Season 2 Episode 1

Phoenix Rising

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 10, 2007 on Syfy

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  • i can not beleive he did that!!!

    pretty good start to the second season. i felt so horrible for carter the entire time! he kept confuseing the times and then alison wouldnt get with him cuz of the burning thing and now it seems as if she wants to get back with her ex-husband, poor carter. i didnt like them together but i like it even less with him remembering cuz he knew what he was loseing. im sad joe decided not to like he crazy guy(forgot his name) they were so cute together. and henry, he is now offally off his rocker!!! and i didnt think he was capable of murder but now im not so sure. he erased carters memory but kept his going on. at first i was glad you know 'hey now they can both move on!' never occured to me till the last second before he picked up the hammer that he wasnt going to do it. he also blames carter and that is dangerous! now he wants to work at the place(cant remember what it is called) i cant beleive him, did he learn nothing?!?!?! guess not. and very interesting about who that lady is working for...did we know that before? i cant remember. but the energy is now in the little boy. i cant wait to see what will happen!
  • Oh Henry!

    Jack and Henry try and get their lives back to normal after being returned their normal timeline. Only one problem, Henry is mad at Jack for stopping him. Meanwhile anyone that was close to the artifact the day the experiment was run are dying and now only Stark is left. After saving Stark and realizing what happened in the other timeline may never come true Jack goes to see Henry. Henry tells Jack they need to erase their memories of the other timeline. Before Jack can answer Henry uses it on Jack and then breaks it so he can never forget. One thing is for sure, the writers have set up a great plot for season two in this episode. I did not see it coming but could Henry turn into the "bad guy"? I am going to catch up and find out, I recommend you do the same.
  • Great episode, i am so happy they brought this back for a 2nd season!

    I was happy when they announced that Eureka was coming back for a 2nd season! i loved the first one! great stories, great characters and funny!

    We follow on a month after the season 1 finale, Jack still has the memories of the 4 years he lived in the past, and the time he spent with Allison and the baby they were supposed to ave together, all of this was to stop Henry from saving his wife!, Henry still hates Jack for doing this, but he knows he done the right thing, but still hates him deep down for doing it!

    But at the same time, Jack has the memories, but to Allison nothing has happened as she does not know about it, so we see Jack pining over Allison, he even remembers the day they were supposed to go on their first date as Nathan was supposed to be moving away for a new job, but because Jack stopped Henry from saving his wife, all of the things that Jack remembers do not come true, some of them do, little things, but because time has been changed, Nathan does not move away and Jack never gets his first date.

    In this episode we see an solar eclipse, and Taggart is telling everyone to watch it as he belives the Phoenix will rise from the flames.

    Just as this happens someone bursts onto flames, well more like spontaniously combusts.

    2 more people do this and everyone apart from Jack believes it is because of the exlipse and is linked to the rising phoenix that taggart is talking about.

    But infact it is because all of the people who are dying were present or in the next room from section 5 when the artifact explodes, they have been exposed to high levels of radiation and the heat from the solar eclipse reacts to the radiation and makes them explode into flames.

    They figure out that Nathan was the only one present in the room in section 5 who has not died yet.

    They manage to save Nathan with shock therapy to his brain, stopping the reaction.

    Good episode, and a good start to the season!
  • how happy am i the series is back very :)

    oh my good ness i cant beleive all that happened during this episode and the tension between jack andhenry i get the feeling that henry may be turning bad after losing kim i mean all that time with the simulation, then wiping jacks memory so that he does nt even know about the future but not wiping his own so he can still rember yelling i will never forget totally chilling

    i cant beleive stark was fired over the artifact malarky and that kim got hisjob totally shocked kevin may seem to have a link to the artifact now as the artifact is now dead and he did some playdough model of it very freaky
  • Brought me back.

    I had stopped watching Eureka about halfway through the first season. The visual effects of the show were excellent, but the airing quality of the Sci Fi channel is awful. Shows like these are best watched as hdtv or dvd quality.

    Lack of TV shows during the summer made me pick this up again. I still love every second of it. This episode was nothing special. Tying up loose ends is all it did, in a way that all of us could have seen coming from miles away.

    The phoenix aspect was original though. Very Eureka-like. Too bad the show didn't really reintroduce all the main characters of the show, a first episode of a new season is always a great way of refreshing everyones mind, instead of showing us some halfbaked excuse. Still fun though, don't get me wrong!
  • Brilliant, Quippy, Dynamic

    Yet another brilliant episodes from the Creators of Eureka. Excellent flashback to the season finale, to bring us back up to date. I was shocked that Stark was fired, and Allison is taking up the direction of GD. This will make for lovely new dynamics in the cast though. All in all, I think we have a brilliant start to the season. I can't wait to see what happens next. There were a few things that happened that I continue to dwell on though. I couldn't decide whether it looked as though Kevin was excited about what he had created or scared of it. It seemed to me he was nearly frightened of the replica of the 'artifact' rather than pleased at his accomplishment. I agree with those in favor of the idea that somehow Kevin will be able to 'communicate' with the artifact, and that'll make for a very interesting season. Perhaps an influx of fun new otherworldly gadget and widgits ... and whatnot. I'm really looking forward to the season!!!
    This premier did not disappoint at all. I absolutely love Carter's quippy lines. Brilliant!
  • Jack and Henry try and cope with the restoring of the timeline.

    I loved this episode of Eureka. The ending of the episode really took me by surprise and I think we are going to have to keep a close eye on Henry as the season progresses. I really hope Henry doesn't do anything stupid because I think he is an awesome character but we'll have to see. For the episode itself there was a lot of interesting things going on. I do like that they have expanded on the mythology and mystery of the artifact more in this episode and I can't wait to see what else happens with it. I was really hoping that there was going to be an actual Phoenix or something but I did like the science behind what was happening to everyone.
  • They wrote in some conclusions to the changes in characters and plot made by the season finally.

    While I think it's great that they continue to develop Henry, probably my favorite character, they are quickly moving away from his original purpose on the show. At first, he was the personable translator between the not so scientific sheriff and the super geniuses. Now, they’re making him a darker, more introspective character. That’s cool, he’ll make a great antagonist, but it bums me out.

    I did think it was clever that they went through the entire episode showing how their knowledge of the future kept getting skewed further from reality. It makes the resolution a little easier to take.

    Finally, I’m a big fan of season running mysteries inside a serial show. I like this secret conspiracy stuff and the secret artifact stuff, but I feel like I’ve seen 13 hours of this show and still don’t really know anything. I know I can’t have my mystery and my answers too, but I crave more progress.
  • Is Henry an A$$ for doing what he did?

    Episode 1 season 2 review!!

    This is a pivitol episode to start the season....IMO. What do you think??? We need to see more of Alison and Lupo!!..

    This could be the best show on SciFi as of late. I love this show!!! How do you rate it?

    I think this could be the show tha surpases all the great SciFi show...except X-Files or Dark Angel(which I miss so much) Your thoughts please.
  • Jack and Henry try and cope...

    This is totally a cool episode, it appears that everyone that was involved with the time shift has knowledge of what is going on. Henry blames Jack for his girlfriend being dead, but admits that Jack is his best friend. However, he uses the memory erase on Jack but then destroys it after Jack leaves. Swearing he would never forget.

    I think Allison remembers, however, she wont admit it, I know for a fact that Stark remembers but he is hush about it as well. We all know of course that Hunter guy and the chick cop know of each other. But shes over it after Zoe breaks it down shot gun style.

    In the end, I would hate to see what kind of person Henry is going to turn into when he gets to Global Dynamics. I wonder if he will continue to block Carter from Allison since Carter caused his girlfriends death.

    We shall see in the weeks to come...
  • Good start to the new season. Henry should go to the Dark side. Henry’s reasons are understandable, but flawed...recipe for good character development & story line.

    1-The show needs a new antagonist. I like the direction they're going with Henry's character and if he goes to the dark side then it'll make the show very interesting to watch. Henry should blame Stark and not the Sheriff for Kim’s death. 2-Who cares if the sheriff doesn't get the girl, they've been teasing us with it all of season 1, and it shouldn't come as a surprise if Stark gets the girl (hello, they were married at one time). 3-I'm getting tired of this whole conspiracy side story. They need to speed up the story line or I'll lose interest...quick.
  • Carter and Henry have to get used to again to the proper timeline and are having difficulties doings this.

    What a great season 2 opener. Some storylines from season 1 are wrapped up nicely, I thought it was great that they didn't do a time jump but continued directly from where season 1 ended. The alternative history is still referenced a lot in this episode and confuses Carter.

    Henry seems to be dealing with the loss of Kim in an unhealthy way and it seems to motivate him to do things, like going to work for Global Dynamics, that would have been impossible in season 1. It will be very interesting to see how this develops further.

    Ally's son Kevin is now somehow connected to the artifact, maybe he's absorbed some of its energy?? It's still not known why he was taken there in the first place. Intriguing.

    I hope Zoey as well as Fargo get a bit more screen time in the upcoming episodes.

    Excellent start to season 2!
  • I am so excited that Eureka is back, loved tonights episode it was a very good transition from last seasons ending. I do feel sad that they are turning Henry into some what of the bad guy and Stark who might be the good guy.

    I hope that they don't go that way because I like his character. I'm glad that Carter wont remember what is suppose to happen because it will him a chance to get Allison without know what is suppose to happen. What if Henry has something bad up his sleeve and will try and get back at Carter for stopping him. They have so many open doors. We also saw tonight that Allison's son is now some how connected to the artifact. I hope that they find out what Beverley is up to before it is too late.
  • Good season opener. Characters start to fully develop more than what you first think they would become from the first season.

    I liked how the episode proceeded to develop the characters off of their alternate timeline selves. The artifact is a little more revealed in the episode. Zoe wasn't really in this episode except for about three minutes which seemed to be there just for more dialog and to show how Carter is having trouble adjusting the way things are in the current timeline. Henry also shows how he is saddened by the current timeline with his love, Kim, now dead because of Carter stopping him from saving her from the artifact's blast. More questions are brought up about Allison's son Kevin.