Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 24, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Jack deals with a meteorological disaster and his wife!

    With Eureka season three approaching us soon and having done the first two episodes of this season back when it was airing, and after purchasing season two a couple days ago I thought it appropriate to continue reviewing this awesome show. This episode deals with Jack running around trying to solve the mystery of a meteorological disaster that is happening in town, and dealing with his ex-wife who has arrived to take away Zoe. This episode was very well written I thought, the acting was amazing as it always is with this show. One of my favorite parts of the this episode came at the Eureka spa, where Jo, knocked over the frozen man at the spa in the company of Henry and Sheriff Carter. All and all a rather good episode.
  • Eureka keeps on giving.

    Eureka is one of my favourite shows on the air right now. So many ambitious shows fall short of their intended objectives while the good people of Eureka come to us in peace, with lighthearted plots, fun twists on classic sci-fi scenarios and great comedic timing and character development. Since my praise for Eureka as a series can be found elsewhere, I'll just stick to reviewing the episode.

    Besides the mandatory sci-fi cliche explored through Carter's wry personality, this episode is all about Carter and Zoe's arcs as father and daughter. It's a plotline that went dormant halfway through season one, and I'm glad to see it resurrected without having to reset Zoe to angsty teen. Bringing Zoe's mom into the game is such a clever way to explore a relationship that had just settled from a new angle without throwing away all previous development. Points for going to door number three there.

    I missed the first two episodes this season, but the mess that was season one's finale seems to more or less have settled. Most of the out of character drama seems to have evaporated and, though I seem to have missed some main-plot events, statu quo is where I want it. We get every single series defining point here, including unresolved sexual tension. The quoted line on the recap page is a great example of why Eureka is so good at letting you hear through the fourth wall, if not break it altogether "These awkward moments are all the private life I have left". Funny.

    My number one moment from the episode, though (and you gotta love a series in which you have "number one moments") is something I really enjoy and sometimes isn't given enough airtime, and it's the notion that Carter is also a genius, just a different kind. He is the guy that looks at situations in a different way when all the scientists can only see things from a perspective. "Or we could just look at the watch" is a character defining moment, and the normal guy being a superhero in a town of geniuses is not only the high concept, but the core of both the comedy and the action plots in the whole series. I demand a stronger focus on that on the future.

    Anyway, the forums report a third series in development, but also a troublesome uncertainty for the future. Eureka is the one bright spot on a cable channel that's filled to the brim with self-important nerdy crap. If everything else on the lineup went away, Eureka would still define what Sci-fi is. This series is needed, period. If anything, they need more like it. More looking at science fiction a bit from the outside. The anti-Heroes, not looking at sci-fi like you'd just invented it, but looking at sci-fi like everything had been invented on it two or three times by now.
  • Motherhood, Fatherhood, Familyhood

    Another terrific installment of our favorite extraordinary town. We see the introduction of Zoe's mom. In addition, we find that Carter is really interested in keeping his daughter, even though their relationship started out on some pretty rocky ground. I really enjoyed the fact that although everything was going wonky weatherwise in Eureka, both Carter and his Ex were able to stay calm and rational about in dealing with what they thought would be in Zoe's best interest. As far as the wonky weather went, it's always interesting to see how they create such new and innovative situations in Eureka. The dialoge on this show is brilliant, and the writers continue to do a fantastic job. I also am enjoying the overlying story arc with Kevin and his attachment to the 'artifact'. It'll be interesting to see where that goes. Another well done eppy in my opinion.
  • This is season is getting better and better with every episode!

    David Nykl! David Nykl! David Nykl! Oh my, that was such a surprise. And another great character. I loved him and how much he adored his wife. I even feel compelled to write a fic about them - yes, a het fic. They were such an interesting couple and I have a weakness for those self-sacrificing types.

    Carter's ex-wife and her astonishment was so funny. "Why is it raining only over there?" (or something like that) :D And she and Sarah the House. Heh!

    I'm liking Nathan more and more with every ep. Now that he isn't the boss anymore, he is all relaxed and happy, as if a great weight was taken from his shoulders and he can finally enjoy himself again. Cute!

    And the promo for next week's ep... Wow! Can it be Wednesday already? *bounces*
  • it was good.

    I love this show. It is so awesome. I like how the other people in the show have to explain to Carter what the scientific things are. An example is when Henry tells him it's an ice funnel of death. Carter then says "why can't you people just say ice funnel of death?" This was a good episode. But now I wonder if Zoe is leaving Eureka or not with her mother. And what about Beverly? There is just something about her that makes her suspicious. Some of it includes the fact that she is sneaking around, lies, and is working for some unknown group.
  • It appears I have seen that ending before...

    Just when Carter things that he has Allison right where he wants her, something happens. This time its his x-wife, and some crazy guy who has developed mini climates, and the impending 16th birthday of Zoe.

    I am swearing that the end of this episode ended just like an episode in Season 1 where the same thing happened to Carter. That it was a party, and he was abandoned at the end. Hmmmm, is this going to be a trend during the course of the seasons to come.

    Besides, the crazy guy was indeed pretty smart, however, it was the calm weather man that was the culprit. Goodness, will Zoe go back with her mother, well, according to next weeks clips she is still in Eureka...
  • More about the characters then impending doom.

    I liked the episode mainly for the fact that it took a break from the usual formula I am used to seeing for this show. Usually with this show there is a decent pace of character development but it is more about a certain case or impending disaster. I had been wondering when Zoe's mom would show up. It showed how far Jack and Zoe have come since they had moved to Eureka and how much Jack wanted to keep Zoe. It's highly unlikely that Zoe will take any significant leave of absence. Which is good because I think she is highly important to the show. The plot developing with Kevin is interesting and will be fun to see how it plays out. The ending was reminiscent of the ending in Primal. Jack left alone at the dance floor Allison and Stark off sharing a moment.
  • Jack's wife shows up in town for Zoe's 16th birthday and the weather in Eureka goes crazy

    An epside split into two major storylines.
    The weather storyline, while providing some fun moments, wasn't the stronger of the two. It did have some great guest stars though.

    The second storyline, the arrival of Jack's ex Abby, was great and showed character development both in Jack and in Zoe. It also gave Allison the chance to display some jealousy. I do hope Zoe doesn't leave with Abby.

    Nathan also seems to have changed his tune, sending the anonymous email about Kevin showed, I thought, that his intentions were honourable and he was being honest about it.

    It will be very interesting to see the effects of the artifact on Kevin in future episodes.
  • Loved seeing David Nykl, keep up the great shows.

    I kept thinking to myself, I know that blind doctor. Then I realize its David Nykl, a.k.a. Dr. Radek Zelenka on Stargate Atlantis. All in all it was a good episode for some back story on Jack. We get to see the ex wife he was getting away from (played by Olivia D'Abo from Law and Order:CI and Conan the Destroyer). The plot wasn't as strong as it should have been, the weatherman wants to be noticed (boring), but the rest of the story seemed to move along at a nice pace. Also, there were some very good guest appearances.
  • superb excellent

    I am a huge Eureka fan and this is one of the best episodes. The directing was great(who directed it he is great what other stuff has he done)? The acting was great. the plot was superb. I believe that this was the best episode. Bye the way how about the special effects. The only bad thing was that it couldn't be longer. I also like how it was just another episode it tied in with all the other episodes. I think this episode should be rated at least a 9.3. It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.
  • Pretty good. Mystery plot was so-so, but the character stories were good.

    I agree with Stijbeta, in that the weather mystery was so-so. I think that's partly because they were trying to mix it in with so much character development. First, there is the introduction of Jack's ex. Then there is the growing relationship with his daughter. THEN there is some backstory for Stark and Allison. All great stuff.

    Plus, I'm glad to see a tiny bit more information in the conspiracy thing. I'm excited that it was Henry that started figuring things out. Henry's character allows the writers to drag out the investigation longer, both because Henry will get into the Section 5 mystery and because Jack's character would be too direct. Plus, maybe they'll start explaining "the artifact."
  • Weather..

    You know what they say. Or rather, if you've got nothing to say just talk about the weather. It's what people do when they feel uncomfortable, or simply don't know what to say.

    Perhaps Eureka ran out of good ideas for episodes. I don't know, beats me. All I know is that this episode was nothing special. Boring, you might even say. Sure, the weather got mixed up, but hey, we all knew that was bound to happen someday. Eureka has a special climate regulation system, and it was only a matter of time before something went wrong, whether because of a bug in the operating system or because of some crazy scientist messing with things he obviously had no idea about. Knowing e equals mc sqauared does not mean you know the implications of your actions on everyday life. I am getting rather annoyed by the same plot over and over again..

    Jack's exwife showing up unexpectedly was a welcome plot twist. It's not every day we see Jack's personal life, and I mean his pre-Eureka life, pop up into view. His wife does look like a hasbeen porn star, but that doesn't stand in the way of some good old fun. This episode would have been a lot better if it focused more on Jack's exwife, and less on just another grudge-fueled science experiment gone wrong.