Season 3 Episode 15

Shower the People

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 21, 2009 on Syfy

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  • People are turning up drowned in weird places. Jack and Jo investigate with assistance from Fargo who is the coroner currently as Deacon is busy with Kim. There is a problem with the purified water system one of the doctors at GD has perfected.

    Another great and moving episode of Eureka. A terrific followup to last weeks episode.

    Jack is drawn into Allison's baby shower as he is her birthing partner. At first two people who were at the party turn up dead from drowning in situations where they shouldn't have. Meanwhile a new specialist that Tess and Allison know comes to town to help download the information from Kim. Dr. Manlyus is played by Billy Campbell and he seems to have a little history with Tess. His system of downloading the data involves using radiation to break down the cells and allow the information to come flowing out. Unfortunately Kim's system is breaking down and after a tearful goodbye she literally dissolves into the information they were downloading leaving Deacon heartbroken again.

    Unfortunately as Jack figures out the water system using to cool the radiation down is the same water all of the victims have been exposed to and the exposure causes their lungs to fill up with water and drown them where they stand. It literally changes the physical makeup of the water.

    Three women die and a fourth is saved on a respirator. Unfortunately Tess is the fifth and last victim and she will probably die as they got to her to late. Jack does revive her with CPR but the only chance to save her is to re-bombard the water molecules in her system with the radiation to cause them to break free normally from the human system. Again this was Jack's suggestion. They try the experiment as Tess will die otherwise and they save her. Jack and Tess get together in the end.

    Jack saves the day again using his common sense to come up with solutions. Great episode with some touching scenes and superb acting. A joy to watch. Thanks for reading...
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