Season 4 Episode 18

This One Time at Space Camp…

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 29, 2011 on Syfy

Episode Recap

As final preparations are happening for the Astreus mission, everyone is stressed before each of their final interviews, especially Allison and Carter. They decided to appeal the termination of their relationship and the review is happening today. The Astreus interviews are being conducted by a neutral source, GD. Warren Hughes is also using GD as a source to evoke more memories from Allison and Carter during their interview. Carter is worried that he might let some memories slip during this process. Warren Hughes accidentally spills coffee which shocks him and distracts Carter from his concentration.

Carter and Allison try to go about their day after the interview but the Astreus vessel has been sabotaged. The vessel had been tampered with to launch straight away, ripping a big hole through GD. Carter and Allison power down the engine and find a rod that had been fired into the Astreus vessel. The rod is very similar to a rod that Carter had fired a while ago to ground lightning. Warren Hughes gives Allison a cell phone and tries to kiss her – the shock to GD had made him think that he is Carter and now Hughes needs to live out all the memories the he absorbed in the shock.

Carter attempts to stop Hughes but fails. Hughes escapes and steals the sheriff's car and drives away to Beverly Barlowe's old hidden lair. Carter cuts Hughes off before he drives the Jeep off of the cliff. Back in town, Grace is examining GD and is able to fix the problems that return the town back to "normal". Hughes returns to normal after the fix and he's actually excited about Carter and Allison's relationship, approving their appeal. Good news for Holly and Fargo too as they were both accepted for the mission. Fargo is especially thrilled since he beat out his rival Dr. Parrish for the position. Zane has mixed feelings because Jo won't be on the mission with him. In a very selfless act, she had taken her name out of consideration to make room for someone else who really wanted to go on the mission.