Season 1 Episode 8

Right as Raynes

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 05, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Say what you want but I loved this episode... mostly because Stark looked so cute in it. But there are few thing that really made me confused.

    I'm not sure how Allison can be not in love with Stark but I'm so gratefull cause I relly hate her, and he is (even dough he is much older then me) absolutely gorgeous.
    The only thing I don't like is that episode started as Jo's boyfriend back in the town, and she was in that episode in only two scenes. If Rayne relly loved Jo why didn't he went to her, at least to say goodbye? I was really hoping this would be more Joe-centric episode.
    And the thing that really confused me was the age difference. Jo is dating Stark's almost-son, and than he flert with Zoe. And on top of that I was always hoping Jack and Jo would hook up. And now, she seems a lot younger than him...
  • Decent episode

    (Jo talking over the radio)
    Jo: S2 to S1. Repeat, S2 to S1. Over.
    Carter: Jo, it's just you and me. You can feel free to be a little less formal. (silence) Over.
    Jo: There's an electrical problem at Osborn's farm on the way into town. Over.
    Carter: See, was that so hard.
    Callister: You didn't say over.
    Carter: I know. It's gonna bug her all day long.

    A mostly character driven show, and because of that it's pretty good. Zoe gets a bigger role than previously, allowing the beautiful (and red-headed in this episode) Jordan Hindson to shine. Overall, great episode.
  • One of the reasons the show was picked up for a second season.

    We see a different side of Stark in this episode, and it's not the hardboiled guy we've been accustomed to in the first half of the first season.

    This was a generally well-written episode, but I really think it was poorly cast. The choice for Raynes was a guy who looks like he's 20. They've kept the possible love interests for Jack open-ended, making us wonder which girl he'll fall for: Jo or Allison. But by establishing that Jo is into very young surfer-type dudes, Jack seems less like her type than ever.

    The chemistry between Allison and Jack was fun in this episode, though, and I'd like to see them hook up. It would also keep the rivalry between Stark and Jack going - it looked like it was going to soften up there for a minute in the heart-to-heart they had in Jack's Jeep.

    I'm new to this show, but it seems like it's really started to hit its stride mid-season. I can see why it's in its third season, and I hope it stays fresh.
  • I am starting to like this show more and more.

    Sometimes I have problems with staying with a show long enough to really start enjoying it. I thought this was going to happen with Eureka but after this episode and the last I am really starting to like this series. Stark's former assistant disappears and is now back. Jack finds out that he is actually an AI being created by Stark. Stark sent him away so he did not become part of section 5. Meanwhile Jack finds out that Zoe is wanted for credit and identity theft. Zoe decided she has had enough and leaves Eureka with the AI only to be tracked down and found by Stark and Jack. Once again we see Jo has trouble find a good man. This was a good episode with good character interaction. If you do not watch this show give it a shot.
  • Yet another brilliant episode making this show even better

    This episode is by far one of the best, but that is not to say that other episodes have been poor, on the contrary this show is one of only a handful that deliver brilliant episodes week after week.

    This episode was brilliant for adding character to Nathan Stark, up until this point he had been just stern and unrelenting, but here we saw another side to his humanity.

    The relationship between Carter and Zoe was also brilliant in this episode, and as with one of the other episodes in this series, helped to build a much stronger bond between the two of them because up until this point in time it seems like the two of them did not get on so well, possibly an understatement.

    This episode was a cracker, a hilariously funny one, especially when Carter is magnetically stuck to the fence.
  • I say character development because we learned a little more about Jo's romantic side and Stark's emotional side.

    An ex Eureka citizen comes into town and by doing so starts causing a whole lot of problems.

    * SPOILERS *

    When this guy shows up, the computer systems start going hay-wire and nothing seems to be working right. Since pretty much everything done in Eureka has to do with computers, everything is going wrong.

    At first you think that he has done something to Eureka on purpose, but we soon find out that he's a robot!! Something is wrong with him and only Stark knows what he really is, but he doesn't know how to fix him.

    In the end we see that Stark really does has feelings for some things. He felt like this robot was a son to him, after all, he did create him!

    I enjoyed this episode, maybe it wasn't the best episode, but it kept me interested in the end!
  • a past residet returns to eureka

    this was a kinda boring episode. there wasent really a big plot, it was just a few things messing up, not even big things, and an person who worked there came back. but even tho not too much happened it was nice to see some of the stuff between carter and his daughter. and carter and that girl, who i still dont know her name, got stuck to the fence, omg i thought that was the best part in the whole episode. and one thing i would like to note is that jo's head was so tiny next to the robots head (sorry didnt catch his name eaither).
  • We got a little character development in this episode, I said a little... Not one of their finest, but definitly one of the funniest. I enjoyed it.

    We got a little character development in this episode, I said a little... Not one of their finest, but definitly one of the funniest. I enjoyed it. However I didn't really like the part where Henry puts out the fire. That was just oo easy. And it is not even based on a real invention or theory. Was a bit disappointed in that. I thought this series took scientific realities or theories as it's foundation. But I suppose the artefact is fictional too...
  • Great pseudo-science, touching moments, funny bits, nice job.

    This episode had a really good mix of humor; the fence, christmas in the cafe, the radio; touching moments; Carter not flipping out over Zoe's hair, Carter and Stark in the jeep, Stak trying to "heal" Ryanes; and pseudo-science; Henry fixing the traffic light, Ryanes turing out to be an android.

    I love this show because it does not try to overstep what it is. Basicaly this is a show about the life and times of a somewhat off beat town. If this show tried to highlight the science or make family life or town living central, the plots and the stories would fail. The challange to the writers is to keep everything in balance wihile moving the story along to a conclusion. I thinks so far they have achieved the goal. Perhaps not perfectly, but then Eureka is not perfect!
  • besides showing us the traffic light, explaining the Eureka Operating System, showing that Jo will kiss a male, and trying to show Stark has a human side, did anything else happen for 42 minutes?

    besides showing us the traffic light, explaining the Eureka Operating System, showing that Jo will kiss a male, and trying to show Stark has a human side, did anything else happen for 42 minutes? Granted the fence scene gave me a giggle, and the raddio bit was cute, but this was like a soup with nothing but broth. I just hope it was a primier for a future arch and not just a stand alone.
  • A little early for so many characters to go against their core personality traits.

    It was a fun episode but who stirred the LSD into the coffee? Stark as a caring, sensitive father figure. Jo as a lovestruck young girl. Carter as a buffoon, ok, that wasn't quite a unprecedented tangent.

    I thoroughly enjoy this show, but I hope it finds a sense of direction. I'm beginning to wonder if there is a mythology outline, or if it's strictly flying by the seat of their word processor.

    The "evil" therapist plot comes and goes. In this episode, she's just a filler character and a victim of the 'glitches' caused by Callister Raines.

    Stark and Carter are antagonistic to the point of comical, but suddenly they are working together and sharing a moment in the jeep.

    All that being said, the comical touches made this a fun episode, and the facial and physical comedy against the fence were great.