Season 3 Episode 18

What Goes Around Comes Around

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 18, 2009 on Syfy

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  • Based on Kim's information the scientists discover Nemesis which is a Neutron Star that is in a binary star of our Sun's. This causes someone to experiment with Magnetic Fields and that causes a big problem. Both Zoe and Tess may leave Eureka.

    So Jack is faced with big changes and other people are making big decisions. Zoe gets accepted into Harvard Medical a year early and Tess is offered a job to run a new satellite array being built in Australia. Jaime Rae Newman is great as Tess and I wish her well in her new show Eastwick. She and Carter made a great couple. There was tremendous chemistry there and it is a shame. Here's hoping that eventually they are able to get together.

    The magnetic field situation is as dire a anomaly as Eureka has ever faced. Jack must do his duty and risk himself to save the town for the umpteenth time. He and Deacon with help from Lucas must figure out how to reverse the polarity. With Zane and Fargo out in the field Jack goes into the danger zone.

    This season has been very good. I loved the Carter/Tess story and the episodes were pretty strong in general. Hopefully we'll see this show back on fairly soon. I recommend seeing this episode for yourself! Thanks for reading...