Season 3 Episode 15

Shower the People

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 21, 2009 on Syfy

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  • Excellent episode for so many reasons. It's time for Allison's baby shower and scientists are being liquified. Carter and Tess' relationship seems to be heating up while Carter and Allison's seems to be levelling out. Henry has to say goodbye.

    Allison gets a lot of ec-firnedly gifts for her baby shower, and Carter empties his gift basket as he thinks that his gift won't measure up to the standard of everyone else's gift. We also find out that Carter can hold his alcohol, even if he pays for it in the morning. Turns out some other people are paying for it too, with two of the doctors from Allison's shower die from drowning in unusual places: a car, and a bathroom stall in Cafe Diem, and a cleaning lady drowns in a hot tub.

    Turns out the problem was the radiation from the chamber that was used to attempt to get the data out of Kim 2.0. Henry objects to the amount of radiation that is used to extract the data from her cells. He really has become attached to Kim 2.0, and even starts telling her what is similar between her and the original Kim: smile, spirit, and mind. It was literally a tearjerker as Kim 2.0's data was downloading, with her eventual dissipitation.

    Another hard moment for me would have to be the emergence of a relationship between Carter and Tess. She is gradually sneaking her way into Carter's life, and Allison is noticing. She notices that Carter does like her, and with her being pregnant I guess she feels that Carter needs to move on. She even says that metaphorically when talking about the baby monitor that was supposed to connect Allison and the baby, but instead connected her to Carter. As a die hard Carter/Allison fan, to see the relationship levelling out into friendship hurts, but maybe absence will make their hearts stronger and they will eventually find their way back to each other.