Season 3 Episode 18

What Goes Around Comes Around

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 18, 2009 on Syfy
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Tess' reign as head of Global Dynamics may be shorter than planned after she receives an offer from Australia. Elsewhere, the town deals with a magnetic disturbance and Carter must come to terms with Zoe leaving for college.

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  • The End and Begining.

    This is one of the best season finales I've ever scene because it is one where everything changes forever, and it's a turning point for Carter.

    What this episode is made of is in the character drama. I loved the interaction between both Tess and Carter as usual, there was some real emotion we see that even though Carter doesn't want to admit it we see he doesn't want Tess to go, he avoidance to not talk with her in one part demonstrates that. But Tess isn't all together happy about leaving either but it's her destiny and she has to obey it, the only reason she has to stay in Eureka is him.

    I thought both Carter and Tess were a good couple they just had the best chemestry which makes her leaving all the more sad; Tess actually turned out to be one of my favorate characters but she served her purpose for Eureka and now that mission is over and their romance just isn't in the cards. Despite the result is was a good ride I liked the last interaction they had together which was sweet and Tess left Cater with an important decision not just in love but in his future as well.

    Though this isn't the only story that domintes liked that little couple subplot with Fargo and Julia. There so good together, really liked the activities their engaged in like Sky Diving which was a bad idea because Fargo gets easily quisey. But my favorate moment was seeing both Julia and Fargo doing ahem business togther if you know what I mean.

    But most of all Zoe and Lucas both are my second favorate couple in the show, liked there interaction which was sweet and emotional. My favorate moment was when both were in the garage and just when both were in the heat of pashion and were going to do you know what Jack and his crew open the garage and that reaction of his is just hilarous; in a way this is one of the cardnal bust you never want to get caught in. I really liked the emotion of both character, Zoe is excited but also scared about leaving not knowing what the future holds and Lucas is sad and is doing anything in his ability to stay together with the one he loves knowing he might not see her again. But from everything that happens it actually turned out well and gave me a good feeling inside for both of them because it actually felt right. I'm also going to miss both those charcters they were also favorates of mine, but their homes out there now not in Eureka.

    In the end it really made me wonder about the future for the character Carter as he is left with a choice where he has to ask himself what does he have to stay for? The waves of change are always the end of something but the begining of something new.moreless
  • Based on Kim's information the scientists discover Nemesis which is a Neutron Star that is in a binary star of our Sun's. This causes someone to experiment with Magnetic Fields and that causes a big problem. Both Zoe and Tess may leave Eureka.moreless

    So Jack is faced with big changes and other people are making big decisions. Zoe gets accepted into Harvard Medical a year early and Tess is offered a job to run a new satellite array being built in Australia. Jaime Rae Newman is great as Tess and I wish her well in her new show Eastwick. She and Carter made a great couple. There was tremendous chemistry there and it is a shame. Here's hoping that eventually they are able to get together.

    The magnetic field situation is as dire a anomaly as Eureka has ever faced. Jack must do his duty and risk himself to save the town for the umpteenth time. He and Deacon with help from Lucas must figure out how to reverse the polarity. With Zane and Fargo out in the field Jack goes into the danger zone.

    This season has been very good. I loved the Carter/Tess story and the episodes were pretty strong in general. Hopefully we'll see this show back on fairly soon. I recommend seeing this episode for yourself! Thanks for reading...moreless
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Leela Savasta

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Jonathan Nichols


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Neil Grayston


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    • (Jack enters the garage with implants that allow Tess to control his movements.)
      Tess: Stop stalling already and move.
      Carter: Yeah, don't boss me, blondie! (Tess pushes a button that makes him slap his eye) Ah! What is that for?
      Tess: For saying blondie like it's a bad thing.

    • Zoe: Thank you.
      Carter: For what?
      Zoe: For... never giving up on me.
      Carter: That was an option?

    • Henry: That surge in electromagnetism fed back into the strength of the amplifier, creating a loop of building energy, and voila, a new North Pole.
      Lucas: I swear I had no idea.
      Carter: (bending down very close to him) Well, you are gonna have to tell Santa that he needs to move his workshop.

    • Tess: Can we talk?
      Carter: What do you want me to say? I mean, you started something when you knew you were going away.
      Tess: I haven't decided if I'm gonna leave yet.
      Carter: Well you had a job offer that you didn't mention, so--!
      Tess: (interrupting) Which I haven't accepted yet.
      Carter: Well, I-I– it doesn't matter, all right? I'm having a really rough day, so what do you need? What do you want, what?
      Tess: What do you need, what do you want, huh?
      Carter: (quietly) Whatever makes you happy.

    • (Jack and company run to a lab after an alert sounds where they're met by a drone.)
      Carter: Hey Martha, what's up?
      (The drone chirps and moves into the lab, drawing everyone's eyes to the ceiling.)
      Fargo: I am.
      Carter: Of course you are.

    • Tess: Isn't this exciting? I mean, if we find dark energy we could prove the existence of the Higgs boson, discover the nature of quark-gluon interaction, maybe even find a true unification theory.
      Carter: I love it when you talk nerdy to me.

    • Julia Golden: (to Carter) Nemesis is a neutron star that's been theorized to be in binary orbit with our sun.
      Fargo: It crosses earth's orbit every 65 million years, causing an extinction-level event.
      Jo: Like a killer asteroid?
      Fargo: That's not even the half of it. The tidal stresses from the star's gravitational pull could cause a sudden reversal of earth's magnetic poles and unleash earthquakes, tsunamis, total global chaos!
      Julia Golden: The world could literally be turned upside-down.
      Carter: All right, um, I'll check with Henry. How much time do we have?
      Julia Golden: If we're lucky? Maybe 2,000 years.
      Carter: (disbelieving) Two … thou– Mmm. See, that's not so much a problem. So next time, don't bury the lead.

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