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  • Bring it back

    Great cast a. Great plot
  • Smart Original Script

    Awesome actors plus smart original script equals a constant entertainment that

    stays the course without external influence from fans or facts! nor the need to win audience by pulling down its pants, brought to you by the same syfy that fed us Stargate atlantis and Battlestar Galactica
  • Actually gets better with time

    I watched the entire series again and enjoyed it at least as much as the first time. I wish they had fixed time but I still enjoyed it immensely. I have to admit I loved the way the double entendres were delivered with a nod and a wink throughout the series.
  • loved it

    Watched this on and truely storyline and I so loved the characters.

    They could have stretched it out for another season

    Why so sy fy always cancel good shows
  • The name says it all. Eureka

    I have watched this show over and over again. More times that any other. I can't believe it's over. It is by far some of the most entertaining television I have ever seen. Who ever canceled this show should lose their job!
  • Come Back

    I wish this show never ended :(
  • What a treat.

    I stumbled upon this show and have watched it non stop ever since. I like scifi and this is fun a little like the original Star Treks. Im glad I have so many more seasons to watch, but sad knowing it's coming to an end. It's very well done. (And oddly enough the person below me posted on my bday. :) )
  • Eureka

    Miss this show so much :) was always fun to watch !
  • stopped watching syfy

    I have stopped watching syfy sice they took off Eureka and other shows. They always end the good ones and keep the crappy ones. Whats up with that ?
  • Great series

    The show had great potentials for more seasons. great writing and great acting. Best moment that really spooked me was the last sheen of the series when father daughter leave the town and they see their self goint to the town. The show ended as it was started. JUST AMAZING. love that show
  • Brilliant show

    A show full of fun, drama, excitement, lots of zany science, and wonderful characters. So disappointed to see the show end. I do hope the cast reunite for a special show one day... and bring back Stark!
  • Great Show

    Was one of the few shows I truly enjoyed. Sad to see it go.
  • Fargo's a reincarnation of Elton John!

    Look at pictures of a young Elton John and you'll see the resemblance (even though Fargo has more hair!).
  • Shame to see it go

    It was a great show and its a shame it had to end. Im sure they can do another Christmas ep every now and then. Try and spot the speical Mythbusters guess in the last episode. (Grant Imahara).
  • A show that made us laugh, made us cry, and everything in between.

    I have high thoughts of this show because over the years it has given me a steady source of emotion release that you can't really say about many other shows. Most shows give you a couple here and there, but Eureka has held true through til the very end.

    The last few seconds of the final episode go to show you how much forethought and planning go into these episodes/shows that really are able to tug on our heart strings. A lot of people are saying oh the show shouldn't be cancelled it should go on, but and this is something I've never said in an invested show, it should not. It has given us the exact right story line, I was worried there towards the end they wouldn't make a way out for it, but they did. It can go on in our hearts and imaginations forever now. Everything that needed to happen, happened. Muddying it up by dragging it out for another season just wouldn't be fair to the cast or the people that loved it.

    So, I would like to say, in the end, this is a tremendous show that you should watch many times over as it will be great to show your kids and your kids kids, to show them how we could dream, how we could live, and love, and laugh.

    Thanks Eureka for making the last 5 years of my life pleasant and goofy.
  • Goodbye Eureka

    Ever since I started watching Eureka I've loved it. It has always been equal parts funny, smart and over-the-top technological drama, and it's the mixture of these elements (plus a little bit of heart) that has made it so fun to watch. I've found it hard to hate any characters on the show. They've always been portrayed well, and for the most part have been done with tongue firmly in cheek. The characters are what made the show so watchable and have held it up through what I would call some weak story writing and desperate attempts to liven things up.

    I would never attempt to disparage Eureka on the whole, because I've enjoyed it over the years, and I'm sure plenty of other people have as well. I can't help but look back, though, and lament the poor decision making that has been employed over the seasons of Eureka. I would start that the first season (and our first foray into time travel which was pulled off to perfection) was in my mind how I will remember Eureka and for me, when it was best. Too many attempts, since then, have been made to escalate the level of danger and weirdness in Eureka that was really unneeded considering how much fun many of the standalone episodes could be. The two timeline shifts have been the real tipping point for me, as it effectively said 'OK, do you remember everything that's happened so far? Well forget it, because it didn't actually happen.' I deplore that sort of trickery from television shows, especially one where the characters and their relationships are so important, and the tactic that you employ is going to damage those relationships, some irreparably. For me there is no real difference as far as the whole television show goes, between Eureka's timeline shifts and Dallas' 'lost season'. The problem is that you always have to second guess yourself whilst watching as to whether what you think the characters are talking about is what they're actually talking about, and other such situations. It always draws a very strong line between those characters involved in the time shift and those not. It's difficult for me to watch Vincent or Zane (for a time) sitting there clueless that everything they know means nothing to the viewers.

    But I did say that I love Eureka. And it's the characters that make it special. Jack, at the heart of the show, has always been the everyman, and he's played his part well. It's never been hard to love Jack, and his bewildered looks and simplified speeches about 'death lasers' and the like. Truly embodying the unlikely hero of an uber-smart community, he's never short of bravery for entering a perilous situation that he doesn't even understand. I've had a problem, though, with his relationship with Alison since the untimely death of Nathan Stark. It struck me then, that their relationship from that point, which was obviously going to happen, would always have an asterisk next to it, especially considering she was pregnant with Nathan's baby at the time. Not to take anything away from their interactions with each other, which have always shown their strong bond, but it seemed to take some sort of legitimacy out of it. Despite it ruining their relationship, though, I found Nathan's death to be a truly beautiful part of this show. Nathan was always one of my favourite characters, and his banter with Jack was always entertaining. I thought the way he sacrificed himself was brilliant, and really underlined the point that he was, despite all appearances, a really good guy. I always saw that he and Carter had a lot of mutual respect, and when he left, there was truly a hole where Jack's foil should have been. Of the other characters I think that they were all very well written and formed the community perfectly. Henry, perhaps the most intelligent of all of Eureka's residents, but always with his feet firmly on the ground, was a perfect role for friend of Carter and reluctant saviour at seemingly every turn. I feel that Henry took more hardship during the course of the show than anyone else, and for that he will be remembered more sympathetically than anything else. Jo, who always played the tomboy and reluctant-to-feel deputy to perfection, was a rock of reason through the show, though towards the end of the show, it felt like her relationship with Zane was becoming her defining feature (which is unfortunately a plight that plagues female characters on TV). Zane was an addition to the show who I always liked. He had the quips and smarts to make any conversation a joke, and he was definitely a big source of comedy for the show once the Jack-Nathan banter was gone. Zoe was a nice outlet for Jack in the early days when he was a fish out of water, and later she started to develop well in her own right. I massively back her eventual exit and success, as the writers of the show seemed willing to let go (I wish they'd felt the same about Holly). Andy was always mostly annoying to me, but I guess I was happy that he was pretty consistent throughout his run (though his 'romance' with SARAH was equal parts creepy and strange). Fargo was very much a comic relief character early on, but he levelled out towards the series' end, and it was a welcome sight to see so much growth in the character. I will always love SARAH, and proclaim her to be my dream house, though she was the central part of one of my main gripes with the series finale: Why was no-one talking about her? If they were leaving Eureka, they were leaving her! That was a damn fine house, and no-one even batted an eyelid? Rant over.

    I guess my only other point that I can think of is the final scene of Jack and Zoe driving down the same rainy street they had 5 seasons previously. I liked the symmetry and it underlined a certain nostalgia to me about the show, but I would like to point out that seeing as there were two timeline shifts since then, would that event have actually occurred? Am I just being too disgruntled? Maybe. Probably. I'm almost certainly picking holes too early in a show that brought me great enjoyment. I can't deny I would've enjoyed more Eureka, but I can also not deny that the television purist in me would've wanted it cancelled a while back before things got all mixed up and jumping into bed with someone soon after their ex-husband/fiance and baby daddy died became fine. I'll remember all these things, but I'll also remember that Eureka was great, and I loved it.
  • So long and thanks for the memories

    A great show that will be missed.
  • I'll miss the BEST show on SYFY

    Why you guys gotta cancelled the best freaken show on SYFY. I'll miss seeing Jack Carter Saving the Town eacn week.. Please BRING IT back!!!!!!!!!
  • Eureka

    SyFy channel you suck for cancelling one of the best shows you have on the air. You really need consider keeping Eureka on the air. There is never a dull moment on this awesome tv show.

    This is a great show and Syfy is making a mistake by not canceling it. This show is clear well liked and should be continued! BRING IT BACK!!!!!!
  • eureka

    I am so sorry this show is being cancelled. Syfy is so disappointing. Horrible, horrrible movies and boring reality shows. Eureka is a good show. I look forward to it every week. This is the type of show a true scifi person appreciates.
  • I Have Found It! ;)

    "Everyman" Jack Carter stumbles into a company town where the company, and the town, are entirely populated with super-geniuses. Yet these geniuses rely on Jack's insights week after week to untangle their super-spectacular (and often world-threatening) screw-ups. Eureka is consistently funny, warm, and thought-provoking.
  • Last episode date - July 16 2012 - the end of a great TV series

    Recently Syfy announced the season premiere dates of Warehouse 13 and Alphas - the shows both premiere on July 23 2012, which practically means that the Monday before

    July 23, July 16, will probably be the day the Eureka series finale airs.Thumbs up if you agree

    that Syfy sucks, that Eureka is one of THE BEST SHOWS EVER and that you don't want it canned!
  • Will be very missed

    I LOVE Eureka.. From the first episode onwards, I was hooked. Devastated that they would kill it at season 5, especially half way through the season. I would love to see at least a christmas episode here and there or a MOVIE!!! this show is EPIC funny and ingenious.. BOOOOOOOOO SCIFI Channel !!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOO - Don't get rid of this awesome show...

    I love every character on this show.. however, at times sometimes the overt science talk, can make the characters a little stiff.

    What I love about this show, is that I really struggled to find shows to compare it with - you know how you can look at some shows and go - How can I describe "Haven"?, Well, its kind of x-files meets dawsons creek... I cant really do that with this show - I can understand people comparing it to Star Trek (kinda) but it doesnt really do it justice.. I love that it is very scifi and sitcomish - it is not very often that you get scifi shows that don't take themselves too seriously. Eureka and Warehouse 13 are probably the only ones I have seen in a long time.. Great Work...
  • Last Season Premiere announced!!!

    Syfy announced the season premiere date of the new and final season.

    It's Monday, April 16!

    I can't wait!
  • Come On

    How could anyone hate this show from the very first episode I was hooked and now like many great shows it will soon be gone but yet we have have to sit and watch crap why???

    It is hard to put my finger on it why I like it but if I have to name one it's got to be carter the guy is funny there is no reason to say he is not.

    So now like many I am wondering will there be a movie or two or will it end just right (even though if it did end right I would still like a movie not right away but a few years down the line.) What episodes were great everyone has there own episode/s.
  • I love Eureka!!!

    I was doing a little research and found this page. Am I wrong or are people saying Eureka may be/or is being canceled??? No way. They just love to cancel all the decent shows and keep on all the crap. If it isn't all about sex then people don't want to watch it. Also it seems like reality TV is taking over. GRRRR, if I want reality I will just stop watching Sci-Fi, Fantasy, or Adventure and Action. I have enough drama in real life I don't need it on TV. I want to see shows that are believably unbeleive. The took off the new Bionic woman, (Sorry Jamie but she was better). They canned Alias, trashed Lie to Me, got rid of Stargate Universe, booted V, Shot down Firefly, grounded Star Trek Enterprise, gave the ax to Journey, stifled Sh*t My Father says, prosecuted The Defenders, banned Heroes, divorced No ordinary Family, killed Human Target, and the list goes on. These shows were all great shows, and between the writers strike and the greedy network sponsors these shows were never really given a real chance. If you give a show a better chance you will find that these shows will begin to pick up again. The thing to consider is That maybe they dropped some viewers and would have picked up new viewers if given enough chance. Many things ebb and flow. What are we to do. It is getting so I am scared to get into new shows any more for fear they will get canceled just as I am falling in love with them. Don't kill Eureka!!!! Please!!!! It is one of the best!!!
  • Review? More like an Opinion Poll - NEXT AIR DATE - should it be on the show's Overview Page?

    Rate 10 for show 0.5 for Next Show Date Handling: Is it just me or do the rest of you depend a great deal upon information to not only be reliable but timely as well? Ah, Time! What TIME is the NEXT AIR DATE and/or maybe I should ask.... Where did the folks Easter Egg it? Am I the only FAN who likes to know even the possibility of an Air Date? I like having things to look forward to; Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays and most especially WHEN MY FAVORITE SHOW IS GOING TO BE ON AGAIN... or is it just me?
  • I don't know how a total crap like this survived for a second season at all.

    I consider myself a SciFi fan (yes, watched Star Wars 4: A New Hope around 50 times, also a devoted fan of BSG). Then one of the shows I've been watching, "Invasion" has been shutdown, I saw a hope for a new good (SciFi) show. Oh my God, what a mistake!!! I watched the first 2 episodes, just to realize how much I'm irritated by it's un-originality, poor writing, hilarious dialogue... should I continue? Looks like even the actors know that this show sucks big time and that reflects their performance. How you fans of Eureka would describe it - SciFi-Soap-Sitcom with Action Elements? Just to strengthen my observations, I watched the first and second episode of Season 3...and yes, it sucks even more. I even think that this is probably the MOST stupid thing I ever watched, it's not even remotely entertaining. I know lots of you would disagree with me.
  • Personally, I enjoyed seeing science fiction elements that have been proved interesting, stimulating, and well liked in the past. "Hmmm...

    Excellent cast of veritable unknowns. I really like Colin Ferguson in the role of the sheriff and there are enough other interesting characters that they could go many different ways with plots and story lines. I was surprised at how they have added so many twists so far to the show, being that it is about a town of scientists. You would think they could only go so far with this theme, but the writers are doing a great job of keeping it exciting and fresh so far. They have also added a great human element to the show, dealing with the sheriff and his relationship with his daughter, Zoe. And you gotta love his house! If you are a sci-fi fan and you haven't seen it yet, catch up!
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