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Season 1 Episode 12

Once in a Lifetime

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 03, 2006 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

Following an experiment on the artifact, Eureka warps to 2010. However, temporal anomalies begin to cause problems for Eureka, which leads to a shocking revelation.

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  • A great yet bittersweet episode. Jack and Allison begin to make a life together but when Henry corrects a dangerous timeline split, things return to "normal".

    A great episode. However I was so disappointed when the timeline was "restored" and all that happened between Jack and Allison was forgotten. I almost knew it was too good to be true but I wished they could have kept the alternate timeline a reality for a while longer. Another thing that struck me was how particularly devious and conniving Henry was here and how annoyingly predictable Jack's reactions were to it all. Surely Jack's character is supposed to be somewhat dense but after the hundredth time of being duped by Henry, it started to wear thin. Before Jack could find out the truth, Henry restores the timeline and afterwards, Jack continues to play cat and mouse with Henry before finally finding out the truth some episodes later. Quite bittersweet and somewhat anti-climactic but one of my favorite episodes.moreless
  • This is definately a classic episode.

    This is such a great episode. I still watch it a lot. There is such chemistry between Jack and Allison. (Why wasn't Kevin in the family scene at the beginning? Zoe was.) It was nice to see how it could turn out. The relationship between Jo and Jim is kinda eeww, tho. Actually, it's eeeww! (Every time I see Matt Frewer in a show I swear the show doesn't last. Hopefully, he doesn't jinx thisone.) It's kind of nice seeing a "happy ending" even if, in the end, how you want things to turn out isn't how it does end up.moreless
  • What a concept. Very moving.

    This is a great episode. There are so many things that are hard to pick out. Seeing the relationships of the future and then the past. It made me really really want to see what happens next how he could go back. Personnally, I am still hoping that will be dealt in more detail in the future. I especially liked seeing the "dumb" girl graduate as valedictorian.

    It was also heart-breakign, the decision that had to be made to save the world. You could see the pain that Henry was in and that Jack was also in - all in all a really great episode.moreless
  • Series final and a spectacular one at that. Dealing with future and past with a slight feel of alternate reality.

    Just what we all waited for from this show. Its 2010 and we come to a graduation and happy town. Carter is married, Henry is in love, Zoe isn't in juvi, and joe finally lets her hair down. We get the emotional aspect with the graduation and the fact that carter married allison with a new baby on the way. Henry is in love with Kim and he is also head of Eureka (more or less).

    Stark is gone!

    and Joe and Taggart are finally a couple.

    Of course no life can be perfect so we find that because Henry kinda saved Kim from her death four years earlier (because of an experiment of Stark's with the artifact) the two time lines we beginning to merge. Its pretty much heroic how after Carter figures this all out gives up his life with allison and everything else to go back and stop Henry from saving Kim. Now Carter has memories of the next four years and must live with the past all over again. Fabulous ending, my review doesn't give it justice. Can't wait to see what's next for Season 2 but we can tell it's gonna be amazing! It, hopefully, will be even better than the first!moreless
  • A very desperate Stark wants a sample of the artifact to study, so he enlists one of his scientists to do just that. What happens as a result of his obsession changes the town of Eureka.moreless

    This episode promised to be special in the clips and commercials leading up to its showing. I must say that it was pretty special.

    Once again, Nathan Stark is obsessing over the artifact, and this time he pulls Kim into the picture. At the beginning of the episode, she is endeavoring to retrieve a sample from the artifact to determine just what the dang thing is. The artifact, a round sphere with bright lights, releases a powerful blast. In the next instance, the town of Eureka is thrust forward 4 years. What we see in 4 years time is that the artifact has made the dreams of the citizens of Eureka come true.

    I absoulutely love this premise! It is from this point that we see Carter and Allison being a loving, but expecting husband and wife, Zoe/valedictorian, Henry/Kim married, and Jo/Taggert a couple. The only problem is that the original time line is interfering with the new, improved artifact created timeline. The usual squad must solve this problem. In the end, Jack goes back in time...with his mind.. to solve the problem. As a fan of the show, I loved that the writers gave us glimpses of what could be at the end of the first season. I am still rooting for the Jack and Allison love connection. The ending of the episode was sweet because we find that Jack still retains memories of his future self. Will Jack benefit from that knowledge of his time spent as man and wife with Allison? Only second season will tell us. One troublesome spot for me was the Henry discovery later in the episode. Henry makes a decision to save Kim that will in effect kill a lot of people, possibly the world, and he tells her that he would gladly do it again just to save her. I had problems digesting that bit. What does it say for Henry's character? On the flip side, Jack leaves his love, and he goes back in time to save mankind. I reverted back to my Mr. Spock logic. The good of the many outweighs the good of the few or the one. Mr. Spock as a Vulcan forgot about the blinding effects of love and the influence it has to manifest itself in different ways with different humans.

    One last thing about the episode was the time travel bit. By the way, I loved seeing Walter's tachyon gizmo again. One thing that made me giggle, because it was kinda silly to me, was that concept of sending your mind back in time. I don't get it ... to coin Tom Hanks'character in Big.

    How? What? Why? When? I know the artifact is old, but how can.....? Nevermind, don't attempt to understand it. Just enjoy the episode because after all, it is only once in a lifetime.moreless
Aaron Isaacs

Aaron Isaacs

Walter Perkins

Guest Star

Bryan Wilson

Bryan Wilson

Baker Twin #1

Guest Star

Keith Wilson

Keith Wilson

Baker Twin #2

Guest Star

Tamlyn Tomita

Tamlyn Tomita

Kim Anderson

Recurring Role

Chris Gauthier

Chris Gauthier


Recurring Role

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    • Zoe: (during her graduation speech) When I first came to Eureka four years ago I was in the back of a police car and luckily for me my father was driving and, being a man, refused to stop and ask for directions, or we may have actually reached our destination.

    • Zoe: (during her graduation speech) Thank you for making me and my dad a part of your family. I promise to do my share of the chores, and I'll try not to blow up the world if you don't.

    • Walter: Susan was pretty understanding about the whole cloning her thing, but no woman wants to be married to a 16-year-old.
      Carter: Well, it's a tad creepy… not to mention illegal.

    • Walter: Besides, part of my sentence is no technology above a class 2 rating. Hell , I had to file for special dispensation just to get that Xbox. It's only a 360.

    • S.A.R.A.H.: It's time to get up. Today's a big day.
      Carter: Every day's a big day. I just, I need 10 minutes to face it.

    • Carter: You're huge!
      Alison: That's nice, very supportive.
      Carter: Gonna have to build a new wing on the bunker. Do twins run in your family?
      Allison: Does male pattern baldness run in yours?

    • Carter: If she can put the pieces together then we can reconstruct our John Doe on a cellular level. (Deacon and Allison look at him strangely) What? I learn things!

    • Carter: Which means you died four years ago?
      Kim: Apparently.

    • Deacon: I lost you the first time to Jason, but we got a second chance. I couldn't let you go.

    • Stark: So let me get this straight. I got fired for cutting corners on the artifact and Henry gets to play with the space/time continuum?
      Carter: We didn't know what he was doing until after he did it.
      Stark: You realize that was a rhetorical question?
      Carter: I... I do, now.

    • Carter: Allison Blake.
      Allison: Jack Carter. What's up?
      Carter: Oh, my blood pressure...
      Allison: (laughs) Ah, it's the suit, isn't it?
      Carter: Nah, it's Nathan Stark. He's trying to dodge jury duty by claiming "scientific immunity".
      Allison: Sounds like Nathan.

    • Fargo: How much longer? I have to get going.
      Kim: Why? Got a hot date?
      Fargo: I date.
      Kim: OK.
      Fargo: I do.
      Kim: I believe you.
      Fargo: No, I don't.
      Kim: I know.

    • Allison: Aren't you even a little afraid to lose me? To lose us?
      Carter: Listen to me. There is no time, no space, no way that we don't end up together.

    • Jo: I don't like this.
      Carter: What's the matter, Jo? Scared of a little trans-dimensional radiation?

    • Allison: Be careful.
      Carter: It's hard to be carefuller. (receives strange looks) What?! I know it's not a word!

    • Carter: (about his new sheriff's car) I know this isn't environmentally correct, but I really miss my old Jeep.
      Allison: Well, next time you won't ignore the "tornado crossing" sign.

    • Zoe: You're coming to the party, right?
      Taggart: With bells on.
      Zoe: Not just bells though, right?

    • Zoe: S.A.R.A.H., wheat grass, please. Dad, I really think you should cut down on the caffeine.
      Carter: I'll stop drinking caffeine when you stop drinking the lawn.

    • (Allison misses some of the features of her previous home.)
      Carter: But your house won't spiral into depression if you move out.
      Allison: True.
      S.A.R.A.H.: I heard that, Jack.

    • Allison: C'mon... I'll let you buy me a cup of coffee.
      Carter: It's free.
      Allison: Oh! Well in that case... I'll buy.

    • Jo: Isn't this Carter, Carter thing getting a little old?
      Carter and Allison: No!

    • (In reference to Jack going into the tachyon accelerator)
      Henry: Nathan, I'm gonna leave this in your hands.
      Carter: Can't say I'm loving that plan.

    • (Allison and Jack observe a dissection.)
      Allison: I'm craving red meat.
      Carter: That's just wrong.
      Allison: Beef Jerky.
      Carter: Okay, seriously, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

    • Carter: The college thing is going to be easier, right?
      Allison: No, just more expensive.

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