it also allowed Carter to share a dream with… Henry. Remember he used a gizmo on Carter which made him forget about Henry revenge thirst ? Now Carter saw it in a dream and I'm sure he'll soon understand that the scene happened in real life.

    Nathan obsessed with the Artefact. Beverly gone but probably planning some evil return. Henry investigating his wife death. Carter beginning to know about his friend treason. Allison realizing how evil his ex-husband really is. So many big secrets, such a small town. Let's hope the upcoming episodes will be as creative and interesting as this one. I wouldn't mind Jo becoming an even more important character. I also hope the show will become darker as Nathan's obsession gets stronger. Carter, Allison, Jo and others in the light. Nathan, Henry and Beverly souls consumed by their own darkness.moreless
  • Capricious, Dreams, Dazzling

    This episode was truly funny. I adored the dream sequences. The capriciousness of this show is always entertaining. The characters are sharing dreams because of an experiment that Stark is conducting on Kevin. The way this episode was written was luminous. Each episode is humorous and refulgant. I thought the 'sleepover' at Cafe Diem was spot on and allowed even more fun to the dream sharing sequences. Well writting and well executed. It was a disarming episode in the midst of some much darker overall story arcs. This show is made to dazzle the audience and it does just that in new and amazing ways each week.moreless
  • After a waste truck accident, people start sharing their dreams, including Carter. However, there are deadly side effects and time is running out.

    Outstanding episode!!

    The script made sense, the plots dealing with Kevin and the Artifact as well as Henry making Carter forget about the future were both advanced and Allison and Carter do seem to spend more time together and become closer whereas Nathan becomes a bit more like the archetypal mad scientist.

    I loved the dream sequences, especially Jo's and Fargo made an excellent Zorro to Nathan's evil man. I also loved the last scene, Carter buying a gift for Jo was so very sweet and unexpected, while still being very Carter-like.

    The humour, the plot, the acting all were top-notch and made this the best episode of the second season, so far ...moreless
  • Dreamscape

    This episode was both fun and insightful. Two of the funniest moments for me had to been when Carter had the first dream where it's that common nightmare when Carter is walking around town naked but it's even more hillarous and embarassing for Carter when of course that dream crossed with both his daughter and his deputy Jo, they seem to remember it. Another had to of been with Fargo when of course he dreams that his boss Stark is the bad guy and Jo is the seniorita in distress (I'll admit Jo does look good in a dress), and then Fargo turns out to be the Zorro hero and beats Stark in a swordfight which he actaually does supprisingly well.

    But the episode most of all was insightful, because it was by reality a Alison and Nathan centered episode. We see that both of them have agreed to use a certain machine to help understand what is happening with their son. However we see like with a lot of things there is a price to be paid, the machine somehow has put a lot of peoples lives in danger. Alison despite wanting to help her son, also wants to back off so that lives aren't endangered. However Nathan wants to continue despite the risks. It tells us something about both characters, we see Nathan suffers probably that classic syndrome where his love for scientific progress and discovery is becoming a dangerous obsession and people lives are second. Alison we see from observing and encountering some of this behavior from him is starting to step away from him, I get the feeling that might have been what made her divorce him and also that the current relationship between them right now may be doomed to fail once more.

    And of course their was that little insight with Carter has he has as dream of kissing Alison, feelings for her obviously. But there was another where he actually saw that flash of memory from Henry, when Henry errased his memory. This of course was a device to set up Carter suspissions over Henry which I think will act as a significance a lot latter.

    I hope that Carter figures it out and soon, because Henry has a lot of bad karma riding on him.moreless
Fulvio Cecere

Fulvio Cecere

Jake Wyatt

Guest Star

Colin Cunningham

Colin Cunningham

Dr. Paul Sueños

Guest Star

Carmen Moore

Carmen Moore

Dr. Karen Childress

Guest Star

Neil Grayston

Neil Grayston


Recurring Role

Adrienne Carter

Adrienne Carter


Recurring Role

Chris Gauthier

Chris Gauthier


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    • S.A.R.A.H.: Sometimes I think [Zoe] says these things just to hurt me.
      Carter: No, I say things just to hurt you. She's just a teenager.

    • Henry: Hey, Jack. How are you feeling?
      Carter: Like I had a total body enema.
      Henry: Thank you for that very vivid image.

    • Allison: What's that sound?
      Carter: Well, either someone's doing construction or, uh, you got a pest problem. (finds Stark running a drill) Yeah, definitely a pest problem.

    • S.A.R.A.H.: I detect that you're upset, Sheriff, but alcohol isn't the answer.
      Carter: No, I'm not, and yes, it is.

    • Carter: Um, where do you sleep?
      Vincent: Upstairs in the loft. I like to be close in case I get the midnight urge to baste something.

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    • Allison: Well, is there any evidence that dying in your dream can cause your death in real life?
      Dr. Suenos: In bad Hollywood horror movies maybe, but in reality, absolutely not.
      The bad Hollywood horror movie to which the doctor refers is the 1984 Joseph Ruben film Dreamscape. starring Dennis Quaid. The premise was that psychics could enter the dreams of others in order to help them. It took a sinister turn when the idea that a person dying in a dream would die in real life wound up being true.

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