Season 3 Episode 6

Phased and Confused

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 09, 2008 on Syfy

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  • Eureka is always a fun ride. A little bit too much comic relief on this one, but overall it was ok.

    I disliked Lexi's presence on "Phased and Confused". First, they used her for comic relief situations all through the episode - with all the guys acting so silly and drooling all over her 24/7. I just could not buy that, she's too different from eureka's people. And also, they made up this whole minor family fight, but wanted it to look like a major drama, it seemed like a forced, fake thing to me (you know, the whole "i'm her father" fuss which took so long).
    Lexi's arrival was just fine at first, but today she seemed out of place in the series, and i guess she got too much screentime for a side character that add absolutely nothing to the story. Hopefully they'll give her less storylines anytime soon.

    Well, now about "Captain Eureka": i actually liked that! It was a great kick, I can picture some of Eureka excentric, nutty, nerdie geniuses actually doing that. It's a urban cliche that today's young computer geeks, science-freaks and suchlikes are also huge Comic book fans. And some of them never grow up. So, being in Eureka, i can't see why one wouldn't play super-hero. It looked more like a homage to the theme, to me. (Ok, the only thing i didn't like, was the excuse for the super-hero to surge: Lexi, again...)

    I liked everything else overall, specially Carter confronting the boss in the end (they should have given more to this storyline), and also Zoe's scenes with her friends. Zoe proved to be smarter than her intelligent-but-not-that-much classmates probably assumed. The sci-fi part was ok and deserved a little more than it was given. Fargo's retro-auricular phone device was cool and really made me laugh: "Oh, it just has a problem when it dials names with A's and Z's!". It should have taken them more effort to find the "cure" for the phasing side-effects, it was too prompt and ready and suddenly everyone was happy... you know what i mean? Just a little more drama to give a little more thrill.