Season 2 Episode 9

Sight Unseen

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 04, 2007 on Syfy

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  • After last week's stupid scientists tricks episode, I was a bit skeptical about this week's invisible man episode.

    I was impressed with the handling of the invisibility theme. The science of it was glossed over but the episode was still enjoyable. I liked the mention of the moon rocks and how people that think they've seen moon rocks have seen fake ones. My problem with the moon rocks is that they seemed to make a big deal out of them at the beginning of the episode only to drop it. Also, on first look, this episode seems like a filler. It was and wasn't. We find out more about Allison's son and how he was changed. Henry reveals what he know about Kim's death to Nathan and gives him the evidence. I think this will bite Henry in that cute bum of his but this was a HUGE step in the story. Zoe drives alone for her first time and has a passionate kiss with a guy from class. Sure Lupo throws him in the clink for it but it was worth it. It was mentioned in earlier articles that the Nathan/Allison/Jack love triangle was going to have a definite conclusion at the end of this season. I think the first appearance of Callie as Jack's new love interest is the beginning of the end for the Allison/Jack thing. Callie's introduction felt a bit forced but I like her. There was a lot of information to process in this episode. Next to all of those developments, the invisibility theme seemed like a B story.

    Next week: Eureka hit by a biblical plague? Science and religion. This ought to be good.
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