Season 3 Episode 9

Welcome Back, Carter

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 10, 2009 on Syfy

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  • This is one of the best episodes of Eureka. Good writing, decent acting, robots, and a very cool ending. What is not to like?

    The other reviews have covered pretty much everything involving this episode, so I'll get right to it: I had previously stopped watching this show because it was getting dull. I saw that it was coming back to be the start of finishing up the season and since nothing else worth watching was on, I figured it could be worthwhile to watch again to see if things had improved (acting, etc.)

    The crushing of Robocop Andy multiple times was good comic relief. And he was such a good sport about it too. Good times.

    The episode itself was pretty formulaic right up until the ending when we are told that, until the satellite dish crushed Robocop, it was receiving data from...somewhere in space and something or someone was sending the signal. And that something/someone is heading straight for Eureka!

    Speculation of what is coming to Earth was rampant here on and elsewhere. No one knows. This is what makes great TV - keep people hooked by not making it obvious as to what comes next and get them talking and guessing. I'm the Borgress, so what do I want? I want the Borg. In Eureka. Humans + Robocop Andy + Eureka vs. The Borg = Awesome. This is the Sci-Fi channel after all. ANYTHING can happen. Why are the people there stuck on the ground anyway? The intro. has buildings being lifted off the ground. Where's the episode where that actually happens? Exactly. It hasn't happened (yet). That is also a possibility for when "they" arrive at our little blue planet.

    I also want to see Sheriff Carter randomly go postal on circuit boards and start laughing like a maniac. But that is another story for another time.
  • A lot more enjoyable than I hoped! Even the writing was tight!

    With Eureka you never know - will they pull a dud or a golden rabbit out of the hat? Well, this was THOROUGHLY enjoyable! Addition of Andy the robot to the mix was excellent; it gave a breath of fresh air to the character roster and raised some interesting questions about robot ethics, risk taking and pure old obedience (same goes for Sarah!) It will be interesting to see whether they can keep shaking things up like this because there is a lot more chance for a miss with old storylines. However, since there is an abundance of (no doubt) weird characters and situations to explore, we should be in for a treat - starting with the foreshadowing of something that can indeed add chaos to our little town - alien contact!
    A great episode indeed!
  • After being fired by the DOD at the end of the last episode, Jack is off to the Office of Homeland Security to seek a new job. Deputy Lupo quits when she learns she is not the new Sheriff. The new Sheriff is a machine appropriately named Andy.

    A nice return from the third season break for Syfy's original show Eureka. Jack is out looking for a new job while the Depart of Defense is replacing him with a Sheriff named Andy who is a high end computerized robot.

    Weird anomalies start to occur which would be weird for anywhere but Eureka, but here you start to try to figure out what is causing them. Large trees are just falling over, low mass antennas are crashing to the ground, and finally Sheriff Andy's truck gets squashed. Things seem to be directed at the new robot Sheriff Andy. It seems there are gravity wells popping up all over the place and the problem is being caused by Dr. Fieldings new birthing bubble. So when Dr. Fielding tries to fix the problem it is obvious he is clueless and Jack finds out that his home machine S.A.R.A.H. was the one that gave Dr. Fielding the information that accelerated his work because she was afraid of being left alone when the Sheriff and his daughter move. Unfortunately the problem now has gone to far for her to stop it.

    Jack and Andy end up risking their lives to save the town and succeed. Mayor Deacon discovers that Jack can't be fired without his approval with help from Andy who has decided the Sheriff's job is to dangerous for him. So Jack gets his job back and everyone is happy. Fun and quirky as always this episode of Eureka is entertaining and wants you to try to figure out what is going on while the cast is doing the same. Jack is offered a job by Homeland Security but he and Deputy Lupo are secure in the work they do in Eureka. It sounds like the next few episodes are going to be exciting from the little bit revealed in this episode. Thanks for reading...
  • Just another Friday in Eureka.

    Once again the incredibly sexy, incredibly capable Josephina Lupo is passed over but this time by a machine? Totally support her resignation but of course you can never really resign from what's in your blood. One sheriff Jack Carter can attest to that as we see him risking his life doing a job that's no longer his. I think the people of Eureka can rest assure that title or none, Jack Carter will always be there to save the day; unless that impeding doom (whatever it is) proves too much for even the super sheriff to handle, can't wait for the rest of season three to unfold, it's gonna be one hell of a summer. Welcome back, Carter, even though you never left.
  • Eureka's back!!

    I thought it was a good episode not a great one, but I've been without Eureka for a while and it's bloody great to have it back. The episode itself was good but it wouldn't be in my favourite list to watch first. I have one continuity question. In episode number 8, Alison just found out she was having a baby but in episode number 9 she is a few months along. If episode number 9 is supposed to be a few days/weeks after episode 8, she shouldn't be that far along. Or maybe I'm analysing it too much. But it is a good episode to bring Eureka back on telly. I'm a happy girl!
  • A good way to restart the season.

    After nearly a year long hiatus, Eureka is back. And while this won't go down as one of the shows best episodes, it was a fantastic way to rekindle everyone's love for this show. And also important, the growing fear that episodes were becoming, if not predictable at least formulaic, this episode changed it up just enough to make me feel I had it all figured out, and then be just a bit better than what I thought. And this bodes well for the rest of the season. All things considered, anyone who loves Eureka and was thinking that maybe they had lost interest after the break will find themselves pulled right back in. Welcome Back, Eureka!
  • Exactly what everyone wanted exactly when they needed it.

    in this episode the deal with the mid-season complications from a major character added at the beginning of the season and her interaction of the characters. i thought andy was epic, and really was worth a bad plot to add him (which he was totally eureka at its finest). back to the bad story line, it was really bad but it really was classic eureka and is totally what would happen in that place. and i honestly can't say much more without completely and totally spoiling the episode. tho i will say that andy really came through in a pinch and i hope it is not the last we have seen of him. he interacted with the other characters quite well considering his job, and i think it would be interesting if there was some kind of love interest between andy and sarah.
  • Classic eUREKA with the slightly misleading plot machinations that aren't to hard to spot a few minutes before the twist happens for the avid viewer. Carter is replaced by Sheriff Andy.

    The new sheriff is in town and it's a cross between Robocop and Andy Griffith named Sheriff Andy. An Android Sheriff who is quickly tested by a grove of downed trees. Meanwhile Sister Lexi gushes over her new anti-gravity birthing chamber. While Sheriff Andy believes the downed trees to be accidental Carter isn't so sure and in response to his inquiries tells him in detail exactly what she cannot tell him. Following up on these leads is the typical mid episode red herring which eventually follows the full circle back to the birthing chamber creating gravity wells. These wells seem to be targeting Sheriff Andy and Carter confronts Zoe in order to get S.A.R.A.H. to confess to being the unknown conspirator of the birthing chamber creator. Unfortunately his misguided attempts to correct the problem have caused them to spiral out of control and it is up to Carter to save the day as Sheriff Andy declares it too dangerous for him.

    Ultimately, Andy comes around and together he and Carter fix the problem and restore normalcy, such as it is, to Eureka.

    In the closing scene, Mayor Deacon informs Carter that the DOD has to have the Mayor's written consent to fire the Sheriff so he never lost the job and that Andy was the one that helped Henry find that clause in the town charter. Andy walks off into the sunset.

    Here's hoping for the return of Deputy Andy.