Season 4 Episode 14

Up in the Air

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 01, 2011 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Fargo and Holly have joined the scientists training to be a part of the Astraeus project, but Parrish is also part of the group, which stymies Fargo's plans to get together with Holly. Their rivalry nearly overshadows their stint in boot camp. Zane is the only scientist to get through the training without struggling, but since he's a convicted felon, technically he can't be chosen.

Carter is relieved to hear about a good old-fashioned bank robbery. But the manner of how the bank was robbed is completely uniquely Eureka. The actual bank building is hovering above the town. It turns out that something is making any dense material (such as metal) defy gravity. The bank only holds safety deposit boxes, but some of the items in those boxes (like anti-matter) are extremely valuable.

Allison is experiencing lapses in memory, becoming aware of conversations she doesn't remember and tasks she doesn't recall starting. Beverly's implants are invisible to normal medical scanners but Allison has special equipment which is able to display the device in her brain. However, it's too late. Beverly can now completely control Allison, and she tells Carter that nothing is wrong.

It turns out that the disruptor that's causing the town to float away belongs to Parrish. Zane is officially disqualified from Astraeus, but he won't quit willingly. Fargo manages to get some alone time with Holly, much to Parrish's frustration.