Season 4 Episode 16

Of Mites and Men

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 15, 2011 on Syfy



  • Quotes

    • Allison: (to Senator Wen) With all due respect, I believe that I should be reinstated.
      Senator Wen: Allison. Your last MRI still showed slight variation from your pre-incident state.
      Allison: Yes, but still within the parameters of normal brain activity.
      Senator Wen: Why the rush?
      Allison: Because I'm fine. I've had multiple brain scans. My motor skills are perfectly fine.
      Senator Wen: You didn't answer my question: why the rush?
      Allison: Then I don't understand.
      Senator Wen: I think I do. To have your mind taken over; the violation, the loss of control. If it were me, I'd want my normal life back as soon as possible. I'd need it back.
      Allison: Yes, exactly.
      Senator Wen: So what I need to ask you is, are you absolutely sure that you're 100% back to normal? Or do you just need to be?