Season 3 Episode 6

Phased and Confused

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 09, 2008 on Syfy

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  • First off, I really like Eureka. I love the possibilities, the quirks. What I absolutely HATE is lazy writing.

    My problem with this episode is not the superhero, or the gadgets, or whatever may be the genre reasons not to like it. My problem is the repeated twit-brained writing of the episode. NOT the one-in-a-million things, but the complete lack of simple, solid believable writing. We can start with the entry of Thorne and Zane into the old facility. NO ONE is with them even though leter armed guards stand ready. They don't cover all the entrances, scan for whatever... (Yes, you could argue later there was no choice but it's not set up that way - Thorne works freely around the guard). Then, the same thing is repeated by fantastically bright children, later again with pressing the button in the control room. Only Dee-Dee from Dexter's laboratory should be that stupid, not the third brighest kid in the world. "I'm really sorry" was the save. Great. However, the biggest problem is with the phasing. The theory is fine, far fetched? No problem. Howewer, both our protagonists phased every part of their bodies - except legs. Both should have simply dropped through the earth and stopped somewhere, end of story. And I get, it, it wouldn't make a show, but that is what's called lazy writing; we can't solve a problem so we'll just pretend the problem never existed. Whereas I believe most episods in this show are well written and deserve a lot higher mark, this one was absolutely a miss. Hopefully, the writer(s) had an off-day.