Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 12, 2006 on Syfy

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  • A good solid episode...

    this is a good episode but not the best i've seen. i like when they bring all the clones of Stark into the building and turns on music to kill them. i don't really have alot to say about this episode it was just an average one of was quite a humours one but than again most of them are.the season finaLE is coming up in about a month so that should be good. the series is not doing as well with the ratings as it was when it first came out, just like Stargate Atlantis. later. . .
  • A few surprises

    Carter: Ok, weapons, what do you have that can knock 'em out?
    Taggert: The EM burst guns are short range, we'll never get all of them.
    Carter: Do you have anything bigger?
    Taggert: Aside from a nuclear bomb? No.
    Carter: You have a nuclear bomb?
    Taggert: Uh, I didn't say that. Aside from the occasional flashy special effect or funny line, Primal has little to offer.
  • I say unoriginal because if you watch Stargate you'll know that these replicating nanobot thingys are just like Replicators.

    I enjoyed watching the episode, but like I said in my summary, the plot was unoriginal. I don't think they should of done replicating nanos! Couldn't the writers have thought of anything a little bit more original? Or maybe copy an older show or movie instead of copying SG-1?

    I'm sure that it's hard to come up with new plots and after awhile you can't help but copy something from another show, but you would think that they could have put some sort of twist on it so it wouldn't have been quite the same.

    Other than that main thing, I really did like this episode and it kept me interested to the end!!
  • Fairly typical sci fi show.

    I like(ed) Eureka origonally for it\\\'s unique flavor, but it seems it is starting to draw too much character developement too early in the relationships. The cloning wasnt special and the love intrests are for soaps.
    The writers need to focus on what brought viewers to the show in the first place and worry about the love triangle down the road , if it ever makes it that far. Cmon, even Chandler and Monica waited a few seasons before they bumped uglies. The tension is fine, but dont delve too deeply into it too early. Yawner episode but ill stick with it.
  • I felt really bad for Stark..... He still likes her.

    seriously this show rocks. great episode good story, awesome characters, and unexpected plot twists.. This is one the main reasons i watch sci fi. this show has a bright future for those of you who have not taking time our of there day to watch Eureka i suggest doing it.

    Eureka will be around for a while i hope because with episode like this i cant wait to see more.
  • I actually quite enjoyed this somehow!

    This was not a typical episode, but it was enjoyable in the fact that it showed things were happening and people moving on, this is what shows like this are about, development! (by the way, they should have gone through with the divorce!)

    The effects as always were excellent, the nanobots story just made the story quite interesting in the fact that it is a based on real issues and peoples fears of nanotechnology, I love it.

    I am sure there is more excellent episodes to come and I am gonna watch with anticipation, the foundations are there just need some fire in it to make it an excellent show.
  • nano bytes copy themselfs into many starks(i think thats his name)

    this one was kinda boring. it wasent all that funny, and it was just borng. i do like that the hunter guy was in it i liked him. more happen bettween carter and that lady, which i dont really like and i kinda felt bad for her ex husband, i mean i dont really like him but i felt really bad for him...and thats all
  • This seemed like many other sci fi plots, and it wasn't great.

    This episode is a little dissapointning to me. So far I have liked almost all the episodes of Eureka, and although this one was good, it seemed unoriginal. First off, this plot has been used alot in sci fi. The nano's are programed to replicate, and so they start killing things... ya, we've heard it before. I wish they would come up with new things. This was my main problem with this episode. Another thing, however, was how forced the relationship between Carter and Allison seemed. The "forced" them together last episode, and now they did it again. One finally thing that I wanted was for them to return to the artifact, or at least mention it. But I'm not to conserned about that yet, I can wait. They better mention it before the end of the season at least.
  • Horribly dumb, plus they stole the entire story from Michael Crichton's "Prey".

    Yes, thats right, they stole it from Michael Crichton's "Prey", check it out on

    Now, read the description on the back cover, again from :

    "In the Nevada desert, an experiment has gone horribly wrong. A cloud of nanoparticles - micro-robots - has escaped from the laboratory. This cloud is self-sustaining and self-reproducing. It is intelligent and learns from experience. For all practical purposes, it is alive..."

    Now tell me, how is this possible, to air a show with a stolen idea? Not that the book was great by the way, but it was another level of stupidity for another review. Please, the entire show is an insult to intelligence itself, sci-fi should be for smart folks not for retards as this show implies. Cancel it, period
  • poor carter the man has a tough tough job

    A short one this time

    fargo develops an interface to control computers with your mind, Taggert has nanobots (which are small computers) you see?

    the bots use lenny (a tech guy) as raw material and end up doing what's on starks mind (which happens to be to take over the world) soon a whole army of nanobot-starks is marching to the streets of eureka

    The only way to get them to change direction is to make stark think about something else and here comes carters clever idea

    He thinks if he starts making out with allison, that will anger stark and in turn will get the nano starks to come back (and hurt him) so we get dancing, kissing and even som hands on backsides, poor carter the man is so brave

    Starks emotions get the bots to come back and they get destroyed

    the story end somewhat badly for him though as stark and allison end up dancing at the party

    this BTW is the second episode where we get to see Jo in a dress (thank you)
  • 1000 Starks, Carter and Allison sitting in a tree.....(you know the words, sing a long).

    This was a wonderful episode. We saw a tender moment between Taggert and Lo-jack, one thousand Starks (what a nightmare), and Carter kissing (an understatement) Allison in one of the hottest small screen kisses in a long time!

    We got to see all of the core charaters, (Zoe is blond again, and learn about festivals in Eureka. Fargo's brain link was facinating. Could you imagine the benifit to handicapped individuals whan such a link becomes reality. I don't know how you all feel, but when Jo dresses up she realy dresses up! It reminds me of Catherine Bell, by day a frumpy JAG lawyer, By night one hot JAG Lawyer! This show just keeps rolling along.
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