Season 2 Episode 2

Try, Try Again

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 17, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Global Dynamics is threatened by an expanding force field.

    Bumbling Fargo finds a small device in his pocket. Curious, he turns it on, getting himself trapped inside a force field. Once activated, there is no way to turn off the field. Worse, the field begins to expand, and within hours it will be large enough to destroy the entire Global Dynamics facility. (I can't remember whether this was mentioned in the episode, but presumably, the force field would destroy the town and, eventually, the entire planet as it continues its expansion.) Allison is being pressured to use the only known method of destroying the force field, which involves dropping both the field and Fargo down some near-bottomless pit, followed by a nuke. It's up to the sheriff to find a way to save Fargo, as well as to figure out who planted the force field device on Fargo in the first place. Nevermind the fact that Fargo should have suffocated inside the force field within a matter of minutes. The field was fairly small initially and, even though it expanded, it would never contain more air than it did when it formed. Despite the plot holes, the ep was funny and I enjoyed it.
  • Rivalries, Extraordinary, Vitality

    This was one of my very favorite episodes. I love the way Fargo is always getting into trouble. In light of that, it's an interesting contrast that he's such a valuable member of the team. I purely enjoyed the rivalry between Larry and Fargo and I just love their little spats with eachother. Eureka is such a fun show, and the characters are so well created. I love the gadgets as well as the towns total exceptance of everything extraordinary. I'm also enjoying the rivalry between Carter and Nathan. It's amusing and shows the vitality and the humor of both characters. I'm starting to like Stark more and more as he becomes more human, less rigid. All in all this is shaping up to be a very good season.
  • i love fargo

    great episode!!! fargo is one of my favorite characters and im really glad they gave an episode that was mostly about him. i was so sure it was that guy who wanted fargos job that framed him. i was rather suprised when i found out other wise, but i still dont like the guy who wants fargos job. fargo is so funny, i thought his emails were halrious and i thought it was so funny that jo had already gotten hers, when did she have time to check? the fishing pole was funny too, how he kept zapping carter. i felt so bad for carter, geting her a thing but her ex got her one first, so sad. i liked the end where that one guy was like 'good job, i didnt even get a bad taste' 'just wait' 'oh there it is' funny funny. great funny episode!
  • Fargo gets caught in a malfunctioning personal force field on Allison's first day as the head of Global Dynamics.

    Oh man, I just love this show, and I have to jump on the "exactly why I watch this show" bandwagon with this particular episode. Fargo finds a device in his pocket, and Fargo being Fargo, of course fiddles with it until it turns on. He finds himself trapped in a personal force field, and unable to turn off the device. Unfortunately, this occurs on Allison's first day as head of Global Dynamics, when they reboot the main computer and all records are offline. The force field is growing. Carter is forced to team up with Stark to investigate the force field generator's past. They learn from an ex-Global worker that the last time the device was used, the force field grew so rapidly that within hours it was threatening to wipe out all Eureka. Stark, Carter, and the others race to find a solution before they have to throw Fargo in a pit and follow him with a nuke in order to destroy the force field before it destroys the town. Meanwhile, Carter seems to have some lingering traces of memory from the now-erased timeline in which Kim had been saved. He obviously has feelings for Allison, and still seems to be feeling more familiar with her than is appropriate in this timeline. There were some very poignant moments between them. Of course the reluctant partnership between Carter and Stark pays off, and they save Fargo just in time. Great episode! Good action, good character development, highly watchable!
  • Fargo finds an object in his pocket, being as stupid and as curious as he is, he turns it on, only to find out it is a force field, that will not stop growing!

    Global Dynamics is undergoing a system shut down, as Allison becomes the new head of the company, Fargo finds an object in his pocket, being as stupid and as curious as he is, he turns it on, only to find out it is a force field, that will not stop growing!

    If the shield keeps on growing it will destroy the whole of Global Dynamics and the whole of Eureka, this happened once bfore but they did not know how to control it as it was unstable, the only way to stop it was to drop the person and the item into a large deep pit and drop a nuke on them.

    But nobody wants to give up on Fargo, no matter how stupid he may be, Jack and Nathan find the creator and ask him how to stop it and how it works, he says that it draws it energy from surrounding objects. and it keeps growing, once it runs our of surrounding charge, it takes its energy from the person inside the shield, and it drains them of their energy and kills them.

    The creator is using a sonic figshing rod that stuns the fish, they decide that nothing can be done and they are just about to lower Fargo into the pit and they prepped the bomb, but they realise that it has stopped growing and it is shrinking, the green light on the shield goes off, Fargo is happy, untill it turns red, meaning it is going to draw energy from Fargo.

    Jack has an idea, if they turned the Sonic fighing rod up high enough the pulse may not pierce the shild but dent it enough that it will hit Fargo in the heart, if this works the shield will have no energy and will turn off.

    They do this and it works, even though Fargo is not ready, they still shoot him anyway, he drops to the floor dead, and the shield turns off!

    A little magic CPR from Allison and he wakes up!

    In the end they find out that it was one of the people from the artifact storage section that stole the shield and planted it in Fargo's pocket, as the person needed someone to blame for items going missing, as he has been stealing them for years, but the only way for the computers to electronicly check if all the items are present is by doing a sytem shut down!

    Very entertaining! looking forward to episode 3
  • this is the best episode they made!

    in this episode there was a mixture of everything it was funny, dramatic,mysterious and gets u thinking alot of who planted the shield on fargo. it kinda got me a little mad there wen stark gave alisson the name plate wen carter wanted to give her the same one. there were lots of things were going on fargo was stuck in this personal shield thing and it was growing and growingeverybody was scared cause they thought they had to kill him by putting him in a really deap hole and drop a nuclear bomb on him, but then as always carter saved the day by thinking of something stupid but was actualy smart. as i said alot going on
  • Carter is losing Allison...

    Fargo is almost about to die, and leave it up to the supersonic fishing pole to kill him briefly. I totally thought he was going to die.

    Stark is making his way back into Allison's good graces, so jack better step it up. The only thing that Jack failed on tonight was the fact that he didnt give Allison the name plate. Its the thought that counts, and not the cost of the gift. The most frugal gifts make the biggest impact.

    This episode was slow in moving, but it appeared that Henry's alter ego has calmed down a bit. But after he watches the video, it may appear that his girlfriend caused her own death, depending what that object is that she placed on the desk.

    The story goes on...

    Lots better than the previous episode. Still trying to follow the storyline, a new kid in charge of Global Dynamics, and all associated consequences. Even though today's episode was a bit clichematic, Fargo inadvertently messing things up for the hundreth times in a way only Douglas Fargo can. Another episode where some ancient relic causes trouble, and where its disgruntled inventor needs to come back to Global to fix things up. Call me an idiot but I think we've had episodes like this before. Either way, every Eureka episode is still more than enjoyable to watch, and this one is no exception.

    Through all the standardized Eureka incidents we can still catch a glimmer of the general plotline. Of the love going on between Jack and Allison. And Allison and Nathan. And Nathan and Jack. And Fargo and every women in Eureka. It never ends.

    Not one of the best episodes, but pretty original. Moving, too, as far as Eureka goes.
  • As the computers of Global Dynamics undergo a shutdown, a crisis emerges with Fargo leaving Allison with a hefty decision to make on her first day as head boss.

    Fun episode had everything. If you're new to the series or not, this episode was very worthy of attention.

    The character of Fargo is mainly used as comic relief but it's clear that he is a well liked character.

    Allison takes over Global Dynamics over Nathan Stark as the computers undergo a reboot and shutdown. Everything goes great but Fargo reaches into his pocket and pulls out a funny looking object. Of course he presses a button on it and actives a self absording force field that could kill him.

    As we learn more about the origins of the force field object as I call it, we learn that it was part of a project abandoned five years by a Dr. Todd who lost a man when the force field had catastrophic consequences.

    A lot of people then worked around the clock to see what they could about the field and save Fargo's life. It was well written but underneath it all though it was one of those "feel great" episodes where people despite their differences try to save somebody's life.

    The character of Allison is well written. We see the way she approaches a crisis situation and most importantly we see her stand by her decision here even when she is pressured to against them.
  • Alison's the boss now of Global Dynamics, her first day jitters turn out to be well-deserved.

    Carter and Stark team up to save Fargo, who's trapped inside a personal force field. Surprisingly, to both, they work well together.

    A good second episode in this second season. Some light relief and entertainment after last week's emotional warp up of season 1. Just what the doctor ordered.

    A solid story with great acting and some witty one-liners. Fargo always seems such realistic character. Hasn't everyone got a Fargo in their life, the annoying, lovable freak who you cannot help but like?

    The writers should do something more with Zoe, she only had a few lines this episode, but apparantly they will, so I'm looking forward to that.

    I'm still loving the house computer!
  • Allison's first day on the job, what could possibly go wrong?

    Well the answer to that is only Fargo getting in serious trouble! Poor Fargo, guy has to touch everything that he finds. Jack and Allison I think are slowly drifting apart in this love triangle that also involves Nathan. Nathan seems to slowly be sliming his way back into Allison's good graces. I really hate that he beat Jack to the punch with that name plank he gave her. Jack should have gone ahead and given Allison his, I mean that was pretty clever on his part, I love the whole "The Boss is In" phrase. I hope I wasn't the only one to notice this, but Henry might be starting to piece things together involving Beverly. If you watched closely he noticed that mind controlling device that she had in her hand. Hopefully Henry can get it out of her hands or something, maybe even use it?