Season 4 Episode 4

The Story of O2

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 30, 2010 on Syfy

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  • This week the role of the Fargo will be portrayed by...

    This episode was truly great because it was all about parents trying to be parents. Alison struggling to connect with s son she doesn't know and Jack dealing with the fear that his daughter literally isn't the girl he remembers. I also loved that this week the Fargo was the last person you'd expect to make a mistake. Yet it was made for the most human of reasons and you can't really blame her for trying. Also loved Jo desperately trying the man she loves even though he's no longer the man she loves. How that relationship is going to evolve this time isn't really a mystery compared to how they will ultimately deal with Henry's marriage to a woman he just met.
  • Not my favorite

    I guess I am more writing this in contrast to the earlier reviews, or I guess I should say rebuttal. One of them referred to Carter being turned into a prude because off his poor reaction to Zoey's Dorm being Co-ed. They didn't turn him that way. Carter has ALWAYS been over-protective of Zoey. ALWAYS. it should come as no surprise that he is uncomfortable with that. Especially when he is dealing with a half naked boy in the bathroom. Secondly, I like that Dr.Grant is not such a snarky character. Makes him too much like Stark. I wonder if they will ever bring him back? I enjoyed watching Zane stay & fight for his name. I feel for Jo hoping to see a glimpse of the Zane that she knew. She can't help it. You know what I do agree with? Alison's character was massacred in this episode. Messing with Kevin's rocket? Not the ethical Alison Blake from seasons past. As a mom, I get that it must be incredible to finally get to connect with her son, but it can't decimate her core values to do so. I realize to some she is getting clingy & needy with her son, but after so many years of getting almost no response? she is bound to get overly- involved. I just don't want it done at the expense of a great character.
  • Soap opera episode. Don't do it more than once.

    "Directed by Colin Ferguson". That makes my alarm bells ring sky high. Any time the star of the show takes over, bad things happen. Alda in MASH. McShane in Lovejoy. Preastley in Beverly Hills, etc.
    Now, granted, technically this episode worked well and tight, so for that, hats off. HOWEVER, every one of these stars-directors wanted to change the direction of the show and it bombed after a while. Witness Callis - he is now a whiny caregiver and he started as such a great snarky character. Don't even get me started on the ultra-mom Alison Blake - that character is just - ultra boring and annoying at the same time.
    The entire episode was one big soap opera, designed to siphon off soccer mom hearts. Dad and daughter, Jo and Zane.
    In an SF show, it can work once or twice, but if it continues on into next episodes, it will simply dilute the cast and we'll be left with a soup that's neither hot nor salty, just bland.
    DON'T go down that road, Eureka. Please.
  • Disappointing

    Quite pathetic script and episode. The sheriff handles himself like a Victorian-era prude, cartoonish rocket "special" effects, Dr Blake's lack of ethics, ... ugh!!!
    It is another scientists gone awry and endangering the world to save it again. This time rockets have been sent on a race around the moon, but their return to Earth poses a threat that the scientists of Eureka must deal with. The characters -- formerly likeable -- have been made unlikeable. Dr Blake is selfish; Sheriff Carter is a prude; Zane is a bad boy (although he seems to come around a bit at the end of the episode and be seen in a different light).
    However, the addition of Dr Grant (James Callis) has been a plus. Hopefully, the following episodes will show an immense improvement; otherwise it bodes ill for a season 5.