Season 4 Episode 14

Up in the Air

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 01, 2011 on Syfy

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  • Gravity is on the freets again!

    Generally a well writen apisode. the Higgs field problem was a well designed premise and its good to see the title sequence being referenced, I luaghed hard at that. Carter's excitment when told about the bank robbery was just epic and his disbelief at the bank actually being gone literally was just priceless. I know it shouldnt have caught me off guard but this time it actually did. I was thinking of some science experiment or wormhole booming someone direclty into the vault, i was suprised pleasently with the small twist.

    Jo's training camp was brillient, she really sounded like a drill surgent. I also like the way they are developing Zane and Jo, I like the fact that they are making it a bit different from last time, they are not just repeating what they did last time around. I am keen to see how Jo does scientifically cuase she is smart and I like the fact that Jo seems to bring out Zane's sane side and ultimately bring out the best in him, it will be great to see Jo grown in her own way with that kind of influence from Zane.

    Allison's story was to me the weak point. Its a great story full of potential, but given last weeks ending I am not sure it was a good idea making Allison go through what she did because throught the the entire episode I was wondering why on earth wouldnt she quickly tell Deacon, Carter, Zane and Fargo given the fact that such an anomally especially when you are in Eureka usually spells trouble of catastrophic levels. As a scientist and logical person this would have been the best move especially after realising she had asked Fargo to be temporary head, this meant something big was happening. I am not saying she should have told them I am just saying the concerpt should have been revised to make her not tell them by some interfering event not just keep it quite or talking to one person, who is not entirely privy to the bizzar troubles of eureka, knowing full well that this is Eureka and loosing time means someone is trying something bad.

    Decon and his wife continue to put out a solid performance. I miss SARAH a bit and the other characters a developing well. The ending was just perfect it made me crave for more. I cant wait for next week.