Season 1 Episode 10

Purple Haze

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 19, 2006 on Syfy
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Sheriff Carter and Zoe are the only ones unaffected when Eureka's residents begin to behave strangely, so father and daughter team up to search for the cause.

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  • Funny, funny, funny!

    I can only begin by saying if you were not laughing during this episode then you are not human. This entire episode was one funny line followed by another. When people start acting their exact opposites Jack gets worried. He finds out that only him and Zoe are not effected. They learn that a plant that Seth is growing is producing a pollen that is effecting the towns residents. Jack has to destroy the plants to make things right again. Jack, Taggert, Allison, Jo and the list just goes on were hilarious in this episode. Characters are really taking shape in this series and you can see relationships on the horizon. Will it be Jack and Ally or Jack and Jo? Who know maybe neither. I was not sure whether this show was going to keep my attention but it has all of it now.moreless
  • Once more, a nice execution of classic sci-fi clichés.

    Eureka revolves around recycling cliché. On season one we\'ve had sentient robots, death rays, memory stealing devices and superpower inducing lab accidents. Despite potential to make the show revolve around showing these classic sci-fi conventions through the eyes of the more modern, dysfunctional Carter and Zoe, it was the clever writing and wide-eyed optimism of the concept what took over and made the show a winner from the beginning.

    This episode is no exception. The \"do what you want serum\" is a TV cliché as much as a sci-fi one. It works here not because Zoe or Carter are cynical about it, but because it\'s played straight and very well. The quality of the writing and the comedic timing of all actors is amazing, and it\'s great to find a bright, simple show that manages to stay away from excessive darkness, gore or mystery without being silly or reactionary.

    And, if I may say so, kiddie Jo was incredibly cute. I\'m liking Erica Cerra more and more on this.moreless
  • IMHO, the weakest outing of the season, yet given the strength of every episode so far, even the weakest Eureka bests 90% of what\'s on the tube anymore.

    Let me start with 5 simple words...Please, Henry, don\'t leave us!!!!!

    I love Eureka. I think this is, by far, one of the most intelligent shows on TV. It is well-written and well-acted. The pace of the show is perfect, and it\'s refreshing to see a sci-fi show that knows it\'s important not to take itself too seriously. That being said, I was mildly disappointed with this episode. I did like the dual reference to \"Apocalypse Now\" and \"North By Northwest\" in the opening sequence. And I liked how the scenes made us think that the problem with the town came as a result of the cell tower Henry built. However, when it came time for the reveal, let\'s face it, Carter figured it out way too easily. And as he\'s torching the field, all I can think of is \"wouldn\'t that send more spores/pollen into the air?\" I\'m no scientist, but...

    All things being equal, I\'d still take rather watch a weak episode of Eureka than the best episode of Desperate Housewives or Grey\'s Anatomy.

    And Henry, please don\'t leave us!moreless
  • Now this was fun.....

    Now this is what this show is about, strange fun things that entertain you, I loved this episode, it was not only a refreshing change to the characters but a funny and fun episode.

    My question is, do those plants actually exist and if so I want some hehe.

    The other thing that made me wonder was, when the sheriff had his mask off, why it did not effect him, it was off for a while in his fight and nothing happened, a little flaw there in the story or not enough pollen to take effect?

    Anyway it was good to see Joe having fun and laughing, I just wish there was enough time to hear all the dirty secrets, but its just a tv show ;-)moreless
  • I love this is hilarity defined..when a town full of geniuses are somehow always bailed out by good old fashioned common sense.

    This episode was really funny. I love Jack Carter...he always delivers. The one-liners and writing are on an almost Whedonesque(Joss Whedon) level. I do think it was a shame that Beverly didnt get to finish her tirade because maybe then they would realize she is an evil she-devil.I hope Henry changes his mind he is one of my favorite characters.The arguement between Fargo and Seth had me laughing out loud with the quips they leveled at one another..Long live Eureka..Sci-fi are you paying attention? have a bonafied hit here.moreless
Alan Legros

Alan Legros

Seth Osbourne

Guest Star

Michael Benyaer

Michael Benyaer

Dr. Louis Glazier

Guest Star

Keith Wilson

Keith Wilson

Baker Twin #2

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Chris Gauthier

Chris Gauthier


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Trivia: Seth's hybrid flower is based on the Violacea family of flowers found mostly in the South Pacific. The flowers are night bloomers.

      His hybrid "Necrosomnium" means death sleep, a combination of the Greek word "necros" for death and the Latin word "somnius" for sleep (The Latin word for death would have been "mors/mortis" and the Greek word for sleep "hypnos").

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Fargo: People do not appreciate my role here. I am the grease on the cogs that turn the gears in this machine that is Eureka!

    • Allison: Might have been nice if you'd chained us to a bed last night. (Carter smirks) Stop it.
      Carter: Didn't say anything.

    • Zoe: The school's gone completely out of control. Kids in fights, making out in the hallways, teachers apathetic.
      Carter: So, more like normal school, then.
      Zoe: Exactly.

    • Carter: (to Beverly) People are having a little bit of trouble controlling their impulses, so I'm just gonna save you from yourself.
      Allison: (storming in) You're a dead woman.
      Carter: And her.

    • Carter: (into phone) Hey, uh, Allison, it's Jack. Listen, um, people are acting a little weird and we...well, frankly you're acting a little weird. Um, but, we should really get together and sort this out before it gets any worse.
      Jo: (manhandling Seth into the station) Caught him trying to burn down Fargo's house.
      Carter: (still into phone) Too late.

    • Jo: Hey! You know what we should do tonight? We should go dancing. Sure, you and me, thin blue line, brotha. We could tear it up.
      Carter: Uh, don't take this the wrong way, but, um, have you been drinking?
      Jo: Oooo, drinking! Yeah, we should do that.

    • Fargo: You calling me short?
      Seth: If the corrective shoe fits, tiny.

    • Fargo: (insulting Seth) Biopharmacology's just another word for gardening!

    • Allison: All I know is that there is something inside Section Five that Nathan is obsessed with, something that he thinks will change the world.
      Carter: Of course it's incredibly dangerous.
      Allison: Have you ever known anything to change the world that wasn't?
      Carter: Velcro. (pauses) You're right, not the right time.

    • Jo: You are no fun!
      Carter: You know what would be fun?
      Jo: Ice-skating!
      Carter: Never mind.

    • (Carter finds Taggart naked at the new antenna.)
      Carter: Taggart, you're nude.
      Taggart: Au naturel.
      Carter: May I ask why?
      Taggart: Why not?!

    • (Taggart, after bashing Carter with a shovel in Seth's field.)
      Taggart: Nature one, man nil!

    • Allison: I'm tired of playing den mother around here, you stay, I'll, no, I quit!

    • Carter: If I have to come back, I'm bringing a stun gun and a weed whacker!

    • Seth: I love the smell of pesticide in the morning!

    • Carter: Things are getting a little crazy, I need to pick your brain.
      Henry: Yeah, you and everybody else.
      Carter: Uh, don't follow.
      Henry: I mean, that's all anyone around here does, is feed on me. Global Dynamics, D.O.D., you. I'm intellectual carrion.

    • Allison: Like your problem with Carter is "strictly professional".
      Stark: I hate the way he looks at you.
      Carter: Oh, I don't look at her!
      Stark: Oh, please, like a shark eying chum.
      Allison: Really?

    • Carter: You're coming in for a statement
      Fargo: Aw, man, why me?
      Carter: Well, for starters, you just confessed to trespassing and vandalism.
      Fargo: Everyone always blames me for everything; this is so not fair.
      Carter: I know, life generally isn't. Let's go.

    • Allison: ... I didn't leave you for a job in D.C.
      Stark: ... Back to this. (to Fargo) Wake me when it's over.
      Allison: Ha! Reminds me of the last time we slept together.

  • NOTES (1)

    • International Air Dates
      United Kingdom – 04 October 2006 on Sky One
      Canada – 12 November 2006 on SPACE
      Germany – 05 May 2008 on ProSieben
      Australia – 19 June 2008 on TEN
      Slovakia – 25 February 2009 on Markiza
      Czech Republic – 11 June 2009 on Prima COOL