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  • A show that made us laugh, made us cry, and everything in between.

    I have high thoughts of this show because over the years it has given me a steady source of emotion release that you can't really say about many other shows. Most shows give you a couple here and there, but Eureka has held true through til the very end.

    The last few seconds of the final episode go to show you how much forethought and planning go into these episodes/shows that really are able to tug on our heart strings. A lot of people are saying oh the show shouldn't be cancelled it should go on, but and this is something I've never said in an invested show, it should not. It has given us the exact right story line, I was worried there towards the end they wouldn't make a way out for it, but they did. It can go on in our hearts and imaginations forever now. Everything that needed to happen, happened. Muddying it up by dragging it out for another season just wouldn't be fair to the cast or the people that loved it.

    So, I would like to say, in the end, this is a tremendous show that you should watch many times over as it will be great to show your kids and your kids kids, to show them how we could dream, how we could live, and love, and laugh.

    Thanks Eureka for making the last 5 years of my life pleasant and goofy.