Season 3 Episode 16

You Don't Know Jack

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 28, 2009 on Syfy

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  • I hate recap episodes.

    Recap episodes are boring filler and laziness on the part of the writers. They have a stupid sub-plot going on in the background while they fill the time slot with stuff that they've already shown.

    They shouldn't be allowed to count recap episodes as part of their season quota.
  • Clip shows and memory loss and it's all fargo's fault!

    Episode starts with tess's new time capsule device which has the ability to record memories and play them back in full video. Everyone in eureka is given one and asked to record their memories on them everyone is ok with that except one persons...fargo! fargo is worried all his failures are going to be kept on the device so he heads to tess's lab to investigate and erase the memories of him! Meanwhile g5 is getting a sonic cleaning and all personal have to be evacuated while it's running carter is told there are still people inside and goes to look for them Allison goes with him and they got trapped in tess's lab and only have an hour before the sonic cleaning starts and will vaporize them. Allison says she can use tess's device to contact someone but all of a sudden she forgets how to use it as well as forgets who she is and what has happened in eureka. Meanwhile everyone in town starts to lose their memories carter and Allison discovers fargo's tempering with the machine while the neural link was active is causing everyone to lose their memories! Carter must now use the machine to show Allison memories of him, her and other people in euruka (clip show) to jog her memory. In the meantime something else is happening and the show ends with a special little surprise!
  • We see clips from a variety of episodes to feature a story where Tess' new memory hard drive unit gives everyone memory loss. Allison has her baby at the end of the episode.

    Basically a filler episode with a few feature spots.

    Allison has her baby at the end of the episode. Zoe actually delivers the baby while Jack is there helping Allison with her breathing. Fargo proves again why he has so many negative memory's related to him by causing the problem in the beginning.

    What I think they're saying is all brilliant people are stupid when it comes to common sense and regular living. It is a common sentiment with this show. These people all seem lose it at one time or another. The problem is with what they are working on they can't afford to lose it. Not really one of the better episodes. I'll end my review with that as that's all I think of this episode. Thanks for reading...
  • I've bought every episode of Eureka on iTunes and I want my money back for this episode.

    I get the impression the writers weren't aware a broadcast was going out so had to knock something up very quickly. You know you're onto a loser when it looks like a recap episode. This definitely was a recap episode with no effort to hide it. Imagine watching all the dull bits of three seasons followed by a woman giving birth. I may have inadvertently summarised this episode. This episode was so bad I have absolutely no problem not watching any subsequent episodes. I'm sorry to say that my $2.99 was wasted, plus I'd like the time I watched this episode back please.
  • Not that great

    This is the worst episode of the series, its a rubbish story line made just so they could show loads of clips from previous episodes. I don't know why programs do this because we have already seen all the clips, why would we want to watch an episode about all the other episodes. This story could of worked so much better if they hadn't filled in the gaps with things I had already seen, was slow to get anywhere. Apart from this episode the series has been really good, I hope they make another. I hope jack does't give up and go for tess instead of allison cos that would be a waste of a 2 series story line.
  • Not exactly terrible...

    I think everyone is thrown off a little by this episode mainly being a flashback one and they want to score it low. However taking it as that you could say it was a clever one compared with most TV shows that try it. Instead of just throwing the flashbacks in as the cast talks about them, they put a neat little twist in there and involve memory loss. I'd have to say the only thing I didn't care for was a personal disappointment. One of the big things I want to see happen is for Carter to get his memories back of the lost four years at the end of season one/beginning of season two. I had really hoped this episode would end with that little nugget for a cliff hanger(I did catch a glimpse of Henry using the memory wiper...), but I guess we'll have to wait a little longer. Otherwise this was an entertaining episode and worth a watch.