Season 3 Episode 14

Ship Happens

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 14, 2009 on Syfy

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  • Kim returns, Tess and Carter get closer and people suddenly start electrocuting themselfes, the result of an organic computer virus. Funny, moving and good to watch.

    Here we go again…

    Recap: Allison and Tess have been picking up a radio signal from outer space. After a weird case of sleepwalking, a space ship lands in Eureka. Henry mumbles "Oh my god" and reveals an American flag on the body of the ship. CUT Ok, we return right after Henry revealed the flag. Very quickly we learn, that the space ship is an unmanned drone. It was developed by Henry and his team (including his former girlfriend/colleague Kim) 20 years ago and is equipped with an organic computer.

    The next day, the ship initiates the opening of its doors and out comes: A human looking a lot like Kim, who died 2 years earlier.

    It soon becomes clear that "Kim" is kind-of a backup of the organic computer on board of the ship. Apparently the ships computer fried and created a backup. Since it found a dead skin cell of Kim on board, it basically cloned her and backed up all its data into her brain.

    Next thing we know Dr. Lieber, a GD scientist, get's electrocuted by the equipment in his lab. After some research Henry finds out, that actually Dr. Lieber electrocuted his equipment, and not the other way around.

    Suddenly Zane gets electrocuted as well, just not as bad. This happens while he performs some tests in "Kim".
    Carter then figures out that Kim might be the reason for this. So he interrogates her and after presenting his argument, "Kim" says that the only logical thing to do, would be to terminate herself.

    Henry doesn't believe this and investigates further. He discovers that the reason for the electrocutions is an organic computer virus. After checking Kim and finding her "body" clear of the virus, he realizes that there is a second organic computer in Eureka: The one onboard the ship.

    They discover the virus and find out that Kim actually has the antibodies in her. After they find a way to transfer the antibody information into humans, they start discussing how to actually do the transfer.

    It get's clear, that they need more power than the north-American continent uses in one year, so they start to throw ideas into the room. Suddenly Carter suggests to use the plasma generator from last episode. This turns into one of those great Carter-moments as Henry, Allison, Tess and Kim stand in silence, looking extremly surprised at Carter. So he exclaims: "WHAT? I pay attention!". Hilarious!

    Long story short (OK, it too late for that…): They figure out a way to eliminate the virus and do so.

    Everybody lives and suddenly a cast member, long since gone from the show, returns. If, what Henry says at the end is true, Kim is going to stay for a while.

    One more thing I forgot to mention: Tess's and Carter's relationship finally deepens, when Carter asks Tess to go with him to watch a meteor shower and she agrees. The last scene of this episode is Carter and Tess, laying on the hood of a car, looking into the sky and holding hands.


    I really liked this episode. The idea of a "Kim-like" character coming back is just great. I really like her, when she was still around. Also seeing Henry having to deal with her return is just amazing.
    You can really see how he struggles with the idea of an organic computer, looking like Kim.
    This especially surfaces in a scene where Carter asks him, if there is any chance of a piece of Kim being inside that computer, to which he responds: "Scientifically? Impossible! But don't you think I have been asking myself that question since I saw her!"

    Also I am so glad, that Carter and Tess are finally moving closer together. I mean, Allison and Carter would have been a nice couple, but we knew it was never going to happen. Especially after she got pregnant.
    So it's good to see Carter opening up to another female. :)

    It will be interesting to see how this develops.
  • After The Columbus lands an organic computer version of Kim comes out. One scientist gets electrocuted and then Zane almost does as well but they find out it is an organic computer virus infecting Eureka and Kim may be the solution.

    I don't know what it is about some television that really attracts us sometimes. I enjoy Eureka a great deal. It is very entertaining television with enjoyable characters and inventive storylines. This weeks episode really put a smile on my face and brought a tear to my eye.

    We have a huge discovery in the original work Henry and Kim did on The Columbus. She returns to Earth after being gone for twenty years. In the meantime the original Kim who meant the world to Henry has passed a way. Henry resists this new Kim and wants nothing to do with her. She is not Kim but a carbon copy with some of her same memories and a wealth of knowledge that can help humankind. In the end Henry reaches out to her and realizes this is a chance to get really back in the game. Tamlyn Tomita who plays Kim was great.

    Zane is the second person to get infected with the virus and the first to survive its original effects. We see everyone racing to save him and working together to come up with a solution. Jo shines with her caring and loving attention and really comes through for him. She so often is portrayed as a hard deputy sheriff with little emotions.

    We see Jack step up to the plate as well. Sometimes everyone else sort of makes fun of Jack's place in this town, but in this case he actually makes a big contribution scientifically to the solution to the problem. Maybe they should rely on him more and make sure he knows what's always going on. It's his town and his job to protect the people in it. He has shown time and again that he is up to the task. I was glad to see the natural progression of things with him and Tess. I love Jaime Ray Newman as Tess and I wonder how long she will be able to continue her role on Eureka being one of the three main stars of ABC's Eastwick this Fall.

    Overall I found this to be a very satisfying episode and I would recommend it to anyone interested in the show. It was filled with tension, emotion, and true feelings and an enjoyable hour of television. Thanks for reading...
  • E.T. or A.I.?

    Eureka is a city with a new phenomenon or a mystery every day. Scientists discovering and inventing new things have to deal with it just like in this episode.

    A Global Dynamics' project, Columbus space ship, comes home after two decades and has a secret passenger on board. Kim being on the ship that spent the last 20 years in space brings interesting mystery. Kim's cellular structure is not human because the ship grew her from her skin cell to be an organic computer program so the ship could function properly, record data and continue its exploration after the original organic computer starts to malfunction. Kim has been the brain and the memory of Columbus and has all data collected from its 20-year journey inside her head, but is unable to hand them on effectively like a standard computer, which makes GD scientists try to come up with a new solution of transfer.

    Henry hardly deals with Kim stepping into his life again. He lost her twice, which still rends his heart. Meanwhile he has to save about 200 GD scientists (and later the entire population of Eureka) that got infected with a computer virus through their organic computers from the original ship organic computer.

    Last but not least Carter's affection towards Tess is getting stronger.

    The episode has an interesting plot that kept my attention the entire time.
  • Henry's long lost ship returns after 20 years along with a 2 surprises 1 special and 1 not! (spoilers!)

    the signal that euraka has been tracking is actually a deep space exploration ship henry built 20 years ago. Upon arriving they discover the ship is inhabited when they open the ship they discover kim inside! The ship apparently lost it's on board biological computer so it created Kim has the entire ships data stored inside her but when zane tries to retrieve the data he gets a nasty electric shock. Carter thinks kim is the cause but everyone finds out later that a deadly half computer half biological virus has infected the whole town! The team must rave against the clock to find a cure before the whole town is electrocuted!