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Season 2 Episode 6

Noche de Sueños

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 14, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Dreamscape

    This episode was both fun and insightful. Two of the funniest moments for me had to been when Carter had the first dream where it's that common nightmare when Carter is walking around town naked but it's even more hillarous and embarassing for Carter when of course that dream crossed with both his daughter and his deputy Jo, they seem to remember it. Another had to of been with Fargo when of course he dreams that his boss Stark is the bad guy and Jo is the seniorita in distress (I'll admit Jo does look good in a dress), and then Fargo turns out to be the Zorro hero and beats Stark in a swordfight which he actaually does supprisingly well.

    But the episode most of all was insightful, because it was by reality a Alison and Nathan centered episode. We see that both of them have agreed to use a certain machine to help understand what is happening with their son. However we see like with a lot of things there is a price to be paid, the machine somehow has put a lot of peoples lives in danger. Alison despite wanting to help her son, also wants to back off so that lives aren't endangered. However Nathan wants to continue despite the risks. It tells us something about both characters, we see Nathan suffers probably that classic syndrome where his love for scientific progress and discovery is becoming a dangerous obsession and people lives are second. Alison we see from observing and encountering some of this behavior from him is starting to step away from him, I get the feeling that might have been what made her divorce him and also that the current relationship between them right now may be doomed to fail once more.

    And of course their was that little insight with Carter has he has as dream of kissing Alison, feelings for her obviously. But there was another where he actually saw that flash of memory from Henry, when Henry errased his memory. This of course was a device to set up Carter suspissions over Henry which I think will act as a significance a lot latter.

    I hope that Carter figures it out and soon, because Henry has a lot of bad karma riding on him.
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