Season 3 Episode 15

Shower the People

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 21, 2009 on Syfy

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  • Interesting, but very emotional episode that mostly focuses on the relationshios between Carter and Tess, Carter and Allison and Henry and Kim. On a sidenote, scientist are drowning inside out and Carter is pregnant.

    Another week, another 45-minute journey to this extraordinary little town called Eureka.

    I have just finished watching the episode and I am not quite sure what to think of it. Maybe it becomes clearer while I write this down.

    First of all, it is a very emotional episode. It basically revolves around three relationships:
    Henry and Kim, Carter and Tess and Carter and Allison.

    The Henry and Kim relationship takes a very, very emotional path. The overall goal is to retrieve the data stored in "Kim". Over the course of the episode it becomes clear this is only possible by dissolving the cells in which the data is stored. And which are "Kim's" body. This storyline climaxes in "Kim" trying to convince Henry to let her go, since she is just a copy of his true love Kim. Henry agrees and "Kim" is dissolved and all the data is restored.

    Meanwhile Carter attends a baby shower his daughter is holding for Allison. He has gotten her all kinds of gifts, like a baby monitor, baby bottles and more, but is forced to put them aside one by one, when Allison is presented with high-tech versions of each gift, by researchers from GD. For example, she is given a baby monitor that doesn't let you hear your baby, but instead let's you feel what the baby feels. Baby is hungry? You are hungry. Baby's got stomach ache? You have stomach ache. Carter is asked to assist Allison in trying it out, by holding one part of the device to her belly while she holds another part to her heart. Back to this storyline later.

    After the shower, people start dying around Eureka. First Carter finds a GD scientist, drowned in his car, which is filled with water. In the middle of the road…

    Then a female scientist drowns in the bathroom of Cafe Diem. Another one dies in a bathtub full of water. Which was empty when she fell in it.

    Fargo discovers that the water is something called "perfect water". It is free from all bacteria and 100% clean. And, of course, it's developed at GD. The find out that the water starts expanding, when coming in contact with human plasma. Causing the people to drown from the inside out.

    While trying to figure out how the people came in contact with the water, they find out that they all have been in the sauna a day earlier. Inhaling water steam, created with "perfect water". And Tess was there, too.

    Right away, CUT. We see Tess storming into the elevator, hitting the button for Section 5. She seems to be sweating heavily. The retina scanner has obviously trouble identifying her, so it locks down the elevator and we see Tess breaking down, coughing.

    CUT. Outside the elevator Carter is arriving and Allison informs him that Tess in there and the elevator is locked down, because of some security breach. Carter runs of to enter the elevator through the shaft. He succeeds in doing so and finds Tess lying in water. She has a pulse but is not breathing, so Carter has to do CPR. After she regains consciousness, he explains that he has to breathe for her, since she can't breathe for herself; water is filling up her lungs. This is not how I imagined our fist kiss, he whispers before continuing the CPR.

    Later that day, Carter is at home, trying to find a solution how to save Tess, when he suddenly brakes down. He awakes at GD hospital and is told by Fargo that he is pregnant. Well, sympatric pregnancy, at least. This gives for some funny scenes on Carter complaining how his back is hurting, his ankles are sore and he keeps having to go to the toilet. But to be honest, nothing too special.

    In the end, Carter figures out a way to save Tess by using the same technology they used earlier to dissolve "Kim". After Tess is saved, Carter visits Allison. She explains to him, that they didn't have a "special bond" between them, but rather that Carter mishandled the enhanced baby monitor at the baby shower and instead of connection Allison and the baby, he connected himself to Allison. So that was the reason he felt all the symptoms of pregnancy.

    Then Allison basically tells him to forget about her and go try to have a relationship with Tess. He reluctantly accepts that. In the end, we see Carter inviting Tess to some meteor event and then Tess kisses Carter. He doesn't seem too happy and explains that he is not used to kissing in public. Tess replies, that he maybe should try to get used to it. Carter silently agrees by kissing her again. CUT. FIN.


    No. I am still not sure what to think of this episode.

    One positive note: One of my favorite TV show actors, Bill Campbell, who played Jordan Collier on The 4400, was in this episode as the scientist who is introduced to get the data out of and finally suggests dissolving "Kim".

    On the other hand, this episode missed many of the typical Eureka stuff. No really fancy inventions. No really funny moments. No scenes that made you say "WTF??" with a big smile on your face.

    All in all, not the typical Eureka episode. But not bad either. I can't decide. Make up your own mind.