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Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 18, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Pilot was a disappointment

    I was really hoping to like this show. The science and sci-fi genres are two of my favorites. This show's premise definitely intrigued me enough to try it. It also has some nice special effects, but I need more than that to become a regular.

    The writing was often just plain silly. It reminded me of something I might have written myself when I was 11 or 12 years old, when I didn't really know how adults act in real life. After watching a long two-episode pilot, I felt like I should care about at least SOME of the characters. I didn't.

    I still love the premise of the show, and that might entice me to watch a few more episodes and see if it improves.
  • *** Spoiler-free *** Irresistible and intriguing characters, funny and creative universe, awesome visuals and entertaining story

    With the incoming fourth season I thought it was the right time to watch Eureka's pilot again. I remember the first time I did it because it was one of the most surprising and joyful TV experience I ever had. But the best part is that I'm convinced it should have the same positive impact on most viewers. Indeed there's just something irresistible about it.

    One of its strongest asset is probably its characters. Colin Ferguson is excellent as Marshal Jack Carter and his cop next door look makes him even more likable. From his authentic behavior to the acting I can't imagine someone wouldn't appreciate him. Let's also not forget his rebelious daughter that could be annoying if her attitude wasn't perfectly balanced by her cool father's one. I even found their relationship quite inspiring. As for the other characters we have scientists, genius kids, gorgeous babes… The panel is large and made the show universe even more twisted. Salli Richardson is Allison Blake, a Doctor and Agent. I found her first appearance quite charming because I had never seen her before. Moreover her character is smart and has a lot of charisma. The chemistry with Ferguson was also great so the romantic tension between them was very exciting. A new fictional duo was born ! There's also Deputy Jo, divinely played by Erica Cerra. She's definitely not your usual babe because beneath the beautiful veil she probably sees herself as the bride of Rambo, something like that. Both funny and bold you should instantly fall in love with her. Like if it wasn't enough Debrah Farentino portrays Beverly Barlowe, a mysterious and stunning psychotherapist. Full of secrets she's the character I found the most intriguing. As attractive as a black widow she's the spider you would follow in her lair without blinking. But she's not the only one who has secrets so I'll let you pick your favorite. Last but not least a crazy dog hunter reminded me of Christopher Lloyd as Doc in Back to the Future !

    Living freaks would be lost without a proper environment to evolve. It's exactly the purpose of our little town Eureka. And they all lived happily ever after, or not. The show is science-fiction with a twist. Don't expect its story to change the world but it should definitely entertain and make you laugh out loud. Indeed it's really funny and I couldn't resist most of the jokes. Carter smoothed the immersion process considering he's as lost as us. It really felt like if we were part of his surreal adventure in some sort of alternative world where tradition peacefully lives with futuristic science. Such a contrast made the gadgets and other theories even more appealing. Add that it's tuned by one of the most catchy music theme and you get a show that is hard to resist. The visuals are also colorful and the sets well designed. As for the effects they're just awesome and should definitely appeal the geek in all of us. Quantic reactor ? Wicked machines ? Cowflake ? Eureka is so creative and refreshing that it's impossible to list all its ideas unless you have seen its pilot a hundred times. In fact it was like a standalone film and I think all pilots should be as long.

    To sum things up if you haven't seen Eureka yet then you should definitely add its pilot to your watch list. Do we have a must see ? Yes we do !
  • A great start to what's slowly becoming one of the best sci-fi shows out there.

    The show starts out slow and builds you in. It just doens't throw you into the action and expect you to follow along. I especially love the 'dumming it down' for the science explinations. If they had that in my High School I might have actually enjoyed it a lot more. The writers have made us interested in the characters while not always giving everything away at once.
    I also like that once the show was picked up somethings changed. I didn't like the character of Dr. King. He seemed out of place. It also nice that GD was given a face lift too in future episodes this layout made it look more like a crash test dummy testing facility then a state of the art science lab.
  • A great start

    Great pilot to an entertaining series. The acting and the writing in this show are really great. It goes without saying that the special affects are amazing.

    The one thing that seemed to be an unexplained was right near the beginning. When the Marshal and precocious hellion he is escorting cross country, they pass a car.

    The miscreant is surprised to see herself waving at her from the other car, and the same Marshall driving the other car as is driving her car!

    The one thing that one learns right off the bat about this town is that tragedy happens quickly, without any warning - and they are used to it.

    That, and of course, they are neck deep in miracles.
  • So So!

    I have watched pilot episodes that I thought were outstanding and I have watched some I could not even finish. This one fell in between somewhere. Definitely not the worst I have ever seen but nowhere near the best either. I like the character of Jack but found it a little out of the ordinary that he cannot really defend himself against anything. He wrecks the car because of a dog in the road. He then gets out of the car and falls off a small cliff, gets beat up by a female officer and gets shot by Taggart. I hope he toughens up as this series goes along. I really hope Taggart's character becomes more involved in the upcoming episodes as he was my favorite in the pilot. I do like the plot as I think you can come up with a lot of things to keep writing about. While I thought the pilot was average I think this show has potential and will at least watch the first season as I bought it on DVD.
  • Wow, what a first episode!

    A great start for Eureka. The commercials caught my interest, but before watching the show I wasn't really that big of a Sci-Fi fan. I figured I would give the show a shot - hey, it would only be an hour of my life wasted if I didn't like it - and Wow! I love this show! An excellent first episode - not too much science to baffle new viewers, but plenty to keep a viewer curious and in my case to get my completely hooked! I have watched many episodes of Eureka since watching this one, but I will never forget how much I loved this first episode!
  • Wow, Sci-fi does it again.

    So, the pulled me in with Battlestar Galactica and then I start hearing about this other show Eureka. I've finally gotten around to checking out the Pilot and here I go again, staying up all night to watch the whole season on TIVO. It's quirky, and nothing is what it seems. I might even detect some Ayn Rand in the creation of Eureka. The sci-fi aspect is not a huge factor, much like BSG it's character/ story driven and not effects driven. I'm hoping the series remains up to the standards of the pilot. Although the dad/ daughter thing might get a little tiresome if it keeps up.
  • Great start to an especially entertaining series.

    The acting and the writing in this show are really great. It goes without saying that the special affects are amazing.

    The one thing that seemed to be an unexplained was right near the beginning. When the Marshal and precocious hellion he is escorting cross country, they pass a car.

    The miscreant is surprised to see herself waving at her from the other car, and the same Marshall driving the other car as is driving her car!

    The one thing that one learns right off the bat about this town is that tragedy happens quickly, without any warning - and they are used to it.

    That, and of course, they are neck deep in miracles.
  • The Pilot episode for a great new series.

    All in all, this pilot turned out really good. I kept seeing previews to this show and was satisfied with it when it finally aired. Though not my favorite series, it still was good and I was happy with it. The actors were really good and the script was well done. Overall, I give this Pilot episode a 9.5 out of a 10!!
  • A new series begins...

    "I'm from L.A., nothing shocks me. (Looks at Warren's assistant playing with Kendo stick)...well, almost nothing."

    Eureka (or A Town Called Eureka according to Sky One).
    A pretty slow start speeds up with insane goings on and some well conceived comedy. The special effects are definitely up to scratch with the expectations of today's audience, and the music's really cool. Promising Pilot overall.
  • Episode: 101 (Pilot) Written: Andrew Cosby & Jaime Paglia Directed: Peter O'Fallon Special Guest Star: Greg Germann

    U.S. Marshal Jack Carter is transporting a high-priority fugitive — his runaway teenage daughter Zoe — back to Los Angeles. Unfortunately, he's also lost on a lonely back road. When he accidentally wrecks the car, father and daughter find themselves stranded in an odd little town called Eureka, where the children are geniuses and the car mechanics are former NASA engineers.
    As he waits for his car to be fixed, Jack gets caught up in an urgent search for a missing local child, Brian Perkins. The boy has just disappeared in a freak accident — a very freak accident: he's apparently been swallowed by a mysterious vortex that burned off the back half of his parents' R.V. Although Eureka's world-weary sheriff, Bill Cobb; his deputy, Jo Lupo; and even an agent from the Department of Defense, Allison Blake, warn Jack to back off, he refuses to quit. Soon, by spotting clues that everyone else has missed, he discovers that the supposedly lost kid is still hiding in the R.V.
    That earns Jack some respect but no more details about what's really going on in this bizarre town. Only after another vortex nearly kills Sheriff Cobb does Blake finally admit that she could use Jack's help. She hands him a book-length nondisclosure agreement and orders him to sign. Then she reveals the town's secret: Eureka was established after World War II as a covert haven for the nation's greatest scientists. Its centerpiece is the Advanced Research Facility, a vast underground structure crammed with exotic projects and dedicated researchers. The only area that Blake won't show Jack is Section 5, where an obsessively clandestine team works on military projects.
    Despite all this brainpower, however, no one will admit to knowing what's causing the devastating vortices, and Jack can't prove his suspicion that Section 5 is involved. That night, yet another vortex rips through the town's diner, killing a man. The crisis is growing steadily worse.
    Jack, Blake and Deputy Jo Lupo trace the origin of the disturbances to the Perkins residence. There, Brian's panicky mother explains that her husband has locked himself in the basement, desperate to fix major problems with a top-secret experiment he's been conducting.
    Jack and Lupo force their way into Dr. Perkins's lab, where they discover a ringed device spitting out arcs of blue energy. It's a prototype tachyon accelerator, built to generate faster-than-light particles. Now out of control, it has apparently killed its creator and yielded a catastrophic side effect: all the laws of physics have begun to corrode. Soon, the town will be one vast vortex, and eventually the whole planet will be ripped apart.
    Although Jack is a stranger to quantum physics — and really just wants to protect his daughter — only he holds the key to solving this cosmic disaster. And, assuming he succeeds, he'll have a job waiting for him: as the new sheriff of the strangest town in the country.
    This pilot episode of the new U.S show, 'Eureka' is a great incite into a unique storyline.
  • A great start

    I've been hearing about this show coming for ages now, and had actually gotten to the point that it was never really going to happen. I was happy to see it finally get on air, and even happier to see that it was very much worth watching.

    I'll be honest with the pilot. I found it kind of slow moving. However, that is to be expected in the first episode of any series, as they have to introduce the characters and the setting and the storyline. But it was still a great view, and definitely made me want more, which should be the goal of any series.

    It's a very quirky sci-fi show, which looks like a hybrid of X-Files and The Twilight Zone and maybe even a little Stranger in a Strange Land, as the character we are probably most likely to connect with is the poor fish out of water who would seem normal to us but strange to everyone around him. Add a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor to all that, and you've got a winner. It's definitely worth checking out.
  • Great show so far!

    Like one person says, this is my new guilty pleasure
    As Jack Carter, a federal marshall comes out to work
    A case and Eureka which is the title of the show
    Is like an X-Files meets Twin Peaks like show. Jack tries
    To help the town though the residents are learly of a stranger out of his league!
  • Eureka is a word associated with the gold strikes of the 19th century. Is this the case here?

    Wow, refreshingly different! I love sci-fi that takes chances with new ideas and directions. Eureka does just that, we have ordinary surroundings that are not so ordinary. The only major draw back is the possibility that the will try to take part of this series down that tired road of soap- operatic-follow-the-bouncing-plot. If they concentrate on good stories about the possibilites associated with such an experimental town full of top level scientists, then we could have gold on our hands. If not, then just another tired Sci-Channel "B" grade endless plot of who's the more villianess, the hero or the villian?
  • Marshall Jack Carter crashes his car and discovers the town of Eureka.

    Not bad for a pilot but very boring at times though. It’s like a big soap opera mixed with scifi. Jack Carter, a U.S. Marshall and his daughter Zoe are out for a drive when they crash. Luckily they’ve crashed near the town of Eureka a town inhabited by scientists. Led by a Professor Warren King, the town seems to dabble in everything. Carter isn’t welcomed with open arms though. There’s a pushy and annoying army chick whose a deputy named Joe. There’s Walter the geeky married man doing some top secret work. Anyways it seems Walter’s gizmo has caused a temporary bilocation or something like that appears to eat away certain environments.

    Well for the special effects they were very done no doubt about it. SciFi when they really want to make a SciFi series to grab your attention they’ll do it. On the minus side however, I didn’t give a damn about the characters none of them. Something about a series where everybody acts all smug is a bit annoying. The writers were smart enough though to expand the Carter character. He finds the missing boy Brian, and everyone sees that Marshall has a lot more to offer. They do warm up to him eventually. There isn’t that much action, the special effects do that but it’s not a straight up action series. Anyways it was ok a little too long but with the two hour time they wanted to introduce the whole story with the committee and characters.
  • I think I may have found a new favorite tv show.

    The Eureka pilot was well written, entertaining, and left me wanting more. I am a fan of SciFi shows and movies which are humorous, quirky, yet intelligent. This is a pleasant change from the stock, evil and dark shows which have been over done.

    The writers of Eureka made the actors believable. The dialog reminded me of the early days of the West Wing. The actors came across convincingly. The show left me thinking this could really be happening, even if some of the details were, well, not entirely possible, ha ha. If you want SciFi which shows creativity and is entertaining, watch Eureka.
  • first episode

    the first hour of the two hour pilot is pretty good. it started alittle slow at first but that is probably because you didnt know what was going on yet. soon after you meet the main charater, jack, who provides good intertainment and thats when i would say the story really starts to pick up. this frist hour had many funny parts like when jack holds out his jacket for Jo to grab it falls on the floor, i laughed so hard when they told him it was on the ground. the reastrant was really cool too.
  • A great beginning of a cool show!

    I cant wait to see the rest of the series and see how this show progresses. I love the beginning when they showed the quote of Einstein, that was pretty cool and how they intertweened it into the plot of the shows formatt. I also like how this cool town was created by Einstein and I myself would love to live their and become a resident. This town sure can accept strange things.
  • Dog Catcher was over the top but rest of the show is awesome.

    I think this is going to be a great series. Its more upbeat, and funny than other shows on SciFi and I think thats what they wanted. I didn\'t like the Dog Catcher, i think that was a bit over the top, and the music could have been better. But all in all I was very please with the show and hope it stays around.
  • Not what i hoped

    Don't get me wrong - this has the potential to be a great show. However, i found the first episode pretty slow and not that gripping, which is what you really need in a first episode. I'm sure that the series will be great, i really like the idea that the show puts forward, but i think the first ep was a little drawn out.
    Here's hoping its onwards and upwards.
  • SciFi really needs to air in HDTV. Really.

    One of the first things that crossed my mind after turning on this episode was how ugly the video quality is. In the age of HDTV and DVD, SciFi is really lacking. Especially when they're the flashy channel with aliens and spaceships and child geniuses, all of which deserve HDTV.

    I've seen people complain that the pilot wasn't a good start for the show. Let me tell you, they're wrong. First of all, Eureka's pilot is like every pilot should be. The length of two episodes, and in addition to the standard introducing of the characters, the excitement of two episodes. Introducing a plot unlike we have ever seen before. Using tachyon particles to end the world, the universe, as we know it. You've got to admit that is pretty original.

    The inhabitants of Eureka are as diverse as those in any other town, and I am sure we are going to meet more unique oddballs in future episodes!

    On a sidenote, the trashy video quality isn't the only thing bugging me. Why did they have to put Zoe in there? Come on, be original, don't go for the "the father that was never there, and his angry daughter" storyline. The father that was never there and his pet monkey would have been more fun.
  • Oh the possibilities!

    While evoking images from various Twilight Zone episodes, t he show quickly turns sci-fi into family drama with light comedy.

    While taking no prisoners, just guests into this little town, Eureka has all the possibilities of the original TZ - just be mindful that the children are not always called upon to save the day - like Wesley in Star Trek: Next Generation, the writers needs to use all the characters that reside in this sleepy town.

    While not a perfect community, attention should be paid to keeping outsiders, just that, outside. From the feel of the first episode, it could last at least a full season and not repeat the same BS stories we have seen 1000 times before.

    The possibilities are truely endless when it comes to a town full of scientist working on different projects, but do not keep the audience in the dark all the time, keep the humour real and the stories almost impossible to believe.
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