Season 3 Episode 2

What About Bob?

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 05, 2008 on Syfy

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  • Worst episode ever.

    Normally I love Eureka - but this whole plot twist with the Fixer is more than just stupid. I have to deal with layoffs and people losing my job in real life, it just doesn't seem like something like that should happen in Eureka. It's totally a R&D place, where they wouldn't worry about money, 'cuz what they invented last week alone would make up their annual budget. Plus the sheriff is supposed to be separate from GD - why should anyone be concerned that he's going to be laid off (Not to mention that the high number of incidents that they were referring to from the previous episode is totally been explained by the poor management at GD - they don't manage or handle their employees well so that the sheriff has to step in and handle it for them...)

    So, once again the management screws over the actual workers for the corporate suits. And whomever did the editing on this episode should have been shot - it was sloppy and complacent - the holograph thing was stuck in at a horrible spot where it had absolutely nothing to do with anything else, and I honestly don't even remember the gun thing that Stark & Jack were talking about. It jumped around too much and tried to pack too much crap into too small of a time.

    Horrible - and having the sheriff moping around, I mean, I'd miss Henry too, but he'd been gone for awhile. And if there was no way for Ally or Stark to pardon Henry, how is it that the Fixer could?

    Although, I've got to say, one of my favorite lines: Stark saying "Not a scientist..." to the Fixer.
  • Eureka is back with a bang. and so is Henry.

    This episode had everything I love about this show. yet another excentric experiment gone a little wrong and Sheriff Carter basicly saving the day. with help of Henry. assisted by Allison. they really are a great team. Zane is on board now too which makes me happy for several reasons. the Fixer is a very intriguing character and her interaction with the now-not-so-happy-anymore inhabitants of Eureka was great. as was the comic relief story line of half the town watching their "reality show". another thing on the plus side was the return of Lucas - Zoe and him are a very cure couple and Jacks reactions to them are quite entertaining. the awkward naked moment between Allison and Jack remind me of good all times in S1. which brings me to the one thing I didnt like about the episode, the Stark/Alison relationship. the sooner that one is over the better.
  • Bob goes missing, and that's only the start.

    I wasn't sure where this episode was going to kick off too, but where it landed was great! Between the still alive connection between Carter and Allison to the civilization of the Bio-dome, there was much action involved. It was set some new ideas towards future episodes. At the end I was thrilled with what happened, but yet angry at the same time. I'm still asking questions about the ending and how it might come back to that moment. I'm very excited for the next episode, and would recommend that anyone watch this, it's not too late to get lost in Eureka.
  • Let's take a trip to a bio dome and no there is no Pauly Shore.

    In this episode we see Sheriff Carter and Allison go to section 27 a bio-dome that houses 10 (?) people and a terrible secret after a scientist named Bob goes missing. The episode I thought was pretty good

    ******spoilers after this point*********

    I was really glad that they brought Henry back because I thought last weeks episode was a little lacking because Henry was a reduced presence. However I thought this episode dragged along a little bit versus last weeks that's why the rating is a little lower than the 1st episode. I was really happy to see at the end of the episode the "fixer" bring back Henry full time. The show really needs all of its key people I think in order to thrive like it did in season 1 and 2.