Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 20, 2010 on Syfy

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  • Retrograde Petrification of a human body... idea taken from Doctor Who.

    Retrograde Petrification of a Human Being was introduced as a medical/affilication of a human being first in Doctor Who (new) series 2, New Earth, with the Duke of New (new)4th or so power - new york... being treated for it in the medical building, a treatment that was not available for at least another century or so... It was then used again in Series four, episode 2, the Fires of Pompeii. Where there priestess's in training suffered from the affliction.
    It was interesting to see a condition introduced on one show to be given a bit more coverage on another show.

    So I see this tieing in Eureka, with Doctor Who, with Warehouse 13 and Torchwood, etc...

    So come on writers- do a bit more colleraberation and tie all these shows together to make them seem as all a bigger picture - one big story over arch of all the smaller episodic shows.
  • Finally! Some serious progression with laughs along the way.

    I love this show, i really do. But i will also be the first to admit that throughout the season there is very little progression as far as characters and plot go. Typically we go humorous day by humorous day, which is cool, i laugh just as much as the next person.

    But this episode! Talk about a jump!

    Starting off with the best thing, Jack and Allison!!!!!!! finally finally finally! we see the picked up spark that got our hearts beating in the first season. And here i was afraid they were going to torture us for the rest of the season.....

    But with the rise of one couple another must fall. Jo and Zane...yeah what's another complication. Zane and zoe, can't say i didn't see it coming at one point, but that doesn't mean i have to like it. I still have hope for the zane and jo pairing, i'm just not expecting it anytime soon now. This should be interesting.

    Let's not forget Henry singing Mgm style in Gd!!! my jaw practically unhinged at the sight! Completely romantic if a little corny, still cool enough to be appreciated. Rootin for ya Henry!

    THe plot (Outside of the characters) was pretty good, definitely had me worried for a second despite the knowledge that its was the last ten minutes so they had to figure something out soon.

    The grant plotline is picked up a little bit but kind of pales in comparison to the other characters tribulations.

    Oh and bringing Beverly back, gotta say didn't see that happening, now that is something i'm definitely looking forward to learning more about...daughter?? what?!!?

    All in all i'd give this episode a serious 10/10. Leave it to eureka to keep me on the edge of my seat!
  • This week's awesome episode of EUREKA, "Stoned," we get Zoe back in town (and in love?), Carter and Allison romance, Dr. Grant's mysterious visitor, and people in Eureka start turning to stone.

    On this week's episode of EUREKA, "Stoned," Zoe's back in town (and in love?), Carter steps up his game with Allison, Dr. Grant has a mysterious caller, and people in Eureka start turning to stone.

    The crisis for this week is that the crew that's pouring the foundation for Jo's new house, and the archaeologist trying to stop them, suddenly turn into concrete statues. As Carter and Allison try to nail down the cause, Zoe becomes affected as well, leaving her dad to wonder if Harvard gives refunds. Carter and Allison are able to identify the two chemicals that are turning everyone to living statues, and end up using Global Dynamics spa treatments to change everyone back.

    The other big storyline of the week is that couples are starting to form, with some interesting pairings going on. Zoe confesses that she's into someone new, but it happens to be Jo's old flame from another timeline, Zane, and I'm pretty sure that's going to turn awkward soon. Henry's first date with Grace was kind of a false start, but he makes up for it late in the episode in a musical manner. Lastly and most importantly, Carter and Allison finally break through and rekindle the kissing that they started 60+ years before.

    Speaking of things from the past, Dr. Grant receives a care package from someone who enjoys wines with vintages from 1947 and has requested his presence at a run down diner. When Grant appears, he is confronted by no other than Beverly Barlowe (the evil, involved in a conspiracy, psychiatrist from Seasons 1 and 2). She's not surprised to see him, which is the first sign that something bad is going to happen.

    The acting tonight on Eureka was really sharp, especially Colin Ferguson–his scenes dealing with Zoe's petrification were solid, and he had great chemistry with Salli Richardson-Whitefield, as always. It was great to see Zoe again, though not sure about Zane as her new flirtation target (what would we have to call those 'shippers? Zoe-ners?)

    Also enjoyed the new twists that the writers have thrown in with Dr. Grant–it's interesting to see what will happen in the coming weeks with that little thread. Bonus points to the writers this week for the Dr. Who reference (who knew the DOD would have the TARDIS plans?) and for the fun scene with Henry serenading Grace with "She blinded me with Science" with help from DJ Fargo.

    There were a couple of news items regarding Eureka this week. First, SyFy renewed Eureka for it's fifth season (awesome news!). Second, SyFy announced that they will air a special Holiday episode of Eureka this December. Both are signs that the show is gaining in popularity and delivering strong ratings.

    What do you think of Carter and Allison? Whats Jo's next move now that Zane is looking at Zoe? What do you think Beverly is doing back in town, and how does she know Dr. Grant?

    Next week on Eureka, lots of faces from the past are reappearing in town, including some ex-es that we didn't expect to see again. Make sure you catch "The Ex-files" next Friday at 9 PM on SyFy.

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