Season 2 Episode 9

Sight Unseen

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 04, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Everyone likes to be invisible.

    This was a really funny episode, with everyone running around looking for invisible things. I really like the way the writers seamlessy integrate the everyday mundane with the scientific fantastic. I mean, obviously every adult with a teenage driver is going to think that any story involving a car accident is going to be 'made up'. So even though Zoe told the truth, she ran into something invisible, her father isn't going to believe that, even with his knowledge of Eureka. I think it's just terrific that the writers have so much imagination to keep making these storylines grounded while still mixing in the phenomenal ... I say ... keep em coming!!!
  • loved it

    I really enjoyed this episode. it had all the things for which I like this show so much - such as the banter between Carter and Stark. the whole invisibility accident was interesting and yet again it was Jack who was affected the most. I like it when he saves the day though technically they needed to save him. I also liked the whole Zoe/Lucas story line. I think he is cute and Im glad they decided to keep him for a little longer. it is always nice to see Zoe interact with someone else beside Jack and Jo - who did an awesome job as a baby sitter.
  • Another great episode for the books...

    The time which you think Alisson will finally be jealous at Carter, however, it didnt seem that to be the case. When Carter had set up a date with the dry cleaner, and was told infront of Alisson. Then Joe, breaks up Zoe and her new 'boyfriend', the punker at the jail house and actually went to the jail. Now we have Henry who is either trying to deny what Jack is knowing, or attempting to know, and then letting Stark in little by little. That woman is going to go down, that counselor woman... Ugh, not a cool person. I wonder who she works for...
  • Jack becomes the invisible man and may be killed in the process.

    A fun-filled episode with some charcter development and some serious moments as well as the introduction of new characters.

    I liked Zoe's storyline and I liked Lucas. I just hope the writers continue this storyline. When introducing new characters they have a tendency to makes them appear in one episode only to be never heard of again. I hope Lucas sticks around.

    The same goes for the Carter - Callie relationship. If Carter is getting over Allison (and Allison clearly seems to be getting over Carter) and Callie is going to be his new love interest, I sincrely hope they are going to stick with her and not have them ping-pong to and from each other.

    I loved how Nathan mentioned Carter popping up out of nowhere before he was invisible, only to have Fargo repeat the same sentiment later on in the episode. Great writing.
  • After last week's stupid scientists tricks episode, I was a bit skeptical about this week's invisible man episode.

    I was impressed with the handling of the invisibility theme. The science of it was glossed over but the episode was still enjoyable. I liked the mention of the moon rocks and how people that think they've seen moon rocks have seen fake ones. My problem with the moon rocks is that they seemed to make a big deal out of them at the beginning of the episode only to drop it. Also, on first look, this episode seems like a filler. It was and wasn't. We find out more about Allison's son and how he was changed. Henry reveals what he know about Kim's death to Nathan and gives him the evidence. I think this will bite Henry in that cute bum of his but this was a HUGE step in the story. Zoe drives alone for her first time and has a passionate kiss with a guy from class. Sure Lupo throws him in the clink for it but it was worth it. It was mentioned in earlier articles that the Nathan/Allison/Jack love triangle was going to have a definite conclusion at the end of this season. I think the first appearance of Callie as Jack's new love interest is the beginning of the end for the Allison/Jack thing. Callie's introduction felt a bit forced but I like her. There was a lot of information to process in this episode. Next to all of those developments, the invisibility theme seemed like a B story.

    Next week: Eureka hit by a biblical plague? Science and religion. This ought to be good.
  • Some good character development and the usual funny moments= a decent installment.

    I liked the character development with all the characters. I thought it was good to see Henry actually trusting someone with his information about Kim. Zoe going for a guy who is not the typical bad boy she goes for was nice. And Jack being interested in someone other then Allison was also good. Although I am on the side of the fence that wants Jack and Allison together. Jack moving on until the writers inevitably pair them up is ok. On the whole Jack being invisible was written well and funny. It's hard to not make someone invisible comical especially Jack. Not as good as last weeks but then again it's hard to top a town of geniuses going stupid. All in all an entertaining episode.
  • Episode that brings some plot points to the next point on the map.

    Despite this episode being a filler episode, well more or less with nods to the story-arc, I found it to be a fairly good episode. It allowed for plot points to be carried out, or at least give it that push to the big reveal or whatever end-game that the writers have.

    I thought that the idea of invisibility could have been better used but I suppose that it would mean the episode would have been longer.

    I enjoyed the Carter/Callie storyline as it showed that his life couldn't be spent pining over Allison who seemed to be rekindling her romance with Stark. Even if the Carter/Callie thing does not work out it gives Carter that extra little independance from Allison.

    Stark seems to be increasingly manipulative and I cannot wait until we find out his end-game.

    Overall, I enjoyed the episode and I cannot wait to see the fallout of this episode, with Carter/Callie, Zoey and her new love interest, and Henry trusting Stark.
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